Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kitties and Art....Do They Mix??

Well, here it is another few days gone by and not much to post about. With HB out of town and the weather being hot, I tend to be a hermit. I just stay inside where it's cool. I thought about going to a movie one afternoon but then I realized that would mean actually putting on clothes and combing my hair (!!!) so I didn't go. I'm not really a slob but I do hang out in my pj's a lot of the time when I'm here alone.

The kitties are very confused about HB being gone, then he shows up for a couple of days and then he's gone again. They don't know what to make of that. They really crave attention from the point that sometimes I just want them to leave me alone! It's a bit like having a toddler in the house....make that two toddlers. But then there are the times when they sleep and I can get something done.

Here's my Harley Dude catching a few winks....

And this is LuLu doing the same....

While all that snoozing was going on I managed to create this....

I followed some directions from an old issue of Cloth Paper Scissors so this is nothing original....but I just wanted to try it out. I like it but it isn't anything spectacular. In case you can't read the quote, it reads "Sometimes there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway."

The metallic paints I used on her skirt/apron don't show up in the photo. I hate that about using metallics....I love using them but they don't show up in photos.


I promised you I would give out the award that I received last week and I haven't forgotten. So here goes.

To Lisa at her new blog address.

To Tinker because her blog is always fun.

To Jeanie because I just enjoy visiting her blog. We both love cats!

To Gillian because I love her artwork.

To Serena because I love her artwork, too.

To Alberta and Ava because it's such a fun blog.

To Sandy becaue I love all her creations and she inspires me to try new things.

OK, that's all for now. I'm off to try some new techniques. Maybe I'll have some more art to show you soon.


EDITED: Duh!! I forgot to put the award on here!! So here it is....


  1. I think for some people they definitely do mix and are even inspiring muses. One blog I recently visited was catboxstudio...I'll try to find and send the link to you.

  2. I love to watch kitties sleep. They just go at it heart and soul. Nothing sleeps so well as a cat. I love them too, and am working on a drawing of our Auntie Em right now.

  3. Aw! They're so cute! I don't know about anyone else's kitties and art - but I need to find a better way to keep those two separate at my house! Mine are always giving me 'paws for thought,' since they seem to think they need to give me a hand, and then I have to re-think how to fix it!

    Thank you so much, Janet, for the award and your kind words - you made my day!
    p.s. I think your blog is a lot of fun too!

  4. Lulu looks so much like my Dusty looked. If I got another cat it would have to be dusty gray.

    My dogs require constant attention. Right now Penny is at my left side demanding to be be stroked. When I try to type she nudges my arm.

    I love your lady. I bet she is gorgeous in person. Love the colors.

  5. First of all you said nothing spectacular and not original...when in fact as soon as I saw it I said the opposite to myself and sucked in my breath as my eyebrows went up. I wonder that you doubt yourself and you CANT SEE IT ? It's really wonderful and that you tried a technique out doesn't mean it is really any less...I love it and wonder where it will take you from here and how you liked using some of what you tried ?

    HARLEY ! And LU LU ! wow....they look content. They look well cared for and happy....I also wondered if you had snuck out from under them for each shot as they looked like they were in slid off the leg type of poses ! YES I KNOW , with THREE toddlers of my own....

    It's too hot to do anything else BUT roam in jammies in the cool house and not brush your hair. I so know that feeling when I am off of work and left on my own I think I might become a shut in and develope Phobe's....YES , I know me, and I bet I would. So , you are not alone ((laughing)))

    Thank You for the Award. I always feel tickled that you still visit after all this time. You go way back to one of the first blogger contacts to me, it sounds corny...I always feel great to see you there.

    Thank You and Dont Go Out of The House !
    STay in and make us More Wonderful A R T !

  6. You know Janet I think you and I could have a wonderful time in our jammies -talking and making art because I love jammie days too.

  7. THANK YOU! We do share that "cat thing!

    And don't sell yourself short on your beautiful art! I think it's amazing! Hope things cool off for you -- and thank you again so much!

  8. Anonymous6:32 PM

    LOLOL Hey Janet! Wonderful post!
    I just love cats. I don't have one myself but they are just to cute. :)
    My Aunt has one and I made a toy to catch it's attention. I found a long rubber stick used for something that my Aunt had and added string to it. I tied a little ball at the end of it and oh she was so amazed at it. LOLOL It can keep her attention for hours. Cat's just have so much energy sometimes. I wish they'd give that energy to me..lololol
    Other times they just lay around like in those pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us Janet!
    Congratulations to all that you gave the award to.

  9. Oh - your black cat is the spitting image of our old Digger who died 18months ago. he used to sleep like that too!
    Your collage is fab. It's good to try new things.
    Thanks for the award - you're so kind to think me. Hugs. x

  10. Janet I love watching cats sleeping.They seem so peaceful and the positions they get into!
    I love the one with paw over the face..just too darn cute!
    I have many images saved of my felines asleep.Beieve me I take numerous shots when they prowl around the garden and end up with the best that ends up on my blog.Many times I'll see a perfect photo opporunity and by the time I get my camera..they have changed position or run off!!

