Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Doodles, Disaster, and Dancing!!!

Here it is almost a week since I've posted anything and you would think I'd have lots to show would be wrong! I'm still just not coming up with anything much. I'm doing doodles in my book almost every day but most of them are junk!! Not even worth showing. This is the only one that isn't pure crap and it isn't all that great....


A few days ago I bought a couple of pieces of fabric....just lightweight make some simple elastic waist pants, kind of like the flannel ones I love to wear around the house when it's cold. I looked at the stores and couldn't find anything so I remembered I had a pattern for some simple pj type pants that would work. I took a quick peek at the pattern and then went out to buy fabric. Yesterday morning I got everything out and discovered that I hadn't bought enough fabric!! I looked at the wrong item and only bought enough to make some long shorts! Oh, well, maybe I'll just use the fabric for something else altogether. But I still have to buy fabric to make the pants. Do you see how my brain just isn't working?? I hope this is only temporary!!


I loved the 100th anniversary show of Dancing With the Stars last night. Seeing some of those best dances again was fun. And it's getting down to the wire on this season so the dancing should be great next week. I like Kristi but I also think Jason has done pretty darn good, too....and Christian was amazing with just one arm! I don't think Marissa has much of a chance but she's fun to watch. Who do you think will win??


  1. I enjoyed the show too. I have a crush on Jason, so I hope he wins :-)
    BTW - your drawings are always awesome!

  2. Janet you know I like this picture it is knida like a bulb taking its time to get itself in order to bloom again......a bit like you could be feeling yourself at the moment, but remember it is summer time for you & life slows down a little then take a moment to smell the roses And I am sure your head will clear.

    love always Lee-ann

  3. I think it's a great doodle, Janet! What rotten luck in not buying enough fabric for the long pants. I do things like that on occasion too......know that you are not alone ~ :)

  4. I like the drawing! and the title of this post - it made me smile :)
    I wish I could find some long pj shorts for summer - it seems like manufacturers take the idea of 'shorts' rather literally - which is a lot shorter than I like.
    I'm sure you'll find a good use for the fabric though.

  5. Janet, blame the malfunction of the brain on the winds.

    LOST! tonight. ;-)

  6. As always, I love your drawing. They amaze me. About the fabric, I relate the the brain malfunction thing. I say, just go but some more of the same fabric and make your summer pants. I need to do the same.

  7. Oh I am not sure about those brain dust bunnies, they seem to stop by at the most inopportune moments! Just know you are not alone!!!

    I often wonder where that creative surge goes at times. Maybe we over exhaust it! If you figure it out let me know!

    Love the type behind your doodle. The page looks awesome!

    Hugs Sherrie


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