Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Fill-In

A few weeks ago I did a Friday Fill-in and then things got crazy and I forgot about them. But I finally remembered and here is mine for this week....

1. Coming home is the best thing about traveling. I like my creature comforts and like being in my own home, and to sleep in my own bed!

2. I love a good fire in the fireplace when I'm cold. And a nice cup of tea is always nice.

3. I often use markers and Micron pens when I create art.

4. I'm reading "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle right now; I am enjoying it....even though I'll probably have to read it a few more times to really grasp all that it says.

5. Religion is something I dislike talking about. Only because most people are trying to "convert" me or change my viewpoint.

6. When I visited Santa Fe I most looked forward to seeing lots of interesting art.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to painting a few more ACTs , tomorrow my plans include HB coming home and Sunday, I want to enjoy our Sunday morning waffles!

Here are a few more of my ATCs. I got them on the scanner a little crooked but you can still see them....

The one in the middle is "Not Your Typical Blue Haired Lady"....I haven't named the others yet. Do you think I need to add some words or are they ok as is?


  1. I love your pieces. I am using penwork for Mother Henna's cards. I take it you will be too. This is my first collaborative effort also (I saw your comment on Mother Henna's) so I came to compare myself to you and I think I'm the one in over my head, not you. Your work is wonderful.

    Do you mind me asking a question or two? You mentioned the pens you use but what type of paper and paint do you use in general? You seem to have a style that uses a certain kind a lot. Also, what does ACEO stand for? I know ATC and I've made a few but I can't figure out ACEO and figure I'll say "duh" once I find out.

  2. I love your ATC's!! Gorgeous work!

    Happy belated Blog-versary! Sorry I'm so behind and missed your party!

    I agree with #5 on your fill-in whole-heartedly. Religion and Spirituality are very private and personal for some of us.

    Yeah, I love to travel too...but the first day home is always sublime...I love to get back home in my own surroundings.

  3. Fun new ATCs! I just made some new ones myself. Finally1

  4. I love love love this ATCs!!! I could totally see those as rubber stamps, too! Stickers... postcards. Hmmm, the possibility abounds :)

    I'm not sure about adding words. It's always fun to see things like "Delight" or something but these gals are pretty expressive standing on their own. Maybe now that you have them scanned, you could try digitally adding words and see which version you like best? Just a thought...

    Excited to have your energy in the card swap collaboration!! And to hear that it's your first collaboration, too :) Very cool!

  5. I think the ATC's are perfect the way they are Janet.
    And I could talk religion to you but we wouldn't get very far because even though I am a regular church goer my thoughts are private and wouldn't make sense to anyone else.

  6. Your ATCs are wonderful...I love the blue haired lady :)
    Your list is wonderful and I agree with all that you said.
    I adore Santa so inspiring.

  7. I absolutely adore these little treasures!

  8. Your ATCs are perfect like that. I love the "Not Your Typical Blue Haired Lady" one! That title is hilarious!


  9. Your new little cards are awesome!!! Did you say you are thinking of opening your own little shop - you know I think it is a great idea!!!!

  10. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I love them all..particularly fond of the first one! But they are all neat.

    And.. you should have been on Etsy already! Like a year ago! What's the hold up!!!



  11. I'm right with you on 1,2,3 and 5 - more things we have in common.

    I love your ATCs. Looks like you're having fun - isn't that what it's all about. Hugs. x

  12. Fun! Fun! ATC's. I love the blue haired lady!

    I feel like you, there is no place like home and your own bed for the perfect nights sleep.

  13. love your work girl....thanks for all your nice comments on my blog...I'm going to link you on my site. Happy Sunday Night!

  14. I adore your ATC's Janet! They are so vibrant and full of life.


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