Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Food Related Meme....

I recently saw this "Grocery Meme" on someone's blog and I didn't save the url so I can't remember where it was....sorry! But I did copy and save the meme to do sometime when I didn't have much to talk about....like now! So here is that meme.

1. How often do you go to the grocery store? Unfortunately, several times a week! I'm not very organized when it comes to food, plus there's not one store where I can go to get everything we like.

2. Do you love or hate going grocery shopping? It's kind of a little of both. Since I'm not thrilled about cooking it can be a drag to have to think of meals to prepare (and I'm doing most of the cooking since HB is doing a job right now)

3. Where do you go? Trader Joe's, Winco, Stater Bros, Smart & Final....most of these names won't mean much if you don't live around here.

4. Are you a faithful list writer? Yes, for the things I need to get but I mostly wing it for what meals I'll prepare.

5. Do you write it but never remember to bring it? I write it down and I remember it because I have a small blank book that I use for just things I need to buy. I jot down anything I need to get whether it's groceries or something else and I always have that book when I leave the house.

6. Do you use coupons? Very seldom. They usually don't have coupons for the kinds of things I buy. We don't use much prepared foods, and most of the time I cut out a coupon, then find the very thing on sale at a better price someplace else.

7. What is something that you ALWAYS have in your fridge? Milk, eggs, butter, yogurt, just the normal stuff.

8. What is the thing in your fridge that is a "guilty pleasure"? Right now it would be Tropical Fruit Rainbow Sherbet.

9. What is that one or two things that you feel like you buy every single day? Not any one certain thing. I'll usually think about making something for HB's dinner and have everything but one item!

10. What items do your children consume in ABUNDANCE. Nothing. I don't feed my children!! Only because they're grown and feed themselves.

11. What's on your fridge? A couple of business card magnets holding some notes plus a little round magnet Molly gave me, a big, purple-y "J" magnet from Kai and a cute magnet from Violette.

12. Are the fridge magnets special, or random? The ones from Molly, Kai and Violette are special....and one of the business card magnet is pretty darn special....it's Angel, who cuts my hair.

13. When you go to the store do you just throw things into the cart, or do you stack them neatly? I'm a neat stacker! I try to keep all like things together so when they bag them (or when I do that at one of the stores) everything is a little easier.

And I carry my own bags. I have about 6 canvas bags, 3 vinyl bags from Trader Joe's, one of which is insulated for carrying cold items, and a crocheted bag that I sometimes use for produce because it stretches.

Now you know everything about my grocery habits! Wasn't that fascinating! And since we're on the subject of food, here's a pic of HB's dinner last night....

This was everything before I added the tomatoes and this is after....

Very easy crock pot meal of kielbasa, onion, celery, garlic, potatoes, orange, yellow, and green peppers, and 2 cans of petite diced tomatoes. He was happy!!

If you're interested I added some of my older drawings on my art blog and some Springtime pics on my photo blog.


  1. How is this for timing, I just got home from the grocery store, put things away, made myself a sandwich
    and came to check on you! HB's din din looked good, I love stir fry.
    BE BLESSED :-)

  2. Oh Yumm!! That meal looks wonderful. Loved the info. on your shopping habits. We have many similarities
    Hugs! Nancy

  3. this made me smile, I love your fridge, mine is full of my daughter's schedules and artwork, LOL
    p.s. I enjoy going grocery shopping

  4. My husband likes meals like that too. Anything spicy and with tomatoes and he's happy.
    I often make a list and leave it at home, but just the fact that I wrote it seems to help me remember.

  5. Yummiee!!!!
    I think I'll do this meme..
    Peace n love, Kai xx

  6. Yummmmm! I would love what you made. And the meme was fun, I should do it. I go to the store more often than I want to. Arney likes the food shopping, I like all the other kind of shopping!
    I thought about you alot today, I hope you are enjoying the start of spring...I don't want to stay in the house. Your, Mary

  7. That meal looks very good. My hubby shops , he likes it, I make the list. I unpack and put away. My mother says we have the best stocked house she has ever been in.

  8. Is that a spider plant growing down your fridge? I love spider plants.....and they are good for putting oxygen into your home, as you probably know. I planted one..ONE...outside and after about a year it is a bed of them about four feet long. I'd rather not think about food, thank you! I like it too much! I'm a label reader and that alone keeps me from purchasing a lot outside of the fresh department. Anyhow dh does most of the grocery shopping. He actually likes it. Not me! LOL xoxoxo

  9. I so love hearing other people don't like to cook, because when I can change something to make it my own I really love cooking. That is most of the time, because as one lady once said, "Mary, you are genetically incapable of following a receipe!" And it is true. I always think I'm following it until I have to write it down or think about it and then I have to realize, Oh, Yeah I substitued this for that and then I added...well you get the idea. Like today, we had crusted baked chicken breasts where I substituted cornflakes crushed with crushed raisin bran (I picked out the raisins!) and mixed it ground up almonds until we'd reached about the right amount. Then I didn't do much of anything else too different until it came to braising the bok choy which I added a few seasoning to and did a few things differently, but hey, that was mild.

    One of my fav crock pot dishes is with cabbage, tomatoes and Kielbasa. YUM-O! Good post Janet.

  10. I'm off to do your MeMe.

  11. OMG I forget that you have an art blog. I'm going there now!

  12. Grocery shopping? Cooking? Hmmm, I'll have to google what those things are. LOL!!!!!

  13. What is that dinner called?
    It looks delish!
    INteresting grocery tidbits Janet.
    I stink at shopping.
    I always go too often and spend too much!

  14. Fun MeMe! I too go at least every couple of days! Miss Organization, I'm NOT! Love crockpot meals! I don't know why I don't use it more. I'll get on a kick and use it a lot and then forget about it for a while. I think it's time to bring it back out! xo

  15. Great MeMe,,and HB's dinner looked very delicous!!! I also love the magnets but espiecally that cool plant on top of the fridge.
    Hope you have a great day today, Janet!!!

  16. Tried to say this here yesterday, but it wouldn't let me - I used to make a sort of similar dish in an electric skillet, but haven't ever since the skillet bit the dust. I never thought about trying it in a crockpot - thanks for the idea!

  17. Let's hear it for people using their own bags for shopping. Yay!


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