Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spring Has Arrived!!!!

Not much going on around Chez Lavender. I'm still painting ACEOs and listing some of them on Etsy....and posting them on my art blog. I'm still in that mode where ideas are coming faster than I can create. I'm working on several things all at once and not making much headway on any of them!

Several blogs have recently mentioned something called zentangles and I was curious. Go over and take a peek if you haven't already. They have some very cool artwork....and similar to some of the things I've done in the past. I just didn't know they were zentangles when I did them!!

Last night after HB went off to bed, I sat with my moleskine and drew a zentangle.... or maybe not if you're a purist because mine isn't done on a 3.5" x 3.5" card.

I can see why they call them ZENtangles. When I work on something like this I can just "disappear" into what I'm doing. I love the repetition of lines and can get lost in them.

For everyone still stuck in winter I hope you don't get mad at me but we are having some really great weather out this way! All my trees are budding and many have blossoms on them. It looks so pretty to drive around and see all the pink and white blossoms everywhere. My front sidewalk is covered in pink blossoms from that darn decorative plum tree. I love the blossoms but later when the "fruit" begins to fall all over the sidewalk....well, then I'm not so thrilled with it. Spring usually doesn't last very long around here. We seem to just jump from cold winter to hot summer with not much in between. So when the weather is nice, like right now, I'm lovin' it!

I took this picture out the front window so it isn't too good but I think you can see the trees and the blosssoms....I was too lazy to put my clothes on and go outside this early!!

Sorry about that big white spot in the corner! I never claimed to be a photographer!! I hope where ever you are today that you have good weather and lots of smiles.


  1. Spring can't come fast enough for me here! Lovely.

  2. That is also another great creation of yours and I can see why you get lost with the zentangles. I kind of feel like giving them a try too but I am in the middle of too many projects, too.
    Enjoy whatever you can from your spring! Mine is very good actually no grass very dry city with an ocean but dry dry dry, LOL
    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Janet, what a wonderful post! I often stay up making ACEO's and art of all kinds. Your sooo talented!!!
    Angela Taylor

  4. Aren't the blossoms luxurious? but yes, a mess when the fruit goes unpicked.
    I am off to investigate this zentangle thing.

  5. It is so nice to see the warm weather working on the trees. Nothing much happening here, but I was amazed that the willows up in the high country along the streams were starting to turn yellow which means spring can't be too far away! Zentangles, eh? Good name.

  6. Love this ZENtangles, neat word as well.

    I also took a look at your flickr pictures this afternoon and I adore your leaf ladies. They look so art deco…

    buds, Oh my ....I can only wish...


  7. Your Zentangle is beautiful!

    DownUnder, we have just entered the Autumn season but , being a sub-tropical climate, we never get to see the true colours of Autumn.

  8. very ZEN of you ! your trees are blooming already! I'm jealous. we have to wait at least 2 more months.

  9. Hello Janet,

    Your zentangle is intriguing - I had never before heard this word.

    And I would never get mad at you, or at your weather.

  10. Just stopping by to say hi. Gotta go feed the stock then get ready for work. I LOVE your tattoed mermaid!

  11. I love your Zentangles. I am jealous about your weather-lol
    we get a warm day and the next day it snows....this is supposed to be Texas durn it!

  12. I can ALWAYS count on you to introduce something new. After checking out the zentangles, I too can say Oh! I've been doing that for years, but not in a 3.5square.I really could relate to Ricks work but found Marias intrig-uing and intricate. Liked this last piece of yours a lot, and we have blossoms but it is still real cool.

  13. Janet, where are you that you have blossoms on your sidewalk in early March?

    I think drawing zentangles must be very engaging!

  14. I'm very happy to see that someone is having spring. We're due for another storm that'll dump 6-10" on top of what we already have. Enjoy the blossoms for me ok?

    Your zentangle is pretty. I find all your art mesmerizing with all the cool line details. Makes me want to try some.

  15. Janet...your drawings are absolutely gorgeous! I love the word Zentangles. Perfect! We a re still having RAINstorms..but everything is in bloom and beautiful!

  16. those zens are a huge crazy right now, i want to do some zen flowers, just black and white. yummy. thanks for your well wishes when i was so sick. i am better. just tired.

  17. I can see the blossoms in your picture. They look so pretty.

    If I looked out from my window, all I could see is the snow falling. We have another snow storm here. ICK

  18. Other than our brief snow storm this week-end, I think spring is fast approaching Middle Tennessee.
    Love the Zentangles,,I do alot of those,,but I thought they were doodles,,lol.

  19. I woulda thought that white spot was a cloud! Shhhhh! Love your long tall dotti doll. Her face is precious and he ears are just perfect! xo


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