Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Two Today!!!

Did you wear your party clothes?? I'm celebrating! I'm two today! Well, actually my blog is two years old today.

I sure hope the terrible twos don't prove to be too stressful. All those temper tantrums and such. I'll just have to be firm and set some limits!

But for now I'm offering all kinds of goodies. There are some hors d'oeuvres to start....

Then you can have something from the fruit platter....

or the meat platter....even though I'm a vegetarian I know many of you like meat so I'll oblige....

And what would a party be without some pastries?? Which one would you like?

There's coffee, tea, or champagne so help yourselves. And a party wouldn't be a party without a gift! If you leave a comment on this post within the next week I'll put your name in the hat for the picture shown below. You have until midnight on the 26th to enter.

HB thinks she looks like "I Dream of Jeannie"....but I've named her "Arpana, The Little Dancer" because Arpana means gifted, donated, given away. I think that's appropriate since she is my gift to you. I will pull a name out of the hat on Feb. 27th so be sure to check back.

Now let's party!!!!

NOTE: I wrote this offline and then pasted it in....plus I posted it very late at night and was able to maintain an internet connection. But I'm not sure how long it will last. This is the pits!!


  1. Well, I'm first to wish you a happy 2nd blog birthday. Thanks for inspiring me with your art. And Arpana is gorgeous and I would love to win her (keeping my fingers crossed...). Also, when I first saw her I, too, thought of "Jeannie".

  2. And a very Happy Second Birthday to you! Now aren't you glad you joined the blogging world!!!

    It is a pleasure to read your blog and about your creativity and life every day that you post!!!

  3. Happy 2nd birthday! Thanks for invinting me to the party. The food looks good & I am hungry. I like Arpana but I immediately though of "Jeanie" too. I have a best friend named Genie. I once gave her a genie lamp.


  4. I stopped by to say Hi. And glad I did....just in time for a little off the fruit tray. ;-)

    Happy 2nd Birthday to you and your blog.

    There must be something going on in our valley - we've had WiFi issues over the past month (off and on).

  5. (I hope this doesn't post twice... blogger messed up!)

    Happy 2nd Blog birthday! Looks like quite the celebration!! (I think I missed my blog birthday altogether...)

  6. I hope your internet is soon up to par.
    Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. Your buffet looks perfect, now what am I having for lunch..?

  7. Happy Blogiversary! All the party food looks delish. Hope you're blogging for years to come!

  8. Oh, gosh, if I had only known! I just ate lunch. Your treats would have been so much better than my TV dinner. Maybe at break time I'll slip back over.

    Huge congratulations to you on your 2nd anniversary. I am so glad I discovered your blog.


  9. Happy Birthday! I love a good party and those white frosted cupcakes on the dessert platter look pretty yummy. Your "Arpana" is beautiful and I love how you chose her name.

  10. I have my red dress on and my party hat says in big bold letters"
    Happy Birthday" now that you are 2.
    Do you hear me knocking at your door? Hi Janet, I am so glad to be here celebrating this special day!
    Now show me to the food!!!! Oh Gosh, I am on this dran diet!!Okay just bite>>>TEE-HEE
    I Love all that you do and who I have come to know, Mary
    I am singing!

  11. Congratulations and Happy Blog Birthday! the party was excellent, everyone raved about your food! YUM, I had more than my fair share too.

  12. Happy bloggy birthday! Um, party clothes... does a flannel PJ count? lol! Love your little Arpana!


  13. While I was reading your post, I was eating a chocolate bar. Only had I known that you had all those goodies for us...
    Happy Anniversary for your great blog.

    And the dancer, Arpana, is so perfect for the party.

  14. Gorgeous art and a great party - the food is delicious! I've been craving some fresh fruit - and I always love hors d'oeuvres (and pastries!)...thank you so much. Let me set down my tea, so I can give you a (hug) - Happy Blogiversary, Janet! Hope the "two's" are terrific :)

  15. WowieeEEEE! I wish I had an outfit like that for sure!!! tee hee That would keep me in the mood to dance, dance, dance!!! Happy Anniversary!!! It's mine too sweet girly!!! Isn't that something??? tee hee

  16. Happy 2 years Anniversary!

    I like that drawing a lot- so put my name in! :)


  17. oooh Congratulations! What a joy your blog is.

  18. Happy Blogday to you. Happy Blogday to you. Happy BLOGDAY to YooHoo. Happy Blogday to you.

  19. Happy blogaversary Janet -The food looks great-- I have my party gear on so lets rock and roll girl.

  20. Happy Birthday dear Janet! and what an amazing party! yum those naughty pastries! who knew two years ago you would be hosting an online party? dont you just love blogland? xxx

  21. Wow 2 years! Congratulations. I love the name of your blog and your header. Lovely...
    I love the party spread!

  22. Happy 2 year blogiversary!!! So glad you decided to blog...you enhance the blogisphere! I love your drawings so I would love a chance to actually own one!!

    My high speed internet has been a bit slow as well....not sure why. NOW with blogger my comments on the Nest are not being emailed to me. ACCK!
    Internet...love it but sometimes....

    Love and hugs!

