Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a Note....

I love paper! Any kind of paper. Handmade or otherwise. Colored or plain. If it's paper, I love it. And I hate to waste paper. Unfortunately HB does not share my passion for paper. He prints out tons of stuff from the internet. Recently when he was home, he went through a lot of his files and began tossing out papers.

Being the scrap saver that I am, I confiscated all his throwaways that didn't need to be shredded....only one side of the paper was used! A couple of days ago I sat on the floor with my paper cutter and the pile of paper and I cut it all into three different sizes. I didn't do anything fancy....I just made notepads from it all.

About a year ago I bought some notepad adhesive here and it works great to make these. That's about as creative as I have been recently!

Now when I need to jot something down I'll have a ready supply of notepads and they're recycled, too!


I haven't been doing much art....mostly just doodling. Here are a few of my recent ones....none of them are very good but it's still practice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that it isn't too hot where you are!


  1. Ha, I do that too with alot of the office papers if they don't have any personal info on them. Fine minds think alike, right? We're going green and not kiling trees.
    I think your doodles are very good,,it amazes me how your doodles look so cool and mine look like scribbles!
    Its getting hotter every day here but rain showers are suppose to cool it down by sunday.
    Have a Lovely week-end Janet!!!

  2. Great use of the paper, I too love all paper.

    Love the doodles - very mermaid/mystical today.

  3. I'm such a fan of paper too!! I find myself buying papers just about everywhere I go. My favorites are the thick, handmade kind!! I have more than I will ever use!!

    I'm glad you're feeling better! I love your doodles, as always!

  4. Your "doodles" are beautiful art! Wish I could doodle like that! I love paper too. But, I have started not saving EVERY LITTLE piece like I used to. Lordy me. Have a wonderful weekend J! xo

  5. What a wonderful idea -- the glue connection! I always hate throwing out good paper!

    And I agree with Bth about your doodles!

  6. Your doodles are wonderful. I love seeing your "ladies" and the different variations that take form.

    Its great that you're recycling your papers. My hubby and I have the same minds as you guys. I'm always raiding his garbage can to "save" it.

  7. wow, lots to catch up on! Happy Anniversary and glad you are feeling better. Love the latest works too, those bug-eyed ladies are delightful!

  8. Love all of today's doodles, but I really really love the most the one on the left.

  9. For the love of paper, I too am a lover of paper. It must have started at my Grandmothers knee. She would buy a lined tablet and it lasted along time because she took such care in using it. If I got a page from it....that was special and I was to use both sides, no wasted paper. And when I read your blog it brought back memories of the tablets, they would have a pretty cover that was usually doodled on, a address or someones name. Wherever the tablet was, a pin was near or pencil.
    Love, Mary

  10. Great doodles! I like the one in the bottom corner best.

    OMG! I do this too, Janet...although I don't have the notebook adhesive so I just staple one corner to hold the note pages together. They come in so handy! I love handmade papers too and have recently thought about making some of my own.

  11. Love the doodles - keep sharing them!

  12. I'm going to have to get some of that adhesive. I'm proud of you for recycling and creating from scraps.
    Fabulous doodles too!

  13. I love those ladies.


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