Sunday, June 01, 2008

One Drawing, Three Ways....

I've been playing this weekend. I did this drawing a couple of weeks ago....

It was in my moleskine journal and I liked the hair quite a lot. It got me thinking so I decided to draw the same woman on a postcard size piece of bristol, then I used Prismacolor markers to color her hair....

Then when I looked at that drawing it gave me another idea. This time I did the same drawing but I used a piece of black cardstock for the background and cut different patterned papers to put her together....sort of like a puzzle.

I didn't like how all the hair sections came together so I gave her an "embellishment" to cover all those ends. I outlined each piece in black (some of my lines aren't too straight!) and I love how this one turned out. I think I may keep trying this technique on some of my other drawings.

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend.... oops, I almost forgot. I added some new blogs to my list over there on the right....if I missed you let me know and I'll add it.



  1. Isn't it great when creativity builds upon itself? I love all three versions... The one with papers turned out really great! I'd like to have hair like that. :-)

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Ohhh that's so neat Janet! Thank you so much for sharing her with us! Your ideas are great! I hope that you always, always go with them. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I love how you share your ideas Janet, now if you could just share your talent with me! :)
    Love that third one with the black made all the colors stand out so well.

  4. Did you hear that loud thump?----that was my jaw hitting the table.
    Fantastic drawing.

  5. I love each version, the last one what a great idea.

  6. Love all three hairstyles - but that black background really shows off her coiffure! I like your idea of adding hair accessories too.
    I'm a little envious of her full, colorful tresses though - lucky girl :)

  7. You KNOW I love these girls with their pageant hair! I think you are officially the first to add me to a links list. Thank you so much


  8. I like them all but my fav is the bottom one. The colours are subtle and she has a sad face. x

  9. how great! the funny thing is two days ago i was wondering about putting a few strands of different color in my hair!!!

  10. Thats so cool how you drew your girl and then altered her in so many different ways. You are so creative!!! Hope you had a wonderful week-end!!!!!

  11. I like all those versions and your clever use of the ornament for the "bad hair day"!
    I will take my moleskine and try a drawing!

  12. I love the one with all the papers. I had to laugh at the addition of the ornament to cover something you were not thrilled with. I do that all the time and its good to know I'm not alone.

  13. The triplets are gorgeous!! :)
    Peace, Kai xx

  14. Oooh, much as i love all the detail in the blacka nd white version the bottom one is fabulous!


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