Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 10 Tiny Things Challenge

You know how I love to do meme's or little challenges, so when I saw that the Funky Art Queen had issued a challenge to find 10 tiny things and photograph them, I had to play along. I hope you do this, too. Look around. You'll be surprised at what you might find!

She said "Your definition of "tiny things" is entirely up to you." So here are two photos of tiny things I found around the house....I placed a penny in the photo to give you an idea of size.

This first one is a small collection of things Molly gave me....the biggest thing is the pitcher/teapot in the back and it's about 3" tall. She found these at an estate sale and knew I would love them.

The second photo is some little cups and pitchers. Again I placed a penny in the photo for size comparison....

The ABC cup and the little monkey glass in the background were mine when I was a baby! Yikes! These are antiques!! The teeny tiny purple teapot in the foreground was made for me by my dear friend, Gail. It's about 1" tall. The three little white pieces belonged to HB's mom. I like little things like this, and if it's also something that pours such as a teapot, a pitcher, or a creamer then I really like it!! Now go find your own tiny things!


  1. CUTE!!! I also wanted to let you know that I'm taking a short break from blogging, Janