Saturday, June 28, 2008

Creating As I Clean....

Yesterday I decided it was time to clean up the worktable in my studio as it was getting pretty bad. There was a stack of recycled cardboard cut into ATC-size cards so I decided to just make a couple while I cleaned....there are always lots of scraps everywhere. So these aren't anything special, just mostly scraps of paper and wallpaper, and the words came from an old encyclopedia of movies!

"The Grapes of Wrath"....some wallpaper scraps that seemed appropriate!

"Love in the Afternoon"....more wallpaper scraps. I'm not sure why but the title seemed to work.

"Out of the Past"....wallpaper, magazine, and decorative scraps.

I've discovered that sometimes I like clean lines and not a lot of embellishment....but then there are other times when the more, the better. Are you like that? I just seem to be a bunch of contradictions!



  1. Now I KNOW you are the most talented human being in the world,


    while cleaning!!!

    -bowing to the queen-

    You are my NEW hero!

    xo, Monica :)

  2. It's fun how in the cleaning you find things you may have forgotten. I have things in boxes, in albums. I too have done alittle art while cleaning...of course I never finish the cleaning this way.
    Thinking of you, Mary

  3. It took me 4 days to clean up my little art mess, but i did start two more project...

    Love out of the past...very 70's


  4. that's your little trick to being creative, huh? Cleaning....sounds like a swear word to me. lol

    But seriously, Janet, these look great! I particularly love the one in the middle....Love in the Afternoon.

  5. Wow,,,,Janet you are making things!
    I recieved my cards and I just love your contribution to the deck, just beautiful.

  6. I am full of contradictions's amazing I ever decide on any one thing, before I contradict myself...

    You are so creative - even while you're cleaning house, you're creating! For some reason I really love those grapes - oh wait, they are purple, aren't they, lol.
    Hope you're having a good weekend, Janet!

  7. Love in the Afternoon. Wonderful!

  8. You seem to find art in everything you do....I love these...
    Your Mary

  9. So you were doing a little C&Cing(cleaning and creating) this week-end. See thats what happens to me. I start to clean up the work table and then I get sidetracked and start creating and forget to clean,,ha! I Love the ATCs!

  10. Wallpaper scraps what a wounderful find. Paula

  11. I love the 'clean' lines look too and sometimes think we're too pressured into adding details when less is more. My fav of your ATCs is the 3rd one.
    Now, as for 'clean' meaning housework - I'm afraid I don't recognise that term. It's alien to me .....

  12. What a fabulous way to use your wallpaper - these are so cheerful and the fact they use "waste" product is a huge bonus. Well done

  13. I've been known to be called "Queen of Contradiction" ... what can I say, it's true. :)

    Out of the Past really appeals m=to me. :)

  14. Yes I too am a pile of contradictions too....but that's our prerogative isn't it!


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