Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Blahs to Maybe Creative....

Since I'm having the blahs right now I thought I'd fall back on my trusty quiz thingies and share this one with you. I just saw it over at Beth's blog, and you know I can't resist one of these! Maybe getting the results of this one will jog me out of my slump. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

You Are 68% Creative

You are beyond creative. You are a true artist - even if it's not in the conventional sense of the word.

You love creating for its own sake, and you find yourself quite inspired at times.

I especially like that first sentence...."even if it's not in the conventional sense"....and the part about finding myself "quite inspired at times"....this just doesn't happen to be one of my inspired times! Oh, well, nothing lasts forever and I'm sure my blahs won't either. In fact, yesterday I got out my art journal and added a few things to some of the pages. Nothing worth showing but at least I felt like doing something. Hopefully over the weekend I'll snap out of it and come back Monday with something to show you. I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I'm 98 % creative and will put it up tomorrow! Great quiz getting your mojo back!! Yeah!!

    Hugs and have a good weekend!
    Love Sherrie

  2. I think that described you to a tee Janet! I know how those blahs can sneak up on you now and then.
    Hope you have a fun and inspiring weekend, or at least a relaxing one!

  3. LOVE your "Weird Bird" in the last post. xoxoxo

  4. Loved your tag "Quiz Thingie"
    Janet, I am finally off flickr!!! It is all time consuming over there. That site is addictive!
    Well...blahs are contagious. I am suffering from them myself.
    I should wise up, there are far worse off people in the world. I can't even comment without being blah, see???? LOL!!!
    I hope YOU FEEL BETTER SOON Lovey!!!!
    and you are more like, 100% creative!

  5. hi Janet, I am also trying to play catchup! Sorry to see you have been feeling so grim lately, do hope you are well on the road to recovery. I am mad about the altered page with the whacky bird... vintage Janet! Will be away again for a while, so my chances of catching up with everyone are basically ZERO, but anyway glad I got a chance to pop in and say hi before we go!

  6. I'm 86% creative. This was fun. Thanks for sharing. Hope your blahs are running out of steam!

  7. 86% here! I have been more creative this last month than I have been in the last few years...

    Fun quiz, thanks for sharing..


  8. I'm stopping by to say "Hello"! My creativity will be going into painting our walls this week...change and new colors will be good!

  9. You are so very creative Janet.
    You were missed in Sedona...
    we blew glittery kisses to you!

  10. I've been slumping lately too. I think I'll try your quiz idea and see if it helps, since it seemed to suit you. btw, I think you're very creative!

  11. You are creative, and remember when I said the we can have Art ADD...sometimes life gets in the way of our desire to take pin to paper, or glue! Most of us have many plates in the air. I have sat out all the stuff I need and the phone rings. I have to be somewhere when I want to be back at the table getting ready to enjoy the creativity I have. So then I am frustrated with myself for not being able to keep my head into something that is waiting for me. I am happiest when my head is clear and I can do the things I love. Most artist are probably unhappy alot.
    With all that go girl!

  12. I tried this and found out I'm 78% creative. But then, I always knew that...just not in the traditional way one might think.

  13. hablssometimes its good to have a creative break and get back to it brimming with new ideas!
    I did the quiz - enjoyed it and came out being 78% creative! pleasant suprise!

  14. Well, the more I thought about these questions, I gave my most honest answers, and chuckled at some of them "how true", then surprised to get 100% creative, but now I feel as if I was cheating.

    It's good to see your new drawings.

  15. Aloha Janet,
    you dont need a quizzie to tell you what we've known all along!! you are way beyond Craftie!!!

    PEace n love, Kai xx

  16. Are we all in an art funk? Must be spring fever.

  17. I actually got creative this week-end. Espiecally yesterday as it was cold and rainy, good day to be inside. I made some ATCs for a trade. I do have to force myself to start it but once I get into it I am ok. You will get your mojo back soon,,I know it.

  18. Fun quiz, Janet....I posted it over on my blog too. I get those 'blah' moments too.


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