Thursday, May 08, 2008

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button??

Since I haven't been doing much in the way of art, I thought I would show you something else....buttons! As a kid I remember playing with my grandma's button jar and also with one my mom kept. They would give me a piece of string or some thread and let me string buttons together. I thought it was great fun! And I clearly remember some of the buttons in those fact some of my mom's buttons are now in my button jar.

Here are just a few of them....

This photo is clickable to view it larger.

The pink buttons with black around the edges shown in the upper left side are from a dress my mom wore when I was a kid. I know I have a photo of her in that dress but I couldn't find it right now.

I have so many buttons that I keep them in a box now. Not all of them are old though. I came across a huge bunch of buttons at a thrift store a few years ago and I bought them all. I think they may have been from some clothing manufacturer because there were many of the same kind. Here are just some of them....

If you ever need a gold button you know where to come!! In the back of that photo is a stack of baggies all filled with plain gold buttons in two sizes and there are lots of other gold buttons....some with jewels and some in different shapes. I doubt I'll ever run out of gold buttons!!


  1. I love buttons too Janet! and until recently I had no idea what to do with them,then I tried soldering around one and attatching it to a charm,it looks good,hope you are well my friend.xx

  2. This kicks me back. My mom had a button box and I can remember it so fondly. Somehow, it made its way to an unknown spot in the 1980's after mom died and dad sold the house. Back then I wasn't really into buttons (now I save even the ones that come extra with clothes!) and really didn't have the room -- even if I had been. I still kick myself on what got away back then! Now... well, it's a different story!

  3. Aloha Janet,
    I love the button on the bottom with all the little leaves on it. It looks like it's own little garden waiting to happen!!
    What a groovy collection you have. Mine are mostly nature or Ocean orientated, oh and I love coconut
    PEace, Kai xx

  4. I loved seeing all the buttons, it reminds me of going through my mothers button box when I was a child. I miss her. Thanks for the memories.


  5. LOVE the buttons! My grandma would do the same thing - take out her button box and thread for us to play with too - some of the buttons were from her mom and grandma - old, old, old...Now I'm going to have rack my brain and think where we stashed that box away - I remember having to hide it, because for some reason the lid didn't stay on tight anymore, and I had to hide it away from the cats who were unaccountably attracted to may take me awhile though, I have more hiding places than memory cells anymore, lol.
    Thanks for the memories - loved seeing some of your button collection.

  6. I love buttons! The pink buttons from your mother's dress really touched my heart. What a beautiful thing to have in memory of her.

    xx Nancy

  7. Janet, I loved this! Your blog is great whether you talk about art or your life.

    At my grandma's house, the top drawer in her bedroom dresser had a big divided plastic tray filled with tons of buttons. I loved to sort through them and hear their stories. Wouldn't you know, my aunt threw those away too, along with any other treasures I might have wanted of my grandmother's (hankies, glasses, even a piece of fabric from one of her dresses).

  8. Seems a lot of us have "button memories", My wasn't life simple back then. I do not know to many kids that would find that very entertaining these days, unless they were real small. I to have a large collection working at the Sally all of those years and I was blessed with my grandmother and my mothers, a perk of being an only child.

  9. What a wonderful button collection.
    and what a lucky find...
    I love buttons too,
    I am always looking for a new way to display them ...


  10. Janet, your comment made me laugh out loud!! You are hilarious.
    And supportive, so thank you.xo

    As for your buttons, I adore them. The crazier the better for me! In Vancouver when Madelyn took us to Granville market, there was a store you would have loved! Called Maiwa. They had hand carved wooden buttons of Buddha's hands and the like. You would have fallen in love!!!

  11. My daughter has some duplicates of your buttons. She claimed my mothers and grandmothers buttons. She is obsessed with buttons and bites them to see if they are real glass. I always loved them but not like she does. Great seeing those ones again. They're hiding in our craft room now.

    Hugs Sherrie

  12. I love the buttons in the first photo Janet and I don't know if you realise but they are worth a bit of money also.

  13. Hello dear friend: I have not been around and I intended to mail you something while in Arizona. Now I am home and I have not followed through with my mailing task..tsk excuse..guess life in the desert was just too exciting and kept me busy with no time to sit at the computer other than to post my adventures!
    Now that I'm home again I can focus on my to do list and visiting my favorite blogging buddies! Love the artwork that you have put out would have enjoyed meeting up with some of the Glitter sisters in Sedona...what a group!
    Loved every minute I spent with them! Several gals from California..planning a reunion next year perhaps YOU can join in!!
    Happy Spring to your artroom..great color on walls!
    hugs aNNa
    P'S' ..ankle healed nicely and I giggle looking at the portrait you drew of me in my cast...memories..thank you for putting it on paper!!

  14. Oh the beloved button jar. I can recall spending hours playing with buttons, as a child. Somehow they look delicious all crammed together in a jar - just like sweets.
    Lovely post, Janet. x

  15. I saw 2 buttons that were like some of my grandmothers! One was on the right upper corner and a gold one near the bottom left that had what looked like a diamond in it. I may have them on a vest now. I'll check... How cool is that - that we have the same buttons all the way across the states? Thanks for sharing your buttons.

  16. that's a plethora of buttons - makes me just itch to make something! how fun. :) I actually don't have any ... maybe I need to make my way to a thrift store or two.


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