Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Fever....and Frustration

Helllllooooo! Is anyone there? Where has everyone gone? Blogland seems to be very quiet and a bit deserted right now. Do you all have spring fever or what? Or are you all buried in snow?

I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of things blooming around my yard....just trees for now but they look pretty.

The little bit of pink against the white blossoms and all of that against the brilliant blue sky....I think it looks beautiful!

These are blossoms on one of our almond trees. Aren't they pretty?

This is more of that pink from the back yard. It's our nectarine tree. We had it seriously pruned last year so there are new limbs coming out in strange places. I thought this one looked particularly pretty with the bright pink against the dark bark.

Ok, have I enticed you enough with Spring blossoms? Now I'll tell you that I can see fresh snow on the mountains nearby! We had a wild storm come through on Saturday and it brought snow to the mountains. Nothing where we live though....just cold temperatures.


I recently bought a new program for my computer on the recommendation of someone. It's called Bamboo Fun and it's a tablet and pen to use in conjunction with Photoshop or PaintShop. So far this weekend all I've managed to create is a huge big headache for myself. I just do NOT understand these programs. And don't tell me to just get in there and play because I have been in and out of the damn thing all weekend and I still can't do one single thing on it! Everything seems to be in a foreign language that I don't understand. I touch something and everything disappears or gets huge or gets tiny or does all number of weird things! The tutorials don't really show me HOW to do anything. I need step by step instructions that begin at the beginning, and in plain old basic English words that I can understand! Maybe I'm just too old to learn this stuff.

When this person talked about it I was really excited because she said it was fairly easy to use. But I didn't stop to think that easy for one person can be very difficult for another person! I'm not a stupid person and I've learned many things just by reading a book with clear instructions or by having good pictures to follow. But for the life of me I can't make heads or tails of this stuff!

I bought PaintShop Pro 9 several years ago and it came with a big, 502 page instruction book. None of it made sense to me so I bought "Paint Shop Pro 9 for Dummies"....that's gotta work, right? Wrong!! I didn't learn anything out of that book either. So when Lisa talked about this new program I thought it sounded much better than what I had. So I took PSP9 out of my computer, bought the new program and installed it and when I opened it, it looked almost the same as what I had just taken out!

Don't misunderstand me....I'm not in any way blaming this person for any of this. She made an honest recommendation of a product that works great for her. But for me, it's another piece of software that I don't understand.

If I could just find someone who could come to the house where I could use my own computer, and they could give me classes in this stuff I think I could learn it but I don't know of anyone who does that. So for now I have a very nice paper weight on my desk and a lot of stuff in my computer and I can't use any of it.

Frustrated....who, me?


  1. Oh gosh Janet I know how you feel! I hate those computer programs, I can't ever make them work either. And the tutorials are never helpful. I think they are designed that way on purpose! Good Luck! Hugs***Renea

  2. I believe it was Thursday that I reached "frustration level #12. Same thing, except I bought a 750. printer and can't make it work. On top of that I had a mail in rebate for 100. that I didn't mail in on time. Had to have photoshop elements 2 chirstmas ago. You think I can make that work. Well, I could if I ever had about 99,000 hours to sit with it.
    I just want to paint.
    I feel your pain.

  3. Hello Frustrated! I remember the first time I got a program...I was so excited, it was going to open up a whole new world in computing for me...RIGHT! I think...I cried! So my son Cory came over and took me so to speak by the hand, and he made it so simple. I had Post-its all over the place. Now I seem to understand them, but they are all different. I just want to drive the car....I don't care how it works..
    Your spring pictures are snowed, hailed and then the sun shinned all on this wonderful Saturday. I went yard saleing this morning. I bought my Daught Jenny a Couch Handbag/ backpack. It is really pretty, all leather and just like new. She is coming over this evening to get it, she couldn't wait. I paid 5.00 for something that cost someone hundreds. You might want to look them up, I can't aford one.
    I took pictures...TEE-HEE, I will put it on my blog.
    I am sorry you are lonely, I get very few people coming to my blog, so I am excited if anyone comes by.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  4. Hi, Janet,

    It's another Saturday night and I am alone here (sort of). My husband took himself off to bed and the doggies are sleeping on the couch.

    I, too, have noticed an absence of bloggers. Just a few posts ago I had 40 comments and now I have 6 or 7. Not that I really care how many comments I get, but I do notice such a dramatic change. Where have they all gone? They should be happy and prolific, now that spring is here (or creeping in, as here in ND).

