Friday, February 08, 2008

The Snow Queen goes to a Party....

She's very shy and a bit eccentric. No one knows for sure where she comes from although many rumors swirl around her....mainly that she's a distant relative of Nicholas and Alexandra.

She loves a party! She always arrives escorted by her trusted companion, Prince Pavlo, the penguin. She wears only white....white brocade, white fur, white leather boots. He wears his tuxedo. They make a lovely couple.

They circulate through the party, accepting food and drink when it's offered, but she never speaks a word to anyone!

She is indeed a Snow Queen....

Drawing is clickable to view larger.

Please visit eb's blog to see more of the party goers.


  1. The detail of her coat is incredible!! Stunning!!

    Have been behind in visiting everyone this past, the work you've posted this week is gorgeous! Love the collage, and the journal-covered with wallpaper, etc. It's all beautiful.

    My art supplies have gathered dust lately and are pouting...I need to get myself together and get on the ball again....

  2. ditto!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh Janet what a wonderful and elegant Snow Queen - and yes - the detail - and quite the date too - thanks so much for celebrating with us - what fun!

    xox - eb.

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    What a great drawing and story!! She looks so regal!

  4. She is so pretty, what a lovely lady...and I see we both love lavender....

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh Janet!!!! I ADORE this one!!! She is so so gorgeous!!! And that penguin is TOO CUTE!!!
    You are amazing!

  6. Anonymous7:07 PM

    What a wonderful drawing Janet!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. You did a outstanding job as always!!!

  7. OMG....OMG....OMG...OMG
    She AND her companion are beyond spectacular! When I see your drawings they almost look digital they are so perfect!
    and to think, to think not long ago you didn't even think you could call yourself an artist!!!

  8. a snow queen of elegance
    with her date!


    this is why we have parties!
    they DO make a lovely couple.

    please come visit my ~petal~
    who adores chatting with penguins,
    by the way...

    see you at the party!

  9. She is a magnetic lady!

  10. Janet wonderful drawing! All your attention to detail in her coat and fur collars amazing!! I watched an Arctic Story about penguins last night so I am smiling in seeing this
    fine genlteman all decked out in his top hat! I love your drawing!!
    hugs NG

  11. The Snow Queen is elegant, indeed -I think she's on the best-dressed list. That Prince Pavlo is quite a party animal, too - they are definitely on the A-list :-)

    Love this, Janet! Save a dance for me~

  12. Brilliant! I adore the Snow Queen, ever so elegant sipping her wine and soaking in the madness with those magical eyes. So glad I stopped by! xo, Monica

    I know your square(s) will be stunning!

  13. Lovely Snow Queen, beautiful coat..


  14. She is a magnificent Snow Queen... truly regal and royal! And her handsome prince of a date... simply divine! Hope to see you at the party!!!

  15. I LOVE the detail of her coat. She truely is a queen. Thank you for visiting my blogsite. And you are right blogging is addictive.

  16. First time visitor!!

    The detail on the Snow Queen's coat is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! A work of art in itself.

    I'm the same age as you are. Don't you think we get better as we get older?? I believe that from my heart.

    Come visit my blog... am playing with collage.
    Joni from Wisconsin

  17. I love, love, love you story and your drawing...perfection.
    I just know they will dance the night away at the Bloglandia Polar Festival.

  18. OH! what a lovely snow queen and I her escort is my FAVORITE guy in a tux!

  19. Wow Janet, that is awesome.....


  20. Gorgeous snow queen! Her coat is amazing!

  21. As you write in your profile, phew! am I glad you decided to be an artist - this is utterly charming, lovely, adorable and well-done. I'm taking a tour of the rest of your blog and I'll be back!

  22. WOW that's a very artistic and lovely snowqueen indeed !!

  23. She is surely a royal! What a wonderful coat. Would love one like that in real life. And the penguin is too funny!

  24. Such an intricate and beautiful coat....You can tell she comes from royalty....wish she'd speak to us though I'm sure she has many stories to tell.

  25. Dear Janet,

    I know I left a comment here yesterday, but where is it?? Anyway, I love, love, love this. I don't know what I love the most - her costume, the fairy-tale Russian castle or the expression on the penguin's face.

    I haven't seen any of the other visitors to this party but they certainly won't be able to outshine your mysterious lady.

    Hugs, Julie

  26. Your snow queen is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Wow Janet..!
    She is tres elegante..!
    And Prince Pavlo is no slouch either, in the sartorial dept..!
    Gorgeous, I do love your black and white drawings, with just a splash of colour. Fantastic. Thank you for the kind wishes..

  28. I thank for the visit in my blog. Very beautiful and yours blog with enough beautiful comments!

  29. Hi Janet, congrats to you too! I picked up my copy of Artful blog today and found your work! how fun to published in a national magazine. you must be thrilled! you Snow Queen drawing is beautiful - I like the penguin - he's a cutie.

  30. The perfect couple. I was sure I saw them talking to David Bowie after the dance.

    Her majesty's coat looked as though it was woven by enchanted spiders -- a fabulous expression of her fairy tale splendor. Lovely!

  31. Beautiful! Now, that's the sort of party animal I'd love to have accompany me to a party -- a penguin in a top hat!

  32. Oh, WOW!!! She is impeccable! Everything about it is perfect! I can't believe the details in her coat!

  33. Janet, I really have no words...this is so pretty. You have begain a new adventure in your art...I see the confidence.
    I could see the story you were telling...So good.
    I am smiling, Mary
    I am so glad you like my Valentine.

  34. Another mingler from the Polar Party - I sure am glad I came across that invitation. I, too am amazed by the intricacies of that coat - superb detail (and the penguin is rather dapper, too).

    Warmest regards, ~M~

  35. Just lovely Janet!

    They are quite the couple, and oh so elegant... I am so glad they graced us with their presence!!!

  36. I love it, the coat is great, lots of work and detail. I would be proud to wear and coat like that and be the snow queen, I would not talk anyone either.

  37. Wow! the detail in her coat is simply amazing! I love it!!

  38. haaa! this is a wonderful drawing and FUN tale !

    Look at Sir P and I imagine them "accepting" food and drink ! Truly A Snow Queen !

    Happy Polar Fest !

  39. I love the Snow Queen and the red scarf! Beautiful!

  40. Gorgeous lady, amazing! She is beautiful and I love the penquin, too.

    Janet, you inspire me every time.

  41. oh my I am soooooo late to the party! thank you for stopping by my blog to visit me during the polar festival - your work here is amazing. I hope you had a lovely time!


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