Thursday, February 07, 2008

Beautiful Gifts and Powerful Words....

I mentioned that I had received some mail a couple of days ago so I'm finally getting some pictures on here to show you. I received my first Valentine (of this year) from Kai and it was such a wonderful card....and what she said made me tear up. Here's a photo (sorry I'm just not a photographer!) of what she sent....

The big heart is shiny and has the cutest tiny little cookie sheet with heart-shaped cookies on it!! Thank you, Kai! I keep saying it but You're the BEST!!

Then I received the most incredible ATC from Julie. Her art is just so creative and so fantastic. This ATC was difficult to photograph plus I tried scanning it but that didn't work either. This photo doesn't capture the beauty of it at all....

I left this photo big so you can click on it and hopefully see some of the detail in this. It has a picture of a cat in the window of the house and the words read "One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that the cat has only nine lives." The background of this ATC is just so unusual and I love all the rusty bits that Julie uses in her art. Thank you, Julie! Your art is just fantastic!!

And as if that weren't enough, today I was trying to get caught up on some blog reading, and I visited Giggles blog. She had been awarded the Powerful Words award. I thought how perfect since I think she uses words in such a powerful way. She does such incredible poetry and so much more. She's a wonderful, caring, creative person.

As I read through her blog I was stunned to see that I was one of the people she gave the award to!! I never consider myself much of a writer....more of a rambler or a gabber! My grammar and punctuation are atrocious and I'm usually very sloppy about all of it. So I was especially surprised to be included in her list of people. This is what she said...."Janet for her consistently genuine blog, that exudes humor, love, joy, kindness on a whole consortium of subjects." Thank you, Giggles!! I'll try to live up to this but it might be difficult!

In receiving the award you are asked to share three things that you believe make writing good and powerful, then pass the award on to five blogs that exemplify good and powerful writing. This is going to be the really hard part for me!! And I'm going to take a bit of time to think about this so I'll give the award on my next post. I'm sorry to do it that way but I'm pressed for time today and I really do want to think about this.


  1. I love Julie's ATC Janet.

  2. Congratulations on your award and gifts!

  3. Mail birdies bring such goodies. Kai is a thoughtful, and wonderful friend. I agree, she is the best!
    Glad you are awarded do it justice.

  4. Oh, Janet how wonderful the things you've gotten in the mail and how wonderful the award. Isn't the blogging communnity just the best?! I'm trying like crazy tomake it to all the OWOH and am only to the 'F's" Sigh! I'm neglecting my usual people in getting this much done.

  5. Aloha Janet,
    You only get these because, you are :)
    Peace, Kai xx

  6. You deserved it Janet! You blog is so full of interesting bits and bobs. Your art is scrumptious!!

    Hugs Sherrie


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