Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some of This and a Little of That....

This week seems to be flying past and I'm not getting much done. I've had to get out of the house every day this week and today is no exception....and once I do that my day is history! I haven't done much art except for zentangles late at night.

I thought I'd share with you what my dining room table looks like since I've been using it for painting headquarters....

And don't even ask about the studio upstairs! It's become sewing headquarters and when you open the door you're immediately required to step over one of those big plastic bins, with two others right ahead. Oops, don't step on the ribbons and lace! Oh, straight ahead is the work table. Yes, there really is a table under all that mess! I'm too ashamed of the mess to show you a photo so just use your imagination! Let's just say that the worktable is a HUGE mess with a tiny space where the sewing machine is sitting. HB is afraid to open the door! He just knocks and talks to me through the door.

I did a little 5" x 7" drawing for my neighbor. She recently had a birthday and she likes all things Egyptian so I tried to make an Egyptian Princess....

Ok, that's about all I have right now. Oh, I almost forgot....I did a couple more little dolls. This one is going to HB's granddaughter....

and the other one....well, when I showed it to HB he said it looked like a phallic symbol!!

I just made her from a couple of scraps I had so she doesn't have much of a shape....well, maybe she does! She has a little tulip dangly at the bottom and some sequin flowers for her hair.

So I guess it's back to the drawing board when it comes to dolls!


  1. OH JANET!!!!!!!!! I just finished putting up my post and came here to visit you!!!! Go see what I titled MY POST!!!! Mental telepathy!!! See we are connected in spirit!
    I love your Egyptian lady...superb and your dolls are adorable...Hugs hugs hugs...

  2. I think the dolls are truly adorable but I couldn't help but giggle at HB's comment. MEN! lol Your neighbour will LOVE her Egyptian lady!

  3. Too funny, that was a true LOL..
    Love your Egyptian lady.


  4. Yeah...just like a man LOL!
    Cute dolls!!! So glad to see you have been busy with your art...It's inspiring Janet!

  5. I like seeing your progression in the dollmaking and your HB's comment made me giggle.

    Your table looks alot like mine, but I consider mine fairly clean at this stage, its usually much messier.

  6. hehe, bad hubby. I have stuff on my table now too. And don't even ask about the office. It's the same as it was last week, last month, last year! Eeeeeeek! xo

  7. I think the dolls are adorable - uh - maybe a bit more definition to the shape so as to control the men folk Ya LOL.

    Wishing you a great weekend to come - lots of creativity.

  8. Yay, I can comment today - tried to yesterday on the groceries, but it wouldn't let me, for some reason...
    Your Egyptian lady is lovely, Janet - and I love the dollies too.
    Even though I've been cleaning like mad the last day or 2, I still don't dare show a picture it's still so cluttered around here, so don't feel all alone - I've decided it's a sign of creativity :)

  9. I love that first photo. It is a genuine photo of a real artist in the flurry of creativity.

    I do have to agree with HB on the one doll. LOL!!

  10. Ha, ha, ha! I'm laughing at your husband's comment. Sounds like something my dh would say! He would probably ask me about was my subconsciousness thinking while I was creating it. Very funny!
    The dolls are adorable! So is the Egyptian lady. And I loved seeing your work table and paintings in stages.

  11. I have to agree with the HB!! Very cute though. Love everything you shared and your sewing room sounds very familiar! You and your blog always make me smile.

  12. Your hubby's comment made me LOL! I think your dolls are cute. I know what you mean about no time for art this week. I have had my grandson's all week, so very little time except playing with them. (which is fun) The boys will be going home tomorrow, so maybe I can work on art some this weekend. And my art room looks like a tornado has been there!!! My hubby tries to stay clear too! Hugs***Renea

  13. LOL..I love the picture of your table Janet, boy, can I relate to that..
    I think your Dotee style dolls are gorgeous. I like the colours you have chosen.
    Im a great fan of egyptian things so your lady is right up my alley too..
    I think I need to go ogle your blog some
    Happy pi day, peace, Kai xx

  14. My dining room table looks similar but with beading instead of painting. Isn't that what's it's for? ;-)

  15. I am still laughing about the phallic symbol ..hooo! Maybe it's a fertility doll! your Egyptian drawing is fabulous!

  16. your little dolls are darling (shame on him- they do NOT look phallic- laughing)

    Ahhh, your spaces sound just like mine ! but we know just about where everything is - right ?
    I understand your mess and feel better about mine. Thanks for sharing !

  17. Janet, my dining table looks just like yours except that mine is covered in piles of family history stuff!

  18. LOLOL I love HB's sense of humor. I have never seen a tulip on it tho. A ring, yes, but not a tulip! ;)

  19. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Love the Egyptian Princess. Dang these husbands and what they see. Mine said the little Goddess dollys I was making looked like slugs. Love Hugs and Blessings

  20. Hi Janet! that's sooo funny, there's nothing wrong with phalic symbols is there! It sounds like your as lucky as I am. Gary doesn't mind that my sewing has taken over the dining room table and there are craft pieces all over the coffee table. We are fortunate women to have such comfortable men!

  21. hey I love those dolls they are very cute....

  22. Your desk/table looks very familiar...smiles. Love the new dolls.

  23. I'm tee heeing about the "phal
    symbol" comment!!
    I can imagine your sewing room as my office back home may look the same!
    When I get home I must de-clutter as here in this rented home it is clean and simple ..not much to dust and clean up..the way I should live back home!!
    I'm enjoying Spring in the desert!!
    Extremely rejuvinating!! Visiting with Gemma next week!!
    sunkissed NG

  24. OH!!! The little dolls are adorable. I know how you feel!! My entire home and life is consumed by projects. My studio, my room, my office, my dining table, my living room. All of it is a disaster as my projects have taken over :) We can't even have visitors latley. I hear ya!! xoxo

  25. I ADORE your new dolls Janet! Love the colors and their beautiful faces. They don't look phallic to me :)

    I can relate to the messy art table. Except mine has bits of fabric all over it.

    Love the Egyptian card too!


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