  23. happy blogiversary!! I've known you for about 18 months of the two years, and have really grown to admire your tenacity and enjoy your big heart and quirky humour. it is a treat visiting this place where your creativity is always in evidence, I wish you many more years of happy blogging!

  24. Happt 2nd birthday Janet! Seems as if I have always had your blog to go to when I was down and just needed a lift! Time goes by fast but then sometimes it lasts a long time!

  25. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Happy 2nd Blog birthday!!! I'm so glad that you started blogging! :) I Just love your art! Thanks for sharing it with us! I thought of "I dream of Genie" when I first Arpana as well. Wonderful post!!! *HUGS*

  26. Hey thanks for the party food! Yum. happy 2nd birthday. May your connections always be fast. x

  27. Oh Yes, Janet,
    Please enter me and happy blog a versary for the two year old. Isn't that something! Such a charming girl too.

  28. Congratulations Sweet Lady You're 2!!! I love this post. You made me hungry!!


  29. Happy birthday to your bloggie..
    It's cute, sweet and very joggie..
    I love all of your art and words..
    You're the best,so we have heard!!

    So, Happy birthday Blog of Janet..
    It's the best one on the planet..
    Roses, food and friends elate..
    While it's you we celebrate.. :)

    Ok, it's silly, but you're loved.. :P
    PEace, Kai xx

  30. 2 YEARS!! Wow! That is wild. Ok ..you know I have to win the picture ..cause she looks quite like a belly dancer!

  31. Happy B-Day Janet's Blog!
    I'm ready to party and the food looks wonderful! I'll sip the gingerale...champagne makes me too hot...I'm allergic I think.
    Love the giveaway so put my name in the hat!

  32. Janet...Arpana is beautiful.
    Congratulations on turning 2!!!

  33. Congrats on 2 years!!! I don't know what took me so long to open my blog??? I have enjoyed your site very much. Love Arpana,she is so lucky to be there for the buffet. Hee Hee!

  34. A belated happy blogiversary to you Janet!

  35. Wierd to say I'm glad you were having internet problems, but that is so much better than what I was worrying. I mean I'd posted and Janet wasn't the first to comment. I can tell time by you doing that. LOL I never did figure out how to know when friends post.

    I'm going to indulge in your 2 year birthday meal and of course I'll have a bit of the chocolate truffel and the champagne after. Yum. I'm sorta drooling.

    Happy #2. I'd be up there with you if I hadn't freaked out once about blogging and deleted. Oh well no looking back.

    So now all that is left to do is for you to draw my name. Right?

  36. Happy Birthday to you too!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes for me and I'd love to win!

  37. Happy 2nd birthday to you, I am glad I found your blog. Its a real pleasure to read your blog and enjoy your art. Put my name down for your girl, she is beautiful.

  38. What a sumptuous party! Happy Birthday and thanks for throwing the shin-dig for all of us to celebrate with you :)

  39. Happy Birthday 2 you! Isn't it great turning 2? Thank you for inviting us to your party. Everything looks great!
    I'll raise a toast 2 you! Many wishes for the coming years.
    Oh my, I love the sparkles & glitter! It looks like the Glitter Sisters are here!
    My gift 2 you is peace & blessings!! Many more years of creative blogging!

  40. Belated Happy 2nd Bithday Janet!What a wonder spread you put on I hope there's some left,I love a good party and yours looks great!
    Your dancer is gorgeous ,please put my name down for her!I've enjoyed my visit,I'll be back soon to visit again,Love from Kathyann and the girls at meg's mum's muffins

  41. Happy 2nd blog birthday Janet!

    Love your Jeannie illustration....and the food.....oh my gosh your pics are amazing!

    love, violette

  42. Happy Blog birthday, Janet! I think she is prettier than Jeannie, but I can see why the harem pants would make him think that.:)

    I enjoyed the pastries and coffee..thank you! Seriously, I love your blog and am so glad that I've gotten to know you better over these past couple of years.

  43. Congratulations~ What a creative post!

  44. Happy,Happy TWO to you!

    Charming blog, always a delight to read.


  45. Janet Happy Blogiversary! I almost missed it and so happy I'm finally here! I don't mind that the platters are almost empty of goodies but that's ok I came in late.
    It is such a JOY to have met you and your creative talents inspire me..Love your ladies! Wishing you so much more inspiration as you continue postings for year #3! hugs NG

  46. Happy 2nd blog birthday!! I just came here via your comment on Julie H's blog - so glad I did! I love your art, especially your ATCs - they are just gorgeous. I'd love to be included in the draw too!!

  47. Happy second birthday! I'm looking forward to many more blogging years. Arpana is beautiful! Someone is going to be very lucky to win her. xo

  48. Happy bloggy birthday, the food looks divine & if you care to let me sing.. ahem, happeeeeee birthdaaaaay to youuuuu. ok, my voice isn't the greatest so I'll stop there. Thank you for the joyous celebration, where's the cake? ~Monica :)

  49. Your party fare is sooo delicious!!
    I would love to win Arpana.

  50. Congratulations on being two years old..... I will be joining you at the end of March!!! Sorry I missed all the food, thank you for putting out the meat even though you're a vegetarian that was very hospitable!!

    Keep inspiring us!! You rock! Sorry I am so late....I am just catching up now!

    Hugs Sherrie


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