Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is It Shaking Where You Live??

Image from the internet; not actual seismogragh from this earthquake.

This is to let you know I'm ok....we had a 5.4 earthquake here in CA yesterday just before noon. I was sitting at the computer, in my jammie shirt and panties (too much information!!!) when it hit. I just sat quietly in the chair until everything stopped rolling and then I got up and put some clothes on and found my case there was another one I'd be ready!

When I first moved to CA in 1978 one of my biggest fears was an earthquake. I had lived in central Illinois all my life up until that point and we had tornadoes but no earthquakes. Right? Wrong!! When Molly was just a baby, I was standing, holding her and we were in the master bedroom of the house where we lived. The bedroom had been added onto the back of the house and was on a crawl space under it so it was flat on the ground.

As I stood there, the floor started rolling and my first thought was "OMG! The addition is coming loose from the house!" But that wasn't it. It was an earthquake! If you don't believe me, you can read a newspaper article here.

So when I moved to CA I had already experienced an earthquake. Since then I've felt several but luckily was not here when the Northridge quake hit in 1994. HB and I were living in WA at that time.

If you've never experience an earthquake, you're lucky! Most of the time they just give a little shake and it's over but there's always that chance that it could be The Big far that hasn't happened ....yet!


  1. Oh,,I heard about your quake this morning and was wondering about you and all my other CA friends. You were Rocking and Rolling!!!
    We had a small one here back in May, about 4:30 in the morning and I just so happen to be awake and laying and bed and heard the windows kind of shaking,,thought it was rain. I think Tornadoes and Earthquakes are scary,,so are hurricanes but at least you get a little advance notice on those.
    Hope you have no more shaking for a while!!!!
    I could send you a good luck "Bug"

  2. I have only been in one - it was in the 80's (86 maybe)- I visiting my sister and her family in Tustin. It was nice-sized earthquake and scared us all pretty darn good. What I didn't like was feeling like I needed to run and there's nowhere to go when it's the ground that's moving.

    Glad you hear you're fine!

  3. We used to have them a lot here when they were pumping stuff in and out of the underground storage out at Rocky Flats and the storage depot. We've had them in Alaska all the time, as Fairbanks is where 3 fault lines meet. However the strongest was a 4.2 for about 30 seconds. I however was on the china throne and thought, "oh, great, the house falls down around me and I can't even flush!" Isn't it weird what you do during an earthquake. Hurricanes and earthquakes take it for scary in my book.

  4. Oh so scary Janet I hope you are ok and please take care.

  5. I know just how you must have felt! We lived through an earthquake in S Africa about forty years ago and I can still remember what it elt like! A 'train' rushed through the living-room and then the carpet rippled. Newcastle, where I now live had a small earthquake (12 dead) about twenty years ago, but Australia is pretty steady on the whole.

  6. So glad you're ok! How scary!!

  7. As a Californian born and bred I have NEVER gotten used to earthquakes. I don't care if it's a tiny heart races. I remember the Loma Prieta quake in '89 and I was SO freaked out it took me days to settle down. That is the one that collapsed the freeway here, broke a section of the bridge and rocked the World Series game. NOPE, don't like them, not one tid bit YET I can't imagine not living here. Funny, huh?
    I'm glad all is well and that you could remain so calm in your shirt and knickers....I'm such a freak I may have run outside dressed like that before I realized it! :)

  8. It was - technically - in our county, but still closer to LA than to us - but we hardly felt it here. Then other people started calling about it so we realized it was a little bigger than we thought. I guess it probably has to do with which faultline and the direction it's moving on it.
    Having grown up with them, we're fairly prepared, though they're always a little nerve-wracking. Still, I think I'd rather deal with the occasional one of those, than have a tornado season every year! That scared me when we were living in Texas...

