Friday, February 29, 2008

Postal Twilight Zone!!

I was beginning to think I lived in the postal Twilight Zone!! Way back in January I mailed two items to was a surprise and the other was for a one-to-one swap. The surprise came back to me a couple of weeks later because the address label had fallen off! So I re-did it and mailed it out again and happily it arrived. The other item never made it to it's destination and it never came back to me so I have no idea what happened to it.

I did another drawing for the swap and sent it out. Then I waited and waited and finally I got an email that it has arrived! Whew!! Sending things in this country is a little easier because you can use a tracking number but once it leaves this country you're just on your own and both of these pieces went to Canada.

So now I can show you what I sent to Ang! I loved making this lady because she wasn't planned....she just appeared....

She's my "Lady of the Castle"....I'm not sure the photo shows the shading in the background but I tried to make it look like stone walls.

And this is the drawing that went astray....

This is not a good photo because the color is off but at least you can get an idea of what she looked like. Sorry, Ang, for all the delay but I'm so happy the castle lady finally arrived.

Rather than bore you with all my newest ACEOs I've decided to post them on the art blog....the link is over there on the right side of this blog.


  1. what wonderful art cards.
    I adore your "Lady of the Castle"....very pretty.


  2. We are supposed to be able to track mail here also Janet.
    I mailed stuff to the US 2 weeks ago, the item that went the furthest is already there... the other item...who knows where it is..!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. The post office...snail mail as I call it has become a joke, and costs alot for what it does not do. When my Mother was living in California it could take up to 7 days to get a letter to her, what is that????
    I think the "Lady of the Castle" is really delightful. She is one of your best.
    I see that you have sold a couple of pictures, you do go girl!
    Thank you for coming by, Big Hugs, Mary

  4. Oh my, I have been having my mail take FOREVER (that's FOR-EV-ER!)to get to people! I don't know what in the world is going on!! Grrrrr. I hate to ask people if they got something, but now I feel I must! (I hope they don't think I'm rude!) But, lordy, when it takes over two weeks to get a small envelope from Nashville to New York, something is dead wrong! I love your lady of the castle. Wish I had a small waistline like that! The stone walls look perfect! xoxo

  5. Oh, I love the lady of the castle....It is very good. I know about the mail thing...I sent a surprise to a friend in Australia weeks and weeks ago and she still has not received. I don't know where it went.....I'm singing the theme to twilight zone...

  6. Lovely drawings Girl!! I seem to have a postal twilight zone problem too...maybe it's all the snow??

  7. Hi Janet, I've had trouble with sending to Canada never know what's up.
    Your "Lady of the castle" is lovely. Isn't it cool when something like that just comes to you?
    I just found your other blogs.
    Awesome Janet.

  8. What beautiful gifts/swaps you must have been very disappointed when they went astray. So glad one at least returned.


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