Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Catch-Up....

Seems like only yesterday that I posted here but as it turns out it was several days ago. Time seems to be getting away from me lately....and don't you dare mention that getting "o" word!!

I'm feeling back to normal now and still trying to play catch up on everything. Most especially the blogs. I manage to visit one or two every chance I get but I know some of you think I've forgotten you. Not so!! I'll make it around to everyone's just taking longer than I had hoped.

HB and I had a nice weekend and the weather was spectacular. We had temps in the high 80's with lots of sunshine, not much wind, and very low humidity. With that in mind, HB installed our new ceiling fan in the master bedroom. We bought it late last year but it's just been sitting there waiting. It looks beautiful. It's one of those fans with leaf-shaped blades and we chose not to have a light on it.

I've been doing a little bit of art but nothing too great. I managed to screw up a project I'm working on though! I'm making cards for Mother Henna's inspirational deck and for some dumb reason I forgot that they were going to be cards. I made both of my drawings on 4" x 6" Bristol and absolutely love the way they turned out. But they won't work so now at the last minute I have to re-do them and make them smaller because I wasn't thinking when I made them the first time.

You know how when sometimes you get an idea you just grab the nearest paper and start drawing....that's what happened with these. I had been under such pressure (from myself) to come up with something because there are so many really talented people working on this project, that when I finally had an idea I just went with it. Here are the two cards I made:

This one makes me think how everything springs from Mother Nature.

And this one says "heal your life, heal the world"....this is my favorite one.

I may go with different images since I'm not sure I can draw that woman on a 2.75" x 4" card!! She was difficult to get down to this size!! I usually draw things much bigger with the exception of my ACEOs....which I haven't done any of lately. And I was so happy with her hand! It isn't perfect but at least it looks like a hand!

Oh well, I should learn from this mistake and not just jump into things without reading the directions! I hope I can still come up with something smaller that will be good. Wish me luck!!


  1. So glad you are feeling better. Both of these are lovely. Can you not scan them and then change the size and reprint them? I think ceiling fans in the bedroom are a must...3 cheers for HB! BE BLESSED

  2. Lovely cards Janet. I found the size hard to work with too! Glad you are feeling better too!

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  4. So happy to see you're feeling a bit more chipper! Your drawings are lovely,and should be nice shrunk down to card size! I know what you mean about drawing things small. I find it difficult as well! Hope this means your creativity is back on track! Sweet containers that hubby brought you! Now thats a man who knows his woman!

    Love and hugs Sherrie

    8:24 AM

  5. Glad to see you are feeling better. The cards are great, like Gail says can't you change the size and reprint them..?
    The weather here was good yesterday as well, but not as good as yours..!

  6. such lovely art work~you have inspired me to get out my paper and pencils again after over a year! thank you xoxoxo

  7. Hi Janet! I like the sun and lady in the 2nd one. All your dark haired ladies with long hair remind me of my best friend Penny. Glad you are doing better.

  8. In order to make things small enough to make my charms, I have to scan, thin take them down to the size I need. You might give it a try...Gail has the right idea.
    I love ceiling fans, and in a bedroom it's wonderful, keep that air moving. Good Job HB.
    You sound good! Big Hugs, Mary

  9. oooh Janet, they are both sooooo lovely - I really adore the first one! Vibrant colors and such a beautiful image. :)

  10. Great to hear you're feeling much better now, Janet. :)

    I LOVE the two cards!! I can't pick a favourite as both are so good....I like the way you did the woman's hair.

    You could try resizing and printing them unless the requirement was for the original piece of art?

  11. Hi, Janet. I like both, but I think I favor the first one. Love the colors and shapes. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Be blessed today!

  12. Great cards Janet. I couldn't live without my ceiling fan, plus the small fan that sits on the desk & blows in my face! Does that sound hormonal to you? Me neither! Ha! Hugs***Renea

  13. I am very glad you are feeling better Janet. And I LOVE your new illustrations. Your use of color sings to my soul!

  14. P.S Great gifts from HB and very functional too!

  15. Happy to hear that you are getting back on your feet..
    Love the cards...the the colors...


  16. These are both stunning,Janet. Absolutely beautiful. Look at it this way -- now you have other pieces of art (I hope!) that were left from the do-over!

    Your style just makes me feel good.

    Glad you are feeling better!

  17. Yes the sun sure has been winking on us spoiled kids out here in Cali huh? That is a beautiful bit of art there Janet. I really truly like it a lot.

  18. Janet, these first two are just lovely. I know you are working on two others that will be the actual size from the start, but I had an idea, too. Send me the re-done ones, but also these -- send all 4... let me scan and see what I can do with sizing, you know? I fear that the orientation might not work out, but who knows... just a thought anyway :)


  19. You are amazing!
    Both art pieces are unique and interesting and each has s totally different perspective than the other!

  20. Hi Janet
    I do like both of these pieces - but especially the first. I am sure you will bea ble to do something as nice now you are in the flow... please do not feel bad about not visiting blogs, friendships don't disappear when one person is busy.

  21. love them, love them, love them!
    last one is my big favorite!
    talented you!

  22. Marvellous paintings! It is such a beautiful thing how you create your ladies. Such lightness and flow. When I look at your drawings, I want to go and sit on a cloud, smile and have sunshine in my heart.


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