  9. Oh Janet, that too much my regular attire too!! haha I often think eww my hair, my nightshirt...what if? I bet if there was a consensus you'd find most artist look the same behind closed doors. Now when I go out that's a different story...I pick up my ego...that I kick around in the house....and put it on before I dress!! ahaha Glad you weren't affected by the quake!! Scary... with the chance you may have to leave your just your undies and a night shirt..... .... haha!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. Crikey, Janet. I hadn't heard that on the news - glad you are okay. We get minor tremors occasionally in the UK but nothing like you've experienced.
    Take care. x

  11. Hi Janet, I'm so happy you're o.k. I thought of you right away when I heard about the quake. Glad all is well.
    We're having computer issues so I won't be blogging till next week. Roger is having a test done at St. Frances today so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that all goes well.
    Take good care-talk to you next week.
    Sorry for writing so much here but my e-mail keeps craping out. Hugs, Dee

  12. Glad to hear you are fine...reading your description of that moment reminds me that I really should leave the computer and get dressed!...soon!
    I think the best thing I read about earthquakes was that some people salvage the broken dishes amd make mosaics....still that's a creative inspiration one could pass on! [We have a huge fault line in eastern Arkansas near the Mississippi...perhaps the same one you experienced when you lived in Illinois!]

  13. Yeah it's bad when you can't even hang around the house in your undies. :-)
    Glad everything is ok. I lived in Ca. for lots of years and understand. Scary thing is earthquakes can happen anywhere.

  14. I was thinking about you and Tinker and Lisa! Whew! How are you ???!!!!

  15. Anonymous9:31 AM

    So glad to hear that you are alright. Love Hugs and Blessings

  16. I'm glad to hear you are OK! My folks live in Palm Springs during the winter, so they would likely have felt this one too... however, they are in Colorado for the summer! I hope their house there is OK!

    I've been in one earthquake - it was small, but a bit scary. I lived in Riverside, CA during the summer of 1992 with my sister. The aftershocks through the day were the scarier part for me. I was on edge all day.

  17. Hi Janet ! Yikes and earthquake is very scary. We've had little bitty ones in cleveland. 5.4 sounds big. it's only too much info when I see my neighbors outside in their jammies.

  18. Glad the quake didn't shake you too much. We don't get a lot of them up here in Montreal but I remember one maybe 6-7 years ago. I was living in my parents' basement and I heard the walls shake. It wasn't big but still... you never know what could happen, right?


  19. Glad you're okay. Hang ten!!!!

  20. So glad there was no damage from the quake! And to let you know, if I could buy an oil well I would, but no $$$$ to buy one. Ha!

  21. Hi Janet,

    First, I have to tell you how much I love your drawings below. They are so modern and gorgeous... just adore them.

    Yes! We were rockin' and rollin' in CA! I had actually decided to run errands on my lunch hour so I was in my car when it happened and didn't feel a thing. When I got back to work, of course everyone told me all about it and they said our building was swaying (since it is on rollers). I was actually disappointed that I missed it. But more grateful that no one was hurt.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    All my best,

    Los Angeles, CA

  22. Keep safe! And Fabulous kitty below!

  23. Idaho has had earthquakes, but not for along time. I am a California girl myself and was raised on when the big one comes...oh my gosh, I believed it! I had lived through a few and knew what they were like.
    Nothing was ever broken, just my nerves for a few days. So we come to Idaho and we get what is called a Microburst, now let me tell ya, it is a Tornado, but it is only on my house. To make a long story short it took down trees, our electric box went down the street and it drove little sticks off the trees about 4 inches into the ground, and fire. I was ready to move back to California!
    Hugs, Mary

    I am so glad you are safe, girl put some clothes are so darn cute!

  24. Anonymous7:23 AM

    An earthquake would be so scary! I'm glad that it wasn't a big one and that your alright. :)
    Gotta say one thing about that story. OF COURSE I believed you. Although, I do understand feeling as if you need to proove a situation. There are some that are rather skeptical of most things.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us! *HUGS*

  25. I'm glad it didn't shake off your panties Janet!!!! Thank goodness it wasn't the BIG ONE...I must admit, I'd rather not experience little or big. I'm a chicken when it comes to Mother Nature!
    Love your cat artwork cute!!

  26. Janet I can remember years ago we visited California and while asleep
    experienced an earthquake! I can remember waking from a deep sleep to the bed shaking like someone moving it...scared the BJEEPERS out of me!!! I shouted to my husband

    Good to hear that you are OK..whew!!
    Does one ever get used to these quakes?

    Thank you Janet for your kind words
    on my latest post! hugging you aNNa

  27. I was 20% evil. The description was the same as yours.

  28. Good thing you didn't have to run out into the street in your unmentionables!!

    I used to think ND was safe from earthquakes until I found out the state did have quite a shaker some years ago.

  29. Glad you're okay, Janet. I've never experienced an earthquake and I sure wouldn't want to.


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