    I also love my alone time when hubby away and yes like you love to have pyjama days..not even a shower!!
    Oh yes brillant blog here deserve the award.
    hugs aNNa

  11. Do your cats ever try to sit right in the middle of what you are working on??? It's because they love you!

  12. Hi Janet. In this heat, lazy days rule. Funny thing. I was just this morning going through an old issue of CPS too. I love there monthly workshop articles.

  13. Oh I think it IS spectacular!! I don't get around to the blogs like I used to. I'm trying to change that! I miss everyone. I think it's funny that you got a break from the kitties and they still got attention from you, taking their pics. hehe That's a mom for ya, huh? :) Love you Janet!

  14. LOL we must be on the same wave length, I just posted Sing a while ago! Your kitties are SWEET! I've been thinking of doing a kitty collage, one minute YOU think of something and the next minute it's gone! I've got to start a journal, I never have! or a book of reminders! O! and I LOVE your collage! I reordered Somerset but it doesn't come til September! Waaaaa!

  15. Gorgeous piece, Janet!! I love it.

    Your Harley Dude looks like our How cute!

  16. I hesitate getting another dog just because animals are like children and need lots of attention! I had dogs for almost 33 years so I need a reprieve! I do love the art work...very nice! I'm like you with the pj thing, only I have about ten nightshirts which are now my paint shirts, full of paint! It looks rather but oh well!That's what artists do right!
    Glad you're back!

    Hugs Sherrie

  17. Your kitty cats are beautiful. We have 5. They all surround me in the bed.
    I love the art work, and especially the quotation that inspired it.

  18. I understand totally about the pj's thing. My husband just commented today, about it being only 5:30 and I'm already in my jammies. And the problem is what? I told him! It's freakin' hot and I want to be comfortable!

  19. First thank you ever so much for this award, I am so sorry it took a bit to get here as I am up to my elbows in fabric, clay et al! I so appreciate it Janet!
    Secondly PLEASE don't doubt your art....I think everything you do has your unique stamp on it and it's always fabulous!! Playing with various mediums is addicting and one of the only addictions I'd wish on others, lol!!
    Love the poses of Harley and Lulu....I recognize them as I have two the same. They are so cute!!!
    one last thing, I am ALWAYS in my jammies - it's a wardrobe choice we can all be comfy in and they don't even need to match.
    Art, AC on a hot day, jammies and kitties......come on that's livin' in my book!!!
    Love and hugs,

  20. Janet,
    Thank you! I haven't checked your blog in a couple of days because a CREATIVE FIT has been flung on me, and Ava's been in a writnig class all week. so, I just saw the award and am so excited. You are so sweet to think we're fun (of course, we ARE! We're the Mount Pilot Fun Girls of Blogville). From one woman who wanders around put side in her pj's to another, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love and hugs,

  21. I'm with you. Jammies are good things. I tend to get dressed right away when I wake up, but with the hub gone, I may get my mamma jammas on by 6! Lord forbid someone comes over--which is always the case when I put them on that early! Murphy's law! Your piece is so nice. I always get those CPS and never do a darn thing. I need to get motivated, like you! Glad you're back! xo

  22. I like that quote Janet...and lately I sure haven't felt any songs bursting forth...must be the heat and my feeling just plain lazy lately.
    Hope your kitties sleep a lot so you can get more art work done!

  23. I always get cought in my PJ's it
    never failes....yesterday my bone crusher came to the door, I tried to not open it but he heard me yelling at LB and Matti Anne, my I was caught! I cracked the door just a little,"Hi Doctor Mckim, what can I do for you? He wanted to know if Arney still did Auto Air conditioning...(it's still a small town) No, he works at Lowe's now. I am trying to hide but he begins to ask questions about who we knew that would do a good job...I could get up and put my make-up on and my best little shorts outfit and not a soul would come to my door. Such is life! I do love to hang out in comfort...thats just me.
    Janet, I love everything you do, and this is really pretty, looking forward to whatever adventure you take in art, it's all good.
    Your, Mary

  24. What adorable fur babies - and of course they mix with art (I just wish they wouldn't sleep on mine so often).
    Wonderful Kelly-Rae style picture, I think you have done a terrific job. I often follow the instructions exactly the first time and then use the skills my way later.

  25. Your kitties look sooooooo spoiled! Am I wrong? I think not. Janet, the acrylic lady is awesome. I love her! xoxoxo

  26. I like your lady...

    and your cats are cute...
    My nickname is LULU..
    it was giving to me in high school and my dh still calls me that...


  27. Awwww...thanks so much for the award, Janet! I've been sick for nearly three weeks and this certainly brightened my day.

    Your cats look so cute! I don't know about cats and art but, Cody (my dog), is like my shadow all day long.....wherever I am, he is...usually sleeping somewhere near my feet.

    I think you did a great job on the lady....loved the way you did her dress! I'm sure it looks spectacular with the metallic effect.


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