Friday, May 16, 2008

Living, Creating, and Learning From Friends....

My recent post really got some people talking and thinking....including me. Thank you to everyone who gave a suggestion or an opinion. It's good to hear other people's thoughts on the subject. Much to my surprise, it also went even a bit further as Sherrie did a whole post on the same subject! Be sure to go over there and read what she has to say. If you aren't familiar with her blog you're in for a treat....and if you're like me and like purple then you'll feel right at home!

After all my searching and questioning, I got in the studio and came up with a new ATC. I haven't done any of these for such a long time. I started with a magazine picture and altered it. I like how it turned out.

And it's even a little bit messy!! There's a little black edge all around but it was mostly cut off in the scan.

I also did another black and white drawing but I decided to keep with the woman theme and this is what I did....

I know her eyes are on different levels....but so are mine! I mostly like how she turned out even thought she isn't perfect. Who is??!

After reading all your comments and listening to what you had to say about creativity I decided to go to my favorite place....where else but the bookstore!! I had nothing in mind, just browsing. I'm not kidding! I really was only browsing and had no intention of buying anything. Many times I just go to the bookstore and spend some time there and it seems to recharge my batteries. But while I was strolling up and down the aisles I looked down to the very bottom shelf and in among all the taller books was a shorter one that caught my eye.

I pulled it out and almost gasped at the title. This is what I bought....yes, after seeing this book I bought it. It seemed like a message....

I've started reading it and I can tell you it's really good. After just one chapter I would recommend this book.


  1. Love these ones Janet---you sure stirred the pot with your previous post didn't you--but like we all said you are an artist and always will be.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the ATC. She is so bold & beautiful. Love the colors. Great job! Hugs***Renea

  3. I really like what you did to the lady. You will have to share from the book once you get a little farther into it.Looks interesting. Now I'm off to check out the other blog. BE BLESSED :-)
    p.s. glad the crochet books made it.

  4. I love your ATC. You are already living the creative life, but I think you'll love that book. Its definetly one of my favorites. I'm terrible and go to the bookstore about once a week and never have an idea of buying something. I just love being there.

  5. The ATC is everything about her!!!

    I'm heading to the bookstore to check out that book!!!

  6. I love the drawing with the eyes at different levels[...Picasso felt no need to explain/rationalize...neither should you!]
    I was lucky in that my daughter gave me that book for my b'day. It is fun and affirming!

  7. Great book choice, Janet! In case you don't know, Ricë (the author) has a blog too. Here is her link -

    Love your ATC and the penwork lady!

  8. I am so glad we all made a difference. You atc is amazing....I love the altered girl, she's mysterious looking! The one with the different eyes, well it actually looks like her hair is weighted down with dread locks on the one side, rather than uneven eyes. Good job on both pieces.

    As for the book, is that not the one that Violette is in?? I think so. She has it on her side bar on the front page of her website! Check it out!The universe is speaking to you Janet! Looks like you got your groove back!

    Thanks for the link and acknowledgment!

  9. I just found your blog through Nancy and I must tell you ... after reading your story about having trouble doing messy art... I felt as if you were talking about me... I too have the same problem... I am aperfectionist... but I want to break out of the mold but cant seem to do do it... I find it hard.. so it is nice to find others besides myself who struggle with that same issue... I will be back..

    By the way you doodles as you call them ... yes they are art and I LOVE them


  10. Aloha Janet..
    The black and white girl in the second sketch has my morning hair..but I like her..and your unique alteration of the mag. pickie..
    PEace, KaI

  11. Happy reading! Love the ATC, it's been awhile since I have seen one.
    Stay Cool! Mary

  12. Cute ATC.

    I'm just finishing reading that book and it is definitely a great read. And as Sherri said, Violette is featured in that book!


  13. You are whom you are, Janet. I find it a struggle to deal with the whole concept of being multi-talented and a people person. I've never thought I was either and now have come right smack dab against it. Maybe you need to stop fighting the truth (such as you are an artist!) and learn to deal with the truth that you are. It surely is hard for me, but whoop, what a ride!

  14. I love those sketches, and how you altered that one, very creative. That book looks interesting

  15. Love your new ladies, especially the doodle one that reminds me of a Rastafarian hairdo. Very stylish.

    I'm going to want that book now, aren't I!

  16. Wonderful ATC...
    I have always been fascinated by so much in such a little space..

    I need to check out this book...


  17. Janet I regularly wander around my local book store weekly to relax and always some special magazine or book speaks to me! This one that you purchased sounds perfect!
    BTW..I read somewhere in a comment that you made, you are experiencing temps of 100!! How would you like's freezing here!!

  18. Janet, I love the altered magazine face. That is too cool. You go, Girl!

  19. I should have known there would be a book out named that! I didn't till this very moment! Gorgeous ATC. Both, actually, though being the color freak I am, my fave was the color version! I really enjoyed your previous post -- it opened up lots of floodgates for me!

  20. Hi Janet! Oh i think you'll love the book....i'm blessed to be a part of it.

    I love how you altered the magazine photo Janet...what medium did you use? She's lovely!

    Love, Violette

  21. I like the green and pink lady.

    I just read that book this spring and really enjoyed it. It made me take a long, honest look at how I want art to fit in my life and I can to some happy, if a tad reluctant, decisions. Now I'm free to enjoy the art I do want to make and I am free to make it for the reasons that are important to me.


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