Monday, July 21, 2008

I haven't Melted Yet!!!

Yes, it's actually a new post! I haven't fallen in a well or disappeared off the face of the earth! Lately I just haven't been able to think of anything to write about so rather than bore you to tears moaning about the weather I just decided to take some time off.

I still don't have anything to write about so I'm sharing a couple of those quiz thingies with you. I know....not very exciting but it's all I can come up with at the moment!

Both of these came from Deb's blog. The first one was not really appealing since most of you know my feelings about snakes but I tried it anyway.

You Are a Turtle

You are wise, grounded, and focused.

You also have an extreme energy... an energy rare for someone so serious.

You respect the earth and truly love nature.

You wish that everyone was able to live in harmony.

The only thing you have to remember in life is to slow down and pace yourself.

You can get wound up easily over things that really don't matter much.

Mostly I think it sounds like me, especially the part about pacing myself.

You Are a Vanilla Shake

Vanilla, yes, but definitely not boring.

You are subtly complex and deeply sophisticated.

You're the type of person who has always been ahead of their time.

You don't fall for gimmicks or tricks. You are drawn to what's true.

The part about not falling for tricks and gimmicks is definitely me!


I have been doing a little bit of art while I've been on break. Remember the painting I messed up earlier....the one with the weird hair? Well, I finally fixed her hair. I'm kind of happy with it. It could be better but then it is what it of my first attempts at doing a painting with acrylics.

Hopefully my break won't last too much longer. HB was here over the weekend but has left again so maybe I'll drag out all my paints again and get busy. I hope everyone is having a fun-filled summer.

And I haven't forgotten about the award I received last week. I will pass it on soon!



  1. Hi!! Nice to see you back.
    Try to keep cool....
    Stay inside and do more art.
    Your art rocks Janet.

  2. Well, I am a snake and a chocolate shake - I'd have never picked those, but who am I to question this? Welcome back.

  3. Glad you haven't melted - it's good to see you again! I was a little afraid of that first quiz too - turns out I'm a lizard and I also found out I'm a vanilla shake.
    Hope you can stay cool - it has been a little cooler here, last week and this one - thank goodness!

  4. It is just hot, but it is also that time in the summer when it supposed to be. I so didn't want to know what sort of reptile I'd be, so I didn't go there. But, I'm a chocolate shake. Big surprise? Not!

    It is good to hear from you, Janet, and I'm so glad you haven't melted.

  5. I'm a chocolate snake, oh, I guess not at the same time. I like the hair redo on your art. Hope you stay nice and cool and keep having fun with your art.

  6. Stay cool Janet, I am setting under the air conditioner as I write you.
    I am so glad that you have not fallen in a well, I miss you so much.
    I love your painting, mostly the eyes.
    I am a strawberry girl, it's true!
    Come see my blog, I have done some fun things I want to share with you. You don't have to say anything except hello!
    Your Friend, Mary

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  8. Eat lots of ice cream, and drink plenty of good cold drinks, and stay outta the heat!

    Love your painting - your ladies always have such beautiful eyes!


  9. Love the painting,,and thats a great way to stay cool, stay inside and paint. Wish I was there painting with you!

  10. welcome back! hope its a little cooler there?
    we are due a week of heat here in the UK, our first in ages.

  11. She's lovely. I have missed you...


  12. Came back, 'cause I'm a little muddled this week, and I realized I hadn't even told you how cool I think your painting turned out - it looks great, Janet!

  13. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Thanks for posting that Janet.
    Those tests were wonderful. :) Your art is great. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope that you keeping cool. :)

  14. Good to see you are back.

    I was telling myself that I will not be a snake. Twice I tried, I changed couple of my answers, because the choices were not really something related to my way of thinking. Now I go and do the other test.

  15. awk, a chocolate shake, and picky. Far from it.
    I like chocolate in any form but that
    character description is not me,.

    Now your drawings. Wowsie, you always make the ladies look so interesting and lively. Would like to make a doll from one of your drawings.

  16. This lady (drawing) is feeling nostalgic and enjoys the moment.
    She wants to reveal her thoughts, but
    decides to keep them to herself.

  17. I do feel for you in the unrelenting heat. It has only been really hot and humid here a few days this summer. Thank goodness because I get physically ill when it is that way. And we have no central air! Maybe you are a "bear" that hibernates in summer and comes to life in the fall!

  18. hello, welcome back, you have my complete sympathy, I LOATHE being too hot, I would also be feeling anti-social, swanning around in skimpy pjs and running for cover if the doorbell rings unexpectedly!! I really like this painting Janet. You have captured a wonderful subtlety of colour, yet her face is very expressive... I think you are onto something exciting here! Funny, people who don't own cats think they are aloof, but in fact they are quite demanding in their way, and yet they still manage to make you feel so honoured to be receiving the attention!


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