Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'll Try Again....

Back in February I did a giveaway for my blog's second birthday. I pulled a name out and posted it on this blog requesting that winner to contact me. No one ever did. I tried to get in touch with the winner but had no luck. I've waited this long thinking that maybe she would check back at some time and I could get her information.

So after waiting until now I am going to say she isn't going to contact me. I had HB pull another name out of the jar (I kept all the entries) and Julie of The Celtic Lady is now the winner. Julie, I will send the drawing out to you at once. If you don't remember which one it was, here it is again....

"Arpana, The Little Dancer" is not exactly a "Celtic Lady" but I hope you'll like her anyway!


Several blogs have been posting photos of their snowy weather. I took this photo Monday afternoon at about 4:30....

I'm sorry!! It has been absolutely beautiful the past few days. And my apple tree is finally starting to blossom. I was beginning to wonder if it was going to this year! I posted that photo over on my photo blog.


  1. You can go off some people!

    It's very cold here - what happened to Spring? x

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner. Still cold here, but the sun is out today! Yay!! No flurries.

  3. Dear Janet,

    I am just thrilled to have an original piece of artwork from a published artist - and friend!

    I will cherish her and think of her as the free spririt I am trying to become!

    Hugs, Julie

  4. I'm one of those snowy ones. I'll trade you!

  5. Yay for my dear friend Julie!!!
    More yays for your art!!!

  6. Lucky Julie! Wow, she is one beautiful Arpana. Going to one beautiful Julie. You have been posting some super designs lately. How do you get the mirror image so perfect? Even if I draw a heart, one side is bigger than the other. It's sorta like my feet, or my...well...you know!

    Janet, it's 46 degrees here today. I don't want to talk about it! I'm moving to Florida!

  7. I'm happy to see that someone gets to enjoy beautiful spring weather. The joys of living in Michigan-I just hope all the snow is gone by June!

  8. Hi Janet, congrats to the new winner! The weather here is great too, it was 87 degrees today. All the trees here are in bloom. Hugs***Renea

  9. Yay for Julie!

    Our pear tree is in full bloom too. Great weather we're having!

  10. Janet, it may snow here tomorrow.
    The only way we know that spring is here....is my Tulips are coming up. And the Birds have come home.
    I'm not complaining...much!!!!
    Enjoy! Mary
    Julie sounds so happy...

  11. It isn't 80 degrees here, but we've got spring showers and the cherry trees are all in full bloom. It's wonderful!

    Julie is a lucky lucky!! That drawing is beautiful, Janet...

    Not sure if I saw the original birthday post -- if I didn't say it then, well, then Happy Birthday now a little belated!! :)

  12. Congratulations to Julie!
    I had almost the same Easter menu which you did...love that asparagus!
    It has been warm and sunny here..it is all about forsythia,daffodils and pear trees in bloom! (Time for the allergy meds!)

  13. Seeing pictures of your beautiful Spring days brings hope to my heart. Even with the sun, we're well below seasonal temperatures up here.


  14. Aloha Janet.. It's still cold here, but Im sure somewhere it's warm and springlike :)
    Congraddies to julie, a deserving lady indeed :)
    Peace, Kai xx

  15. Julie is awesome...I am so glad she won this beautiful art from you!!!

  16. Lucky Julie!!! Wish it was me! And very generous of you to wait this long.

  17. Oooh, that was a mean thing to do! But, we are having beautiful weather here in AZ too and I posted pictures on Easter so I am mean too! Those poor, poor folks still in the snow.

  18. Janet I would normally be envious of your 80F temps. but here in the desert I am experiencing just that and higher...like 87F!! LOVE IT!!
    Lucky lady getting one of your lovely drawings!! sunkissed in AZ

  19. WE have been having perfect weather here too! ...soon enough it wil be , uh , youknow...hot. ha! I a menjoying every single minute of Spring!

  20. congrats to Julie ...
    lucky gal to have won your art..

    Janet, thanks for stopping by and the kind words about my little birdhouse...


  21. Hope your new winner gets her pic! Congrats to Julie! I'm sure she really appreciates that.

    Wow--Looks like you're having my "dream weather" out there! We were doing great...40's, 50's, sunny...until it dumped a foot of snow last Friday (we were in Cincy though visiting family and it was 60 there!)...and now it's cold and snowing again today. I think Mother Nature has lost her freakin' mind! lol. It's supposed to be Spring!!

    Enjoy your beautiful weather. Keep sharing those lovely pictures!!


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