Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Drooling Over Dreamy Colors....

Most of the time I just can't decide what style my taste fits into. My problem is, I like a little bit of everything! When it comes to furniture HB and I don't see eye to eye so we have very plain, somewhat traditional things for the most part. But there are times when I really dream of something like this....

Wouldn't you love to curl up here with a good book and a cup of tea and just let the world pass you by for a few hours? I was first introduced to this store through Rosemary's blog and I just fell in love with their products....although many of them are waaaay out of my price range, I still like to dream from time to time. Their catalog arrived today and I just drooled over that chair and ottoman.

If you'd like to dream a little their website is here and you can request your own catalog. Then we can drool over all their yummy things together!

And speaking of drooling (nice segue, huh?)....I received this ATC from Doreen right in the midst of all the turmoil over D so I didn't post it right away. But here it is now, and I think you'll all agree that it was worth the wait....

It's felted wool with free machine stitching and hand embroidery. The colors don't show too good in the scan and there are metallic threads that don't show at all. In person, the colors are beautiful, soft and dreamy. Thanks, Doreen! Yours is on its way to you so you should have it soon.


  1. Love that furniture too Janet!! Will check that site out soon. What a pretty ATC! Definitely worth the wait!

  2. Hi Janet, love the chair & ottoman. Of course pink is my favorite color. And the ATC was worth the wait so pretty. Hugs***Renea

  3. I can relate...Arney and I love old stuff, and so I get away with somethings. This is a beautiful.
    The ATC is really special.
    Okay, I have my new home...I hope this comment will take you to me. Hugs, Mary

  4. Here's another thing we have in common. I can visualize myself sitting in that chair-the reality is more along the line of adirondack furniture and very large over-stuffed couches. As the lone female among the guys, I rarely get to indulge the girly -girl within.
    Lovely card-lucky you.

  5. Finally I'm fixed, will email later
    and will come back so I can check out the site that has that yummy chair. Cat makes felt ATC's and I just love them, I would like to have enough of them to put all to-
    gether for a pillow or wall art.Hope to have time to do a brief post. BE BLESSED :-)

  6. I LOVE that chair and ottoman!! OH YES their goods are fabulous (albeit definitely out of my reach as well)!! I've been a long time fan of Mackenzie-Childs because of their whimsy and color. I've been in shops where I've been transfixed admiring things from vases to furniture. Have you seen Victoria? She has all colors of the rainbow in her hair? I'd love to visit their farmhouse in NY and take the tour.
    Yes, let's drool over it all together!!
    oh that ATC is so lovely!

  7. That felted ATC looks so pretty in the pic!

    Ahhhhhh.....wouldn't it be lovely to lay back and relax in one of those chairs....sigh....

  8. Cool ATC!
    And I'm SO glad you blogged about MacKenzie-Childs - there was a store in Newport Beach, back when we used to go down there a lot, that K. and I would make a point of visiting, just so we could look at their ottomans and what not's - I'll be happy to order a catalog to dream and drool over with you - since gas is too expensive to dream and drool over it in person, nowadays, lol.

  9. I am not totally into the colors showm, but I would love a big, wide wing chair and ottoman to sit and read in, or else a chaise longue. Ooh, yeah - in my bedroom, to boot!

  10. Oh my stars! Way out of my price range! One chair costs as much as our entire trip for three to Paris!!! Sheesh! But yeah, I'd sure love one of those chairs for free - or a substantial discount. Maybe we could play with wild slipcovers. Of course that would require sewing, something I haven't done in awhile. Sigh. An then there's the cats....


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