    I am terrible with computer programs and could not help you with any of them. I always relied on my daughter for help and now she is thousands of miles away.

  5. Sorry Janet....It's COACH...not Couch! Yikes!

  6. I know how you feel when it comes to computer programs--I would love to have paintshop when I see all the wonderful things people do with theirs but I have trouble enough understanding the everyday stuff let alone learn some new hi tech program

  7. Yes blogsville has been quiet. I know myself I can't create and visit every blog. So I am always playing catch up. Also had a good lull of posts for a week. That's how it goes. Are we all running out of things to say I wonder?

    I am with you girl on the program frustrations, that's me to a tee. I am pretty good at figuring things out, but computers often have be baffled.

    Beautiful blossoms on that nectarine tree, they are at the top of my list for favorite fruits too!!

    Hugs Sherrie
    Janet you may want to put a link to your etsy on the art blog too! Just suggestion.

  8. Not sure what it is but there seems to be something affecting everyone in blogland. Is there such a thing as spring lethargy? I feel like that. Usually I'm all buzzing with springtime energy-hope it happens soon.
    I live in a house full of engineer types and your comment fits to a tee. I once asked Roger about the computer and he began explaining the binary system to me. My eyes crossed and I fell into a coma. All I wanted to know was how to get to a homepage.
    Maybe we'll all perk up soon-geez I hope so!

  9. Your photos are wonderful...I especially love the nectarine blossoms.
    I have a feeling that there are just so many blogs out there trying to get our attention, that it is hard to keep up.
    I put all my favorites into Google Reader as a way to keep was frustrating to me to go to a blog to find out that I had read and in many cases commented on the post already. Google Reader has eliminated that problem for me.
    I know what you mean about computer soft ware...the language is daunting and the tutorials are not much better.
    My Son who works for a soft ware company...suggested that I buy a book on computer terms...he lives in Denmark, a little far for him to come and help me.

  10. Love your pictures of the flowering trees; I will not see tree blooms until the first of May…

    I understand your frustration, that is why I don’t get new programs, my paint shop is so old but I just don’t want to start over again…

    Good luck,

  11. :OD
    Oh, do I feel your pain.
    I am staring at the new box (which, by the way arrived at Christmas) (Bamboo Fun, like yours) and I feel so intimidated and lost.
    Maybe I'll try it out tonight.
    I know now after reading this that my fears are well grounded. lol!
    Your trees are amazing Janet.
    I wish we had colour already, nothing but snow snow snow!

  12. I love the pictures of your flowering trees. I can't wait until I know for sure we have had the last frost. And when that happens, I'll be planting like a crazy person...hurry, hurry spring. Katie

  13. Not sure whar has happened with others but I have been very busy with my neighbor who just lost her husband. The funeral was Friday, I was gone all day. Yesterday I felt I needed to go over to "just be there" we ended up moving furniture all day. Our dogwood and the azealeas are blooming here.Since it is Sunday, I'm going to REST. BE BLESSED

  14. I agree about Blogland being quiet....I was starting to take it personal(ha!) but realized it's all over. And frankly I haven't been commenting much either while I am creating.
    Now as to your frustration...believe me I am not 100% proficient but through trial and error...and some basic help from a friend on just the program....I'm coming along. I am going to email you now and then call you tomorrow.
    I have had Paint Shop Pro for a long time and only used it sporadically but NEVER understood it. Now with this I am more familiar and kept it loaded too.
    I so understand frustration...believe me!

  15. Hi Janet,
    The great time saving computer is a big headache for folk who didn't grow up with it. I do learn it eventually and even make sense of it sometimes, but that is why I'm taking the class in HTML. I don't want to make pages, I'm just tired of making mistakes with my blog and want to learn more fun ways of making it dance.

    The trees are so lovely! I can almost smell them from here! Yum!

  16. Beautiful flowers! Lets gang up on OD and beat her up for being so smart! LOLOL xoxoxoxoxoxo

  17. Here I am!! Yes I've definitely been out and about more. It's beautiful here. Your blooming trees are gorgeous.

    I wish I could help you with the program but I'm not familiar. Hope you find someone who can help.

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

  18. Janet the blossom on your trees is fabulous. I can't wait for my cherry trees to blossom. Like Gillian says all we have snow, snow, snow..!
    The sun is shining today and it is mild(ish), and at least the yukky white stuff is melting, all be it slowly.
    Good luck with the new program, I know exactly what you mean..!

  19. Lovely blossoms. We had some too until the winds yesterday. There was snow covering the ground when we woke up this morning but now just slush.

