Saturday, May 31, 2008

Metamorphosis....and Some Cool Projects

Yesterday I got in the drawing mood. I did seven ACEOs and a page in my moleskine. I put them all up on my art blog. I'll just show you one of them here....

She's a little caterpillar waiting to turn into a beautiful butterfly! I'm not sure where she came from but all at once she was on the paper! So I named her Metamorphosis. She will be in my etsy shop later.

I also signed up for a couple of things that you may have heard about. The first one is about making stars to represent the victims of the holocaust. This is for a mom who is home schooling her two sons and wanted a way to show them what 6 million would look like. She is asking for stars from anyone who will send them to her. Unfortunately I have misplaced the link to her blog as well as the link where I read about this on someone else's blog!!!! If you can help me find these links I will post them here.

The second thing I signed up for is a project called Diary 2009. I read about this on Michelle's blog and you can learn all about the project here. Basically it's a diary with artwork on each page so there are a lot of artist's involved. They also have a link to view this year's diary over on flickr. Love some of the art on that one! My birthday was already taken but I was able to get HB's birthday. This project looks like such fun and since it's all in black and white, it's right up my alley! Go take a peek and maybe you'll want to sign up for it, too.

I think signing up for these projects will help my own metamorphosis! I need to begin concentrating on art again and bringing new things to life. Right now I'm still in the caterpillar stage but one of these days I hope to be a butterfly.

Now I must get myself to the post office this morning. I have an ATC to mail out to Australia and it's very late!! Doreen, if you're reading this, I apologize!


  1. Oh how I do love your drawings.......all the details and fluid lines. I think I've said this on more than one occasion.
    The start project reminds me of the paper clip project. Did you ever see that documentary? School kids gathered paper clips donated from all OVER to show what 6,000 looks like. They had extraordinary experience meeting some survivors who told stories AND a couple was able to procure a train car for a museum created outside the school. If you get a chance I'd rent it, it's VERY moving.

    I'll check out the diary thing, sounds interesting.

    Keep going dear Janet, without you realizing it I think you already ARE a butterfly!!

    Love and hugs,

  2. Welll..since I am in the midst of MY metamorphosis, I can really dig your post today! Your drawing s are always wonderful. I miss blogging every day as I usually do. THe 6 million stars is an amazing feat! Maybe I can find it and send one. Have a great weekend and thanks for your support in my gypsified endeavors!

  3. hey janet, great drawings. You fouond the link on my blog,


  4. Metamorphosis is just beautiful Janet. I love her!!!
    I love the six million stars idea. What a great mom that woman must be.
    What will she do with six million stars???

  5. Janet! I am thrilled to know that you have signed up for the 2009 Diary Project!! I think it's wonderful that we'll have one little publication with artwork of people that have touched our lives - I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

    love the drawing ... that hair is simply splendid!

    and thanks so much for all the birthday wishes. you definitely added to the best birthday month EVER. :)

  6. Hi Janet, I agree you are already a butterfly. I love your lady, your drawings are so creative. I was going to ask you about the blog for the stars, but I see below that she left a comment. Hugs***Renea

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