Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Still Here....

I'm slowly making it back to the land of living! Whatever this "bug" is, it sure seems to like me. It just keeps hanging on. But this morning I actually think I might be feeling somewhat human again.

HB is still gone so I've been able to sleep as much as I needed and only do the absolute necessary things. I've been reading a lot and watching whatever movies I can find on tv....this morning is has been "Kate and Leopold"....I love that movie!

Last night I drew another quirky picture. Maybe this "bug" is causing me to see things in a different way!

I might have been channeling Cinda!!!

Ok, I'm off now to try and catch up on some of your blogs. I just looked at my google reader and there are over 250 blog posts that I've not read!! So this make take awhile! I may not make to all of them today because I don't know how long my energy will hold on but I'll get around to all of you sooner or later. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me and left comments over the past few days. You're the BEST!!



  1. Sure hope you're better. Summer-time bugs have to be the worst (right after holiday bugs, right?) Well, actually any bug is just the pits. Get well soon!

  2. Glad you're feeling a little better - summer colds somehow always seem worse - maybe because in the summer the weather's too nice to want to stay in under the covers? Anyway, I hope you're feeling LOTS better soon!
    p.s. Love the quirky drawing - quirky makes things more interesting, I think!

  3. Janet
    You taking care of yourself? Are you eating healthy? Drinking water?
    Get some rest!!! Get better soon!!!
    You know, I've not ever seen Kate & Leopold. Perhaps it's time? We are so behind on movies, we have five or ten years to catch up on them!!!!!
    I loved the eyes on your drawing, she looks insect like. Is that the bug reference??? LOL

  4. Glad you're feeling somewhat better. I love Kate and Leopold! Hugh Jackman is good in this one, and even better in Someone Like You.

  5. I have to say that if I miss even a weekend of blog checking, I find myself woefully behind! It's hard to catch up, so take it easy! We, the blogging public, do not want to be the ones who wear you down again!

  6. Glad to hear you are starting to shake this bug. You poor thing - it sounds like you have been very sick.

    Love your art, and the sense of whimsy you share with us!

    Take care

    Dot xx

  7. P.S Glad you enjoyed the movie Kate and Leopold - that Hugh Jackman is seriously luscious!

  8. Hopefully by now you are feeling way better!

    Your drawing looks just like a photo of my sister that was taken in the sixties.


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