Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Little Catching Up....

Many of you know about and participated in the Pink Project which is the idea of Monica. She is doing an incredible job of putting this whole project together. If you haven't been to her blog go there now! She is beginning to put the doll together and it looks amazing.

I was thrilled to see that one of my squares is right there on the doll's skirt!!

That face with the pink beading around it in the upper right hand corner is one of my squares!

You can see it on the doll's skirt about midway up the left side! I'm so honored to be a part of this project and to have one of my squares on the skirt! Please, note that these three photos are all from Monica's blog and I have permission to show them here. Thank you, Monica!!


I was able to get a better photo of the Easter bonnet lady so I've added her to my Artopia blog. I did that little cat painting below in the previous post in just a few minutes using my computer program. If I had had a little more time I could have done a better job on it but it had to be finished and posted last night.


I'm working on several projects that have deadlines coming up so I can't show those to you yet. But I'm still keeping to my goal of being creative every day this year. Some days it's only a quick sketch or maybe a doodle or zentangle that I actually draw but I'm still finding all kinds of ways that I am creative each day. It's fun and exciting to be involved in Leah's project. It has made me take another look at what I consider "being creative" plus I've seen changes in my art, too. So thank you, Leah!!


  1. Oh - I must pop over and visit Monica's blog! I love your square and did you know that your square is right next to mine (mine is the one to the left of yours).

    How exciting!!!!

  2. you're so sweet, janet. i'm so glad that the creative every day project has played a part in your blossoming creativity!

    i mentioned this on mother henna's blog, but i love your cool cat!! :-)

    the doll looks fabulous. what a cool project to participate in!

  3. Congratulations Janet and the doll looks wonderful with your little treasure added to it.

  4. Wow.that's quite a frock the dolly is getting, you gals are so wonderful to do the pink project.. :)
    PEace in pinkness, Kai xx

  5. How wonderful Janet. Your sqaure is lovely. I made a square for Monica's doll too. It really has been thrilling to see what Monica is doing with all the squares. I think the doll is going to be amazing!!

    Hugs! Nancy

  6. I really like your square and the whole shebang.

    I am so happy for you that you are keeping to your goal of "Creative Every Day". I haven't made the commitment but I think about it most days.

  7. YOur square is perfectly lovely and makes a good patch for the doll's skirt!
    I really like your "cool cat" art too....I like sweaters and our cat is black with green eyes.
    Have a good Easter weekend!

  8. I checked out Monica's blog, what a great idea, it is really nice when you can put your art into something lasting and meaningful...
    good job to all who helped make it possible. BE BLESSED :-)

  9. Am running right over there...she is GORGEOUS!

  10. How cool that your square made it to the front. I havent spotted my square yet, but I'm so happy to just be a small part of such an amazing project.

    Now that you've been using your BambooFun would you recommend it? I've been thinking I might want one for my bday.


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