Friday, May 09, 2008


Hi. My name is Janet and I'm a bookaholic! I love books. Books to read, books to look through, art books, fiction, non-fiction, you name it and I like it. One of my favorite kinds of books is a blank book! When I had my online bookstore I used to get a lot of blank books....many of them for practically nothing. I still have a bunch of are just a few....

I doubt that I'll have to buy a blank book for quite awhile. The red and black books on the lower right side have very cheap pages inside so I use them for my shopping lists. I usually collage something on the cover to make it a little more appealing. I jot down anything I need to pick up the next time I'm out and keep it in the outer pocket of my purse. That way I have at least a chance of getting the things I need! Here's one of my collaged shopping books....

I just glued on a couple scraps of paper, a sticker or two, and stamped the word "Shopping" along the edge. It works better for me than making a list on a scrap of paper. I always lose them. I can keep the book on the kitchen counter when I'm home and jot down things as I know I need them, then I just slip it into my purse when I go out. I also jot down measurements that I might need and all sorts of little notes for shopping. It's very handy.

Another journal I own came to me in a batch of books I bought from an estate sale. I didn't even know I had it until one day I opened a box of books and there it was. It's beautiful....leather bound....handmade in Italy....and about 7" x 10"

This book has real leaves and twigs underneath the leather on the front cover. You can feel them. I couldn't believe it when I opened the book and saw the price sticker still in the corner....I hope you can read it.

In case you can't see it, this book cost $125 and I'm sure the woman who owned it probably didn't buy it very recently because she had been ill for several years and it has been several more years since I bought her books. There was also a bookmark inside telling about the book....

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So far I have not used this journal but only because I can't decide how I want to use it. I'm not sure how the pages would hold up with art. The bookmark says the pages are made from corn, grain, hemp, rice, and other alternative materials.

I found the website where these books are can find it here.

Books, books, and more books. Will I ever stop collecting books?? I doubt it. I really need a 12-step program! Either that or the will power to resist books....and I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Ok, that's all for today. I'm off to the bookstore....oops, I mean the grocery store!!


  1. I'm a book-aholic too! Though I don't have as many as yours... and only this year did I learn that it's OK to use them... That was a tough one though...

    That italian book looks absolutely delicious! I wouldn't know how to start with this one either...


  2. I also love books. My husband teases me and says that we have spent all of what would have been our retirement on books!

  3. Just love the cover of the one with the lady, and what a good idea to use a book instead of a scrap of paper that we all loose or forget to take. I checked out the site and WOW did you see the sketchbook that was was called the violet snail, to bad it cost more than a weeks groceries. BE BLESSED and keep reading.

  4. The Italian book is gorgeous, I would be afraid to use it. It deserves something really special.
    I'm not as bad as I used to be, and in recent months have given most of my books away. All except those that have sentimental value, or were given to me as gifts.
    Have a great weekend Janet..!

  5. There is food for the mind, food that nourishes the body, and book are something no one should be without! Ever. More or just as important as groceries!

  6. What is it about paper and words? So many books, so little time! Can you understand a house you enter and see no books? I just couldn't live without books!

  7. I love books too...can never get enough of them. Your blank books are so neat! I never knew you had an online bookstore?! Interesting Miss. Janet!
    Something about a blank book just calls out to me too...

  8. LOL O! Janet! GUESS what is in our car trunk just waiting for us to open it! YES! Books! My husband and I went to another book sale at our local library and I think I carried 6 bags out full! @$2.00 a bag! Some of them are for mom, it's her birthday today and Mother's Day tomorrow and she loves books as much as we do!!! O! I'm swooning over that Italian Journal! Happy Saturday sweetie! and when did YOU say the book-aholic meeting was? altho I think YOU have to want to quit and I don't, not yet although I could cover a wall with books, maybe 2! tee hee a house made of books

  9. if you have to suffer from some sort of addiction, I think being a book-a-holic has to be the best. :) I can just imagine the wonder at finding such a treasure in such an unexpected way! Book-on sistah-goddess-girl!

  10. You can have a book on me. All we need is books

  11. Love the books, I am one who has a hard time passing by Journals...
    I am not sure that I could write in something that cost so much, it would be hard.
    Have a great Mothers Day,
    Hugs, Mary

  12. i too am a bookaholic. i guess there are worse things to be addicted to. i just recently took out my stash of blank books and started using them - what joy. your books are lovely

  13. Oh buttons and now books! You really know how to stir our emotions. I too have lots of blank books but it's so hard to actually use them!

  14. Oh, dear! We are much the same. I adore books -- new books, old books, used books, books people make, journals, and I have a terrible time parting with them when I'm done.

    Your Italian book is glorious. I would feel elegant just to know I could touch this lovely piece. I'm not sure I could use it -- I might be afraid!

    Love the collaging. You remind me, I have a few that could use a facelift!

  15. Love how you put together you journal for shopping. Really pretty and fun!I used to be a book- aholic too! I would go across the border and find out Carl Jung books and anything that struck my fancy. I stopped about ten years ago. I wonder what that's all about, fear of boredom, need to be surrounded in intelligence? Or is it just the love of words, some aren't even read. I have no idea why, I just love them!

  16. hello my name is Carmen and I am someone like you a bookaholic, LOL
    I have about 50 journals, too!!!

  17. Another kindred soul...I'm am a bookaholic too! I also like stocking up on blank books, some of which I use for grocery and To Do lists. I love handmade books most of all. :)

  18. Hi, my name is Laume and... sigh, what you said.

    I have forced myself to stop buying blank books and journals because I haven't used any of the ones I already own, which are... many. Because I'm frozen at the how. I don't really journal anymore - I blog. I love the idea of art journals, but I'm afraid of doing lousy work in them and spoiling them. I know, duh, that's what they're meant for. If only I could convince myself of that. I brought a beautiful book to Paris with me to draw in - couldn't bring myself to touch it. Sigh.

  19. Janet - I too LOVE BOOKS! I have a library of books I read and a library of books waiting to be read. I just found some small blank books at Pier One yesterday that I plan to alter (the covers) and use as gifts. Read anything interesting lately?


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