Monday, February 04, 2008

Cleaning, Comparisons, and Confessions....

There are days when I just seem to drift through the hours and then all at once I realize that most of the day has gone by and where have I been....what have I done?! The whole weekend was like that. I worked in the studio for most of the morning on Saturday....I'm working on my entry for the Polar Festival so I can't show you yet. Then I had errands to run....darn....but we do have to eat!

When I'm on a roll with art and then I have to stop to do something else it always takes me a long time to get back to it. I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just trying to distract myself so I won't be creative. You know, like self sabotage. I've been known to do that! Anyway I thought I would have some art to show you but sadly I do not. This morning I got up at 6 AM and went straight to the studio. I began cleaning and clearing the work table.

Do you think it's time to get a new cutting mat?? That one looks like it's seen better days! I can now see the surface of the table for the first time in quite awhile. I also organized all my unfinished projects and hope to make some headway with a few of them over the next few days.

I recently bought a portfolio to keep my artwork in. Before that it was here, there and everywhere and usually at risk of being wrinkled or stained or something along those lines. Finally I decided to show it some respect and buy it a place to live! I was a bit surprised when I began gathering up all of it. I didn't realize I had so much!!

One of the things I've been doing is researching how to go about having my art printed on cards, postcards, etc. If anyone has any good information about this please let me know. The print shops around here seem to dismiss me as "not important" enough for them to give me their time.

I had a couple of prints made for friends at Christmas time. One of them didn't get mailed until later because of HB's ordeal but it has finally arrived in South Africa! You can see it here at Sue's she also featured a few of my other pieces in a comparison with someone very famous. I won't tell you who. You have to go to her blog and read about it!! Go ahead. I'll wait. (twiddling fingers while I wait!) I was thrilled and completely amazed. What did you think??


Since I didn't post anything on Sunday here's a re-cap of my "to do" list:

1. Keep doing art each day. Even if it's just a scribble. I didn't do too good again this week!

2. Eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water. Try some new recipes and experiment a little. I did good on the drinking water part but not on the experimenting part.

3. Read more and watch less tv. I don't really "watch" that much tv but it is on most of the time. When I'm home alone I like the noise of it to keep me company but I think I'll try putting on some music instead and see how that works. I had to watch two nights of "Lost" but other than that I have been reading most of the this was one I did pretty good with.

4. Don't sit around in my jammies until late afternoon!! I do this a lot especially when it's cold and if I don't have to get out for anything. But I should make an effort to get dressed and make myself presentable!! Not only did I not sit around in my jammies, I actually put on make up several days this past week!! Woo Hoo!!

5. Take more photos. I've been posting a few things on my photo blog and trying to keep that going this year. I like taking photos but around here the subject matter is slim at times! And I don't always get out every day....see #4! I did take a few photos this week. I'm thinking ahead for my ABC Wednesday project!

6. Write in my journal every day. I have to confess I didn't do this one!

So on to the next week and hopefully I'll complete even more of my list. I hope you all had a great week end and if you watch football I hope you're happy with the Super Bowl outcome. I didn't watch it but HB did and he's happy the Giants won. I think he likes to be for the underdog!


  1. Congratulations on all you did accomplish...even watching "Lost"!
    I'm off to see your frined's post!

  2. Hello sweet Janet! I have days like this all the time.

  3. That's neat Janet...and your artwork looked so nice in your friend's home. Plus, I sure did see a resemblance to Tolkien's works...amazing!! I wonder if he is your muse?!
    You are so organized now, I have clutter all over...I did at least vacuum today..but that's about it.

  4. Your list is perfection!!!! I need to organize!!! Eeeek ;)

  5. No wonder you didn't get your list all done! You put too much pressure on yourself! Just stick to one thing.....CREATIVE endeavors!!! Jammas are a good thing, comfy and warm! And that foggy dozy syndrome is something that comes with age!! I have heard more women speak of this than not!

    I was thrilled to see the comparison on your friends blog. I actually like your art better than his! I do see the wonderful likeness though. Happy creative week to you!

    Hugs Sherrie

  6. Your art desk looks like mine now! I did the same thing over the weekend. It helps when you have a little space to create... I admit that I didn't know that Tolkien was an illustrator. Your friend is right! Whenever I think of Tolkien I'll think of you too. I'm so happy you decided to treat your artwork better. It is so lovely.

  7. Hi Janet,

    You did well to achieve all of those things on your list... it is hard sometimes, but you sure are getting there.
    I have had to make some rules (using that term loosely). I try to create each day and do some pet hate as they boys just seem to follow me and make mess.
    Anyways, well done on your accomplishments and your art room looks great.
    p.s. cant wait to see the Icicle doll you make... be warned! Like Dotee Dolls they are addictive.

  8. Isn't it great when you make something for someone and it fits right in,the lovely lady will be right at home in that beautiful bedroom. and WOW....I did not know Tolkein did art, and yours and his style are so the same, clapping, twirling, and happy-happy for you.
    Don't clean up to much, you won't want to mess it up....

  9. The Arch Lady (I would call her the Pink Lady) is one of my very favorites of all your work. Good to see it again.

    And I can definitely see a resemblance between your work and Tolkien's. Exalted company indeed!


  10. Hi Janet... I'm glad others agreed about the resemblance to Tolkein! I bought her a black frame today and she is now happily living on the pink wall.

  11. Janet do y ou have a Sir Speedy there? They do really nice work on cards. A lot of artists here have theirs done at SS, and it's not too expensive. Another idea is Staples. If you have one there, check out their printing corner if they have one. You'll be AMAZED at what they offer. I was!

  12. Janet....I went to see your friends blog and must say your beautiful lady will look fabulous in her home.The drawings you did that were remeniscent of Tolkiens....that is so cool. I agree with her.

  13. Yes I think she is right your art is very similar to his. I love that print you sent to your blog friend, it will fit beautifully into that beautiful bedroom

  14. I love your portfolio and your desk. I loose time too. Just where does it go?


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