Monday, February 25, 2008

A Monday Morning Mish-Mash of Things....

Maybe you've noticed that I've re-done my list of blogs over there on the right hand side. If I've missed adding your blog please let me know. It seems to get out of hand and I always put off working on it but I'll try to keep it a little more up to date from now on.

Also, how do you keep track of the blogs you read? Do you use Bloglines or something else? The reason I'm asking is I have used Bloglines for quite awhile but recently I have had several blogs just disappear from my list. I seldom delete anything from there and these are blogs that I've been reading for a long time so I wouldn't delete them! As I was working on this list last night I discovered several that were missing from Bloglines! Have any of you had this experience?


Last year I "went" to the Academy Awards. (You'll have to scroll down through that post to see my dress and shoes.) This year I was going to go again but actually forgot to pick out my dress and shoes so I had to stay home. Poor Johnny had to go without me! He looked fantastic though!

I was sitting at home with HB and I was wearing a very stylish pair of black sweatpants with a black tee and a purple tank over that. On my feet I had black socks and my slippers. It was the perfect outfit for watching from home! And I was much more comfortable than last year!! :-)

I have watched the Academy Awards ever since I was a kid. This year I have not seen any of the movies up for awards!! My movie watching goes in streaks and spurts. I either watch movies all the time or I don't watch any for a long time. Did you watch, and if so, what did you think of it? I absolutely LOVED the mermaid dress that Marion Cotillard wore. Gorgeous!! And I also thought Katherine Heigl looked beautiful in that red dress she wore. Very Marilyn-ish.

Ok, enough of all that. Here are a few more of my gals....

I'm still painting more!!


  1. I use bloglines - and it has taken a couple of my favorites and lost them - and I've had to go searching again...but, it's the best way I've found...loved both of those dresses...also the one Helen Mirren was wearing...

  2. I LOVE the awards too just to seeee what everyone is wearing! I think I LOVED that dress the best too, wasn't she CUTE accepting her award!!! She was sooOOoOOO SURPRISED she won! I was kind of nervous seeing Colin F. almost falling, I was scared someone would!!! I didn't think it was as FANCY(I didn't think WOW! for anyone much, just the mermaid dress and Nicole Kidman looked kind of regal, was her necklace lopsided though?LOL) and it didn't stand out much for being 80 years old!!! I LOVED them showing who won in the past though!!! That was my favorite!!and that Spaniard was kind of WOW!!! for me! tee hee

  3. Oh,,I love those,,and I espiecally love the girl with the bird since I espiecally Love birds!!! You did sound more comfy in your stay at home clothes,,thats my outfit for sure.

  4. I didn't watch it but will peek at "People" mag to see what everyone wore. I never used to miss the AA but now I seldom go to movies so the Oscars aren't fun for me anymore. I only saw "Atonement" out of all the movies that were nominated in acting, directing and best picture categories.

    The critics seem to agree with you about Katherine Heigl. They said she was channeling Marilyn.

    Your outfit sounds stylish and comfortable!


  5. I lost several last week but 2 days ago I lost the lot--there was a great panic but then they returned about 36 hours later--I don't know what's going on.

  6. I watched...have been watching all my life as my Mom was also an awards fan. I agree about the mermaid dress and Katherine Heigl...absolutely.
    I watched an hour of preshow arrivals and kept saying WHERE'S JOHNNY????
    Usually I see every movie nominated and some that aren't but have actor/actress etc. nominations in them. I have been slipping in the last couple of years. I saw La Vie En Rose and Michael Clayton...that was it. And of the French movie I missed a lot and need to see it again. G and I used to get asked about our views on movies because we'd see so many. it seems we wait for DVD and we're way behind.
    Sitting home watching comfortably sure beats trying to not breathe in a dress and have sort feet.
    Love your drawings as always.

  7. I always watch the Academy Awards, too, but I miss the spontaneity of old times. I want strwakers and Sasheen Littlefeather and Cher's racy outfits. I want them to be fun again!!!

  8. i so need to do this same organization on my blog, lots of new blogs popping up every which way i look.

    stopped in to see ur squares...haven't located those, but found the FOOD! :)mmm good

  9. I also love the Oscars. I hadn't seen very many movies that were nominated this year. (Saw Sweeney Todd that Johnny was nominated for... could have skipped it to be honest! Gorey!!)

    I thought Marion Cotillard was stunning and so honest in her surprise. I have to disagree about Katherine Heigl though. I just dislike her for some reason - not sure what it is. I didn't like the shoulder of her dress! I think my favorite of the night though was Helen Mirren. If only I could look like her when I'm her age! (Or NOW for that matter!) :)

  10. thanks for adding my blog to your list, Janet. That made my day!

  11. Okay, what are bloglines? And nope my blog isn't there any more. I send you an email. I did some more pages and I wish I could say I watched the Oscars, but I never do. I love 'Becoming Jane" and even bought the BlueRay DVD and it is great. So, tell me about bloglines.

  12. I thought last night was the night of The Ladies in Red. I thought Helen Mirren, Katherine Heigl, Anne Hathaway, and Miley Cyrus - all in red - all looked lovely. They each looked age-appropriate and properly dressed for a gala, each had nicely styled hair and nice make-up. They were my faves.

  13. I have been watching it ever since I can remember it is a big deal back in Mexico!!!
    And yes I did love that mermaid dress too.

  14. I used to use bloglines but found that some of my blogs dropped off! So now just visit friends when I can.

    Sounds like you celebrated the Oscars in style (and comfort too).

    I am loving all of these wonderful ATC's you are creating. Illustrating is really your thing -you are so good at it!!

  15. P.S I especially love the ATC on the far right with the lady holding the bird - gorgeous!!

  16. I've really enjoyed seeing the ladies you have been creating,I'm not sure why but I seem to like the "half face" ones the best and I really like this one with the bird.

  17. Hi! I did use bloglines but I have swapped over to Google Reader - it is really reliable and very easy to use. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that although I am relatively new to your blog, I had to nominate you for the "you make my day award". Hope that is OK with you! Love your latest ATCs - they are all so gorgeous!

  18. I use Bloglines, I subscribe to something like 375 or so and categorize them in group folders. They have had some problems in the last few days - the feeds were down and that was problematic for me, but I've never noticed any subscriptions just dropping. It all seems to be back on order now though.

    Love your latest 'gals', just beautiful!

  19. Girl, you have been BUSY while I was away. Your ATC girls are totally awesome! Love them! I'm sorry I missed the party but Happy Two! Is that a flying bird on the fruit plate? You are so clever! You know I couldn't eat it if it's a bird! ;) xoxoxo

  20. All your organisation is making me tired - just reading about it (smiles). Love your girls.

  21. Didn't you just love all the red dresses. And of course our all time favorite guy Johnny. I didn't see any of the movies...but who cares, it's all about the STARS!
    I have beem busy working on my latest project....I will share when it is done.
    And the award goes to!


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