Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today I posted my ABC Wednesday photo on my photo can reach it through the link at the right hand top of this blog. I had a tough time coming up with something for the letter "D" and finally kind of copped out and used my drawings.

I have several projects I'm working on right now (something for Ang, Lisa O, Pirk, and PIF and the Pink Project.) And things are a bit topsy turvy around here. But what else is new!

I was thinking about creativity the other day and it suddenly occurred to me that if I'm alive and breathing, I'm being creative! I'm creating my entire life experience with each thought I have. That really made me stop and take a deep breath. So with that in mind, I'm doing good with my CED2008!!

While gathering my drawings for today's photo, I came across some older things I thought I would share with you. So today I'll show you some leaves I did many years ago. I used the stipple effect....or whatever it's called.


  1. I would call that some great pointillism art! Takes a lot of patience... It's really beautiful!


  2. Really lovely Janet! So glad you enjoyed the faeries.


  3. Simple but elegant Janet.

  4. Aloha Janet..
    Gorgeous art.. I just stopped to look at it and it's simply pretty :)
    Peace, Kai xxooxx

  5. Hi Janet, ABC Photography Wednesday sounds like a lot of fun. I may have to look into that. {{I better hurry before the alphabet gets too far ahead of me}} :) you picked a good one for 'D'. what's bettet than your drawings!

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  7. Yes I am CED2008 and it feels great. I just can't post everything yet. It's either half done as I have so many projects on the go. Glad you kept some of your older pieces!! The leaves are lovely!

    Hugs Sherrie

  8. I love those leaves.

  9. gorgeous Janet. Very Seurat!

  10. I really think you could have a great career as a Illustrator but also as a writer too.
    Lots of Hugs for you!!!!

  11. You blow me away with your drawings & imagination! live in Ur head just ONE day. ~Monica :)

  12. LOVE those great pointillist leaves of yours - and your thought on creativity. Is it spring yet? 'Cause you're positively blossoming over here!


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