Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Peek Into My Studio....

Did you think I fell in a hole somewhere....or did anyone notice I was missing? I'm really having trouble with this blogging stuff right now. There just doesn't seem to be anything going on in my life that is interesting and worthy of writing about.

My only news is that HB bought some base cabinets and with a plain flat door, 24" x 80", he has increased my work area in the studio. He put it all together Sunday afternoon and I spent most of Monday working in the studio and trying to re-arrange everything.

This is what it looked like after HB finished....

I'm using one side for fabrics....

I have my paints all lined up along the back because I need to have things right out where I can see them or I forget I have them!!

And here's a view of the other end where I added a couple of wood crates that I painted lavender....what did you expect? Red, maybe?? :-)

And here is a close-up of the crates. I used them to display a few of my gifts from bloggers....

I purposely had HB leave the cabinets away from the wall and I'm using the space behind to store my canvases and bigger drawing pads....

So that's what I've been doing and I'll probably be working in the studio for several days getting the rest of everything finished. I won't even dare show you a picture of the other side of the room!! It's worse than terrible! But eventually I will just use my other work table for sewing and beading. This new area will be mostly used for drawing, painting, and collage....if I ever get back to doing that!

PS - For some reason the carpet in these pictures looks gray but it's actually a bluish-gray which I hate!! I have to be so careful not to spill anything or make a mess that will stain it. Not the best for an art studio!!


  1. What a fabulous work space you put together! My studio, after all that work we did looks like a tornado hit it. I am finding you have to work in a space for awhile to determine if things are set up to function properly. I need a professional organizer!!!
    To save your carpet from spills (and I have them)....you can get a lino remnant and put it down like an area rug under your work space. That way if you DO spill you can wipe it up. I want to find a piece myself in black and white squares to preserve the hardwood floor.
    We missed you in Sedona....next time you are going to be there!!!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. I like your work space. I am in a creative funk lately. I am spring cleaning the studio in hopes of getting my groove back......

  3. More storage is always a ggod thing. you have everything well organised. Good idea for storing canvasses.
    I like Lisa's idea of a lino remnant, she's not just a pretty face you know..!

  4. It's always fun to visit other workspaces. Thanks for sharing. Oh and about the rug - I say let the paint drip. You might end up liking it a LOT. LOL

  5. Your workplace is looking great. Soon you will have it all done and the muse will return.


  6. Yes! I did notice you've been missing. Your work space is wonderful and I love the painted wall color. I've been thinking of painting my living room that color.

    xx Nancy

  7. A door is such a great idea to expand your work space.

    I hope you get back to drawing and painting. You do such nice work. Maybe you have spring fever. Try drawing one little tiny thing. The other night I was tired but had done no art all day so I drew two pieces of popped corn! That's it - I was too tired to make it the nice odd number. In the morning I added some color and it made me feel better. Making your room is creating too, you know! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your work space. I always love looking at others work spaces, and getting good ideas! I know what you mean about putting things out to see them & having them handy. I am so bad about putting something up & then later when I want it, I can't find it! So frustrating! I have an office chair mat under my desk & chair so when I have spills I just wipe it up. You can get one @ office depot for about $20. It has saved me many times. Hugs***Renea

  9. What a great studio in the making. Looks like a great space to create.

  10. HB is a great man Janet and what a brilliant idea for a work space.
    I can't believe you only have that much fabric or isn't it all in there yet.
    I was going to suggest an office chair mat but someone else beat me to it.

  11. Cool new workspace! You can never have too much storage space.

    Why not try some Zentangles to get the creative juices flowing again?

    Btw, I have missed you!

  12. I think SPRING FEVER has hit a lot of people in Blogland. I took a few pictures and had some things I wanted to say and then as I thought about it I talked myself out of the whole thing?????
    I really like the new work area, it will be a nice place to work when you do get the urge. I think setting up a new work space is being VERY creative. BE BLESSED:-)

  13. HB is very handy! Great work area.

    I sometimes find that taking time to organize actually helps my creative. Hope it works for you too.

  14. What a great space and so tidy too! That will soon change, if I'm any judge. LOL.
    I'm with you on being frightened to spoil my carpet. I put an old sheet down on the floor when I'm painting, just in case. Oh to have a huge attic with big north-facing windows and vast floor and wall space. Sigh.

  15. I love your new workspace. I'm such a messy worker that even when things are "neat" they are messy. I love the idea of keeping the cabinets away from the wall to provide a hiding spot for the canvases. They always add to my clutter around here. Have fun using your new area.

  16. ah ... an actual dedicated space - gotta love that!

    as for missing you, of course your absence was noticed ... sometimes I think it's good to just blather to blather and clear the cobwebs & other times distance is a good thing ... go with the gut and all is well. :)

  17. what a wonderful spot for a spot of art Janet. Thanks for showing us your special creating place!

  18. I'm sorry you've felt so terribly blah. I know what you mean about not posting -- I've been in the same boat -- for me it's a scheduling thing, but I'm afraid (being relatively new at this) that if I don't post something pretty regularly, anyone who ever stopped by will forget to come back! So, do stop over!

    I adore your studio space. So clean and airy. Oh, dear, I want so much to turn my art room into a studio -- I did buy the shelf and might be able to repurpose a table... when I see this, it inspires me!

    While I'm here, I'll mention your other post on doodles -- you remind me I don't do that often enough. Thank you! I'll begin again and I might not even be afraid to post them!

  19. Wow, you have been busy. I love it when things are all organized. I feel so much better and more ready to create.

    I love the wall color and of course the lavender crates.

  20. great cabinet, and I think bl;og land has been a little quiet lately. Hugs to you, Julie

  21. It looks awesome - I have 'studio envy' now! When it starts getting too warm to do as much in the garden (which is really just a YARD, but 'garden' makes it sound so much prettier :), then I'm going to start on getting house things in shape - at least that's what I've been telling myself, lol. Your's looks great!

  22. I was a little worried until I got to the part where you said the other half of the room was a disaster. Whew. It was creepy how organized it looked. I hope you've been working in there since and balanced the two sides out a bit better.

    Love the colors of the room, btw. Very peaceful.


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