Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On the Road Again....and Some Art, Too

HB was home for three days and is gone again as of this morning. And I've got a scratchy throat! I don't feel bad, as if I'm coming down with something, but my throat hurts like heck. Hopefully it will go away and not cause me any problems. I think it calls for tea and honey!

I've been very busy doing some art over the past couple of days but I can't show you much of it because it's for a project. I'm part of a group doing a zentangle book. We will each do 12 zentangles that are 3" x 3.5" and then they will be spirally bound into a little book for each of us. Since I love doing them I thought it was a perfect thing to get involved in.

I did do some work in my art journal but most of it is crap!! Here are some of the pages I did....

This one says "She's an uptown girl"

Most of them are just pictures from magazines....things that caught my attention either for color or subject. I guess I'm just not a "deep thinker" when it comes to making art. Mostly I just do things that are pleasing to my eye with little or no thought as to what they mean. Maybe that makes me a shallow person and not a real artist. Somehow I can't get into putting my "soul" on a messy page! So I suppose art journals are not my thing no matter how much I love the ones other people create.

I also started this collage done on some cardstock....

Sorry that it's a bit crooked. I took a photo of it rather than scanning it. I like how it looks just as it is but may do something else to it later. For a few days I'll just look at it and decide.

So that's what I've been doing. What about you? Have you been busy creating?

And, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday Dee!!



  1. If I was reading this as an art journal I would think you were looking for some healthy serenity and a bit of music! I love the last one with the two ladies...very pretty! I have been more poetic and wanting to clean house and rearrange things than I have doing actual art! Sometimes I just need the visual stimulations first and then the art comes next.

    Hugs Sherrie

  2. Janet,

    When I do my collages I don't have any deep meanings either. Sometimes it color and texture that are just fun to put together. Sometimes my journal pages have a purpose but not always. I think just playing with paper and paint takes you somewhere calm and healing and you don't have to know where that is.


  3. Yes, tea and honey and then a second cup with a little lemon and whiskey added! tee hee
    I have never done an art journal sooOOOo it lOOKS like YOURS is just FINE! Everything looks SWEET to me Miss artist YOU!!! and You'll love your zentangle book! I used to do chunky books back in the day! I only did one last year! but as time goes by they become more sweet and a real treasure!!!

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Janet, try spraying some propolis in your throat three times a day, it makes wonders to Lucas when his "Achiles' ankle" starts bugging him. You have awesomw collages, you'd make a worderful dreamboard (I'll try and make my own this week...). I don't consider you're a shallow artist, by your collages, this is more for the mind's entertainment, and yours are so cool... Your ladies, as usual, are just charming.

    Kisses from Nyia.

  5. I am the same way you are about Art Journals, for some reason I just can't get into them or I feel I am over doing them,,I don't know.
    I sure have missed you stopping by and I hope your throat gets to feeling better. A "Spot of Tea" should help.

  6. Love your elegant lady collage -- very beautiful.

    Ignorant question but what is a "Zentangle"?! I love the name!

    I'm hearing your inner critic come out! Keep her in check. A) I love your journal. B) You are actually DOING a journal!

    Enjoy your tea!

  7. I'm so excited. I just opened my fabulous card with the great little cards inside. Thank you so much Janet. You really made my day wonderful.
    I'm in the midst of packing so the day just flew by-maybe that's for the best. Keep busy and age can't catch up with you??? Sounds good to me.It's blazing outside and the computer was down all day so I accomplished a whole lot of stuff! Thanks again and I hope you are feeling better soon. Do some fun things for yourself. Talk to you when I get back.


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