Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Short Post Today....

I can't post much today but I wanted to show you the last couple of pages I've done in my moleskine. They're up at my art blog. I hope you go take a peek.


  1. The last one reminds me of a fairy and the lady with the hat that comes down over the dress makes me want to get out my colored pencils, and I really like the hair on the one with the shorter hair. I think it is great how you can combine two things that you like to do to get a great finished piece. LOVE THEM !

  2. They look great Janet! I have got to try doing some drawings again. I haven't in a while. I like the ATC you made too with the doodle on the hair,,thats cool! And I do hope your weather has cooled off alot,,can't imagine it being that hot in the spring,whew!

  3. ut-oh ... looks like I've missed a thing or two - it'll be fun catching up. :)

    Thanks for coming to my party! I'm still giggling about the dime-and-pin ... lol

  4. They are lovely....Thanks for commenting on my blog....

  5. Absolutely wonderful drawings.

    I like your style.


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