  20. Wish I could help Janet - I needed help with the self serve machine for prining photo's yesterday!

    Good Luck!

  21. I've never heard of Bamboo Fun - what an odd name!
    Me, I love Paint Shop Pro - it's wonderful. Should you reload that and if I can be of any help, please give me a shout on Flickr. Hugs.

  22. Me again - sorry, I thought your blossoms were on a separate post. Lovely images. You're so lucky to be able to grow nectarines outside a greenhouse! Beautiful ....sigh.

  23. The photos of the spring blossom are lovely especially the close-up of the almond. As for computer programmes! The only way I can learn anything on a computer is to be shown by someone else, write down each step as they tell me, then follow the instructions from the paper until I've done it often enough for it to sink in. So you have all my sympathy here:)

  24. LOVE the spring blooms! Thanks for sharing them! I really needed that! (ahhh I miss spring in Kentucky...reminds me of the dogwoods and bradford pears there!)

    I have so far, been reluctant to get Photoshop or all that new-fangled stuff for photo editing, digital art, etc...I'm afraid I'd wind up in the same boat---frustrated, aggravated and out $$$. I am gonna stick with the old stuff for now. Good luck to you...if you ever figure it out, perhaps you could teach some of us scaredy cats! LOL

  25. I love writing in html, but now everything is Xhmtl, java script, widgits, Flash, corel.. sigh.. To much info indeed.
    I like certain programs, the rest drive me i can identify with you indeed on that point.

    I've been rewriting my genealogy site, so not to mcuh bloggin, I think you'll see it pick up as Arizona approaches..I wish you were there :)
    Peace, Kai xx

  26. Anonymous7:43 AM

    I have been a little quiet but I am glad to stop by here Today and enjoy your fantastic pictures!
    ...and your etsy ;-)

  27. Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!
    The flowers are so pretty. We are still in the daffodil stages here. I have never heard of Bamboo fun but I have PSP 8 and Adobe Elements. I play with both of them but haven't learned them completely. They are very similiar to me. But I know what you mean about getting fustrated with a program. Hang in there and I bet Lisa will get you up and going!!!

  28. Happy St. Paddy's Day!!!
    The flowers are so pretty. We are still in the daffodil stages here. I have never heard of Bamboo fun but I have PSP 8 and Adobe Elements. I play with both of them but haven't learned them completely. They are very similiar to me. But I know what you mean about getting fustrated with a program. Hang in there and I bet Lisa will get you up and going!!!

  29. Beautiful pictures, Janet!

    I think new computer programs are always daunting until we gradually get used to them. Baby steps is the key. I have Paintshop Pro 7 and love it but I imagine the later versions have more to offer.

  30. I know what you mean about it being quite in blogland. Admitedly I don't have a big readership (sometimes I doubt I have any) but this year has been very quiet with very few comments.
    The thing with learning new things is that we all learn in different ways. You are someone who likes to read the instructions and unfortunately what is given with things do not always taylor to all the different learning styles. Luckily I have seen someone has helped you out so I hope you are doing better now. It looks like you are back to having fun

  31. dear janet,
    i got to your blog through rosa over at Living With Rosa...after seeing your art in the her magazine at the beach... and clicking to your page. what a huge honor to be in the sommerset artful blogging magazine! kudos to you! you are in that because you are a "True Artist"...
    i had a couple of thoughts while reading the comments on this particular post... i followed all the references to the "new fun program" you mention and i see it is learning how to use your pen and tablet along with Paint Shop Pro.
    it is amazing to me to see all the references to: "new fangled computer, techie thingies, can't fathom it".....
    how odd to be on the other side of the fence..i feel that way about all the 'True Artists' who actually draw by hand and can paint with real paints! i haven't been able to learn that from any book, class or personal lesson yet. so rest assured there are those of us who, although we may be competent and comfortable with software and computer gadgets we don't know which end is up when it comes to sable brushes, acrylic paints or stretching a canvas properly.
    the good news is that computer technology is based upon skills that require information and not talent. you are doing a fabulous job of working your artful magic using that bamboo fun now that you are getting the hang of it!
    i learn all software from going to: teaching is done through video lessons and i can't tell you what a relief it was to me to find this site since i am a visual learner. There are several hours worth of Paint Shop Pro tutorials on her site. It isn't free but it is worth every penny i have spent while there.
    your work is delightful! i am so glad to have stumbled over here. you have such a friendly blog with wonderful visits from your friends!


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