Monday, June 02, 2008

My Whirlwind Life!

When I was re-doing my blog a few weeks ago I removed my etsy link....the one that shows little pictures of my listings, sort of like the flickr one that I still have....and now I would like to put it back but can't remember how I did it or where I got it from!! Does anyone know how to do this?? I searched on etsy's site but didn't find what I was looking for. Sometimes I think their site is a little difficult to figure out! Making a listing isn't difficult but all the other things are a bit confusing.


On a completely different subject, I took a couple of photos of LuLu this weekend. She was very busy....

She was curled up on the couch catching a cat nap and Harley was in the chair but he's black and white and the chair is dark and I couldn't get a good photo of him. I actually have more successful photos of LuLu. Harley is just difficult to capture in a photo....but I keep trying.


While LuLu and Harley were hard at work (!!) HB and I did lots of little jobs around the house. You know, all those things that you keep putting off and never seem to get around to doing! The weather was nice and we got some things done in the yard plus some inside projects, too. Don't I lead a thrilling, mile-a-minute life?!

I also did a little bit of art. I played around with my Prismacolor markers and did a few postcard-size drawings....

That's just a couple of them. I also did some more ACEOs. I'll be putting most of them over on my art blog later today. I hope you'll take a peek at them.



  1. Dear Janet, I am finally back in blogland. My computer server became a nightmare so we had to change.
    I see you are doing some really nice stuff as ever, and I love the cat, too cute.
    I am at a new address...
    I have missed you so much!
    come see me, Hugs, Mary

  2. Your kitty looks so comfortable! I really love these new drawings Janet. The color pencils add some wonderful depth!

    xx Nancy

  3. Your baby looks so peaceful! I am in awe of your colorful atcs! Wow they come to life. I just love them...really fun. But you know me and color... it gives them a completely different look. You can have a set of both! Good job!

    Sorry I am still trying to figure out how to put a wall paper around the outside of my blog! Etsy is beyond me!

    Hugs Sherrie

  4. That's a cute photo of LuLu. Your life sounds almost as exciting as mine right now:) Will e-mail later today.

  5. Love these Janet!! I like your black and white ones too, but those prisma colors really make them sparkle!

  6. OH, how cute and cozy Lulu looks all snuggled up. My dog, Cody, loves to snuggle up like that too.

    LOVE your ATCs, especially the bottom one! Nice job, Janet!

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