Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spotless....well, almost!

Having the house to myself yesterday meant getting some cleaning done. Why is it so impossible to do that when my husband is home?! Almost every woman I've ever mentioned this to has said the same thing...."I can't clean my house with my husband there"....what's the deal with that?!! Actually when I have a lot to do HB jumps in and helps out. Plus he usually is the one who takes care of the floors, sweeping, mopping, vaccuming so it isn't that he doesn't help but for some strange reason when he's in the house I hate to clean!

So my day was just too exciting! I moved furniture and vaccumed behind and under everything in our family's always the worst room since we practically live in there. In the evening I did manage to sketch out a couple more little ATCs but nothing "big" has come to my mind. I didn't read any in "A New Earth" although I have finished the first chapter. It's not a book I'll lightly read through!

Since my ATCs are just light sketchs and don't show up in a scan, I'll show you another older drawing I did using pointillism (thanks Sophie!)

When we lived in Colorado, a friend of mine used to go walking with me first thing every morning. Strange as it sounds we walked on Fort Carson property....but it was open to the public for recreational purposes. There were so many sunflowers along the road and they always looked so bright and happy that I had to draw some. Plus sunflowers always remind me of my grandparents who lived in Kansas....the Sunflower state!

Several of you have asked about HB's daughter....she's now home from the hospital and doing better. Thanks for your concern and your thoughts.

Now I'm off to tackle the rest of the house!! Beware dust bunnies! You have no place to hide....I'll find you!


  1. Love that sunflower!

    Suzi of 'Artyfartying around' suggested I visit your blog and I'm glad she did.

    I too am of that certain age and last year I gave myself permission to call myself an artist. You certainly have an eye and I think we have much in common. I'll save your blog to my favs and return soon!

  2. What a steady hand you must have...your sunflower makes me wish for summer!

  3. Your sunflower is so bright and cheery, Janet.
    You're right about the housecleaning, for some reason, I can never seem to get much of it done when K's around. Maybe because I know he wants to relax, and I hate disturbing him? But then, I don't get as much of it done as I should when he's not around either, hehe..

  4. I love sunfloweres...I can't pass one by without smiling. So thanks for the smile!
    I too hope that HB daughter is, they can scare us to death.
    Love you so, Mary

  5. Also - I'm glad HB's daughter is doing much better now. Hope her health continues to improve!

  6. You and I are on the same cleaning page today!
    But I have to agree with your commenters. My hubby is totally in the way when I clean. Yes, he helps out somewhat. But not enough!

  7. Wow,,what a awesome Sunflower ATC!!! I Love Sunflowers too and they are so easy to grow. I can't wait till this summer to see their pretty faces. I know exactly what you mean about cleaning house when Hubby is home. But he usually helps me out too. Hope your having a great week-end, Janet!!!

  8. Don't you love the feel of a clean house...I am looking for new curtains for my living room and office...not a easy thing when you have alot of windows. I found something I liked, but it would have cost me 300.00. I am not ready to spend that much, it's winter and I tend to hang onto $ more in this season. I'm hoping they will go on sale...they would be just perfect....Any way, I have had the cleaning bug since before Summit had his surgery, I know that I am about to crash and burn.
    Big Love, Mary

  9. I loke the amount fo deatil yo put into yor drawings, I'm always afraid of overkill and then dont do enough, how do youknow when the right balance is achieved? You seem to have it right! I love sunflowers!

  10. Love your sunflower! Fort Carson must have been a delightful place to walk and see them blooming everywhere.

  11. hehe, I can't imagine wanting to spend a blissful 'alone day' cleaning, but I must reluctantly admit that it really feels great when one stands back after a hard day of cleaning and surveys everything in order....well done!

  12. Hey Janet. Just stopping by to say hi. I scrolled thru your wonderful art....what else can I say. It's all wonderful! Did I say that already? Well, I just woke from a nap so forgive me for repeating. Could you come chase dust bunnies here? There's lots! You can even take some home if you want. xoxoxoxoxo

  13. I am right there with ya on the house cleaning..except mine is REALLLY house cleaning! Since planning on moving to Portland, I have been getting rid of stuff like a mad woman. Today was no exception. I called a couple of my friends and gave each of them 3 or 4 boxes of 'stuff' and threw out some ratty old chairs and a ton of junk. I feel great! your pointillism flower is awesome! and funny you should mention of my faves...Macawhead sent me the coolest Sunflower book!

  14. Ooops..sorry I made that last post all about "me and my Story" heh heh...Tolle's book is really making me realize a lot !

  15. teehee..maybe is because husbands usually attract Dust bunnies and little piles of things..I cant clean when Mr Dan is home either, weird..
    Love your art Ms Janet..
    PEace and Lost, Kai xx

  16. You inspired me to do some cleaning today. However, my knitting got the best of me.

    The sunflower is wonderful.
    It had something to do with my desire to do some drawing today.

  17. I feel that way, too. (about the house/man being gone thing). Patrick is so neat that I never really have to pick up..just clean and now I'm getting spoiled and don't even want to do that. lol

    I've got to get that book! Love your picture and can't wait to see your atcs.

  18. Your sunflower has a lot of "life" in it!

  19. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Hey Janet! The sunflower is outstanding! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  20. Janet L O V E the sunflower drawing!!
    Happy flower always makes me smile!
    Now about our hubbies helping with the cleaning...mine is wonderful to pitch in and as you know he has had the load for the past several months.
    Now that I am back in command...the dust bunnies have not a chance as I am moving furniture and oh my there are many!!!As for my foot well it keeps getting swollen in between ice
    pads!! I just have to train him on how to properly do the vacuming!
    hugs NG

  21. Those wicked little dust bunnies have run rampant in my house! Today, the weather was warm, so I opened the back door; and you should have seen them all a-scatter! It was quite a sight! They are all honkered down for the night in the corner. I won't try and catch them just yet--wink. Your sunflower is so pretty. They have to be one of my favorite flowers, but they tend to stinky as they sit in water (or the stem or something--ew). So glad to hear your hubby's daugher is home. xoxo

  22. I LOVE Sunflowers! Yours is amazing! I have always admired pointillism but not sure if I have the patience or skill to do it...or do it justice. Man, you have such talent!!!

    I prefer to clean alone too...I'm too OCD when it comes to cleaning and always feel if my hubby is here, he's either messing up behind me...or if he helps, he does a half-shod job just to get it done and over with...he hates cleaning.

    Happy 2 Years Blogging - btw!!

  23. Janet,
    your art never ceases to amaze me. The pointillism is really good!!
    I hate to clean when my husband is home because he always quizzes me about stuff like "What are you going to do with that?" or "I might need that don't throw it away".Drives me crazy! Although I have to say he is a big help too most of the time.

  24. Gorgeous!
    Sandra Evertson

  25. I like your sunflower, and your other artwork as well. I've just read that it is your 2 year blog anniversary. Congratulations to you!

    Thank you very much for taking time to leave your kind thought on my blog today.


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