Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Morning Catch-Up....

Seems like only yesterday that I posted here but as it turns out it was several days ago. Time seems to be getting away from me lately....and don't you dare mention that getting "o" word!!

I'm feeling back to normal now and still trying to play catch up on everything. Most especially the blogs. I manage to visit one or two every chance I get but I know some of you think I've forgotten you. Not so!! I'll make it around to everyone's just taking longer than I had hoped.

HB and I had a nice weekend and the weather was spectacular. We had temps in the high 80's with lots of sunshine, not much wind, and very low humidity. With that in mind, HB installed our new ceiling fan in the master bedroom. We bought it late last year but it's just been sitting there waiting. It looks beautiful. It's one of those fans with leaf-shaped blades and we chose not to have a light on it.

I've been doing a little bit of art but nothing too great. I managed to screw up a project I'm working on though! I'm making cards for Mother Henna's inspirational deck and for some dumb reason I forgot that they were going to be cards. I made both of my drawings on 4" x 6" Bristol and absolutely love the way they turned out. But they won't work so now at the last minute I have to re-do them and make them smaller because I wasn't thinking when I made them the first time.

You know how when sometimes you get an idea you just grab the nearest paper and start drawing....that's what happened with these. I had been under such pressure (from myself) to come up with something because there are so many really talented people working on this project, that when I finally had an idea I just went with it. Here are the two cards I made:

This one makes me think how everything springs from Mother Nature.

And this one says "heal your life, heal the world"....this is my favorite one.

I may go with different images since I'm not sure I can draw that woman on a 2.75" x 4" card!! She was difficult to get down to this size!! I usually draw things much bigger with the exception of my ACEOs....which I haven't done any of lately. And I was so happy with her hand! It isn't perfect but at least it looks like a hand!

Oh well, I should learn from this mistake and not just jump into things without reading the directions! I hope I can still come up with something smaller that will be good. Wish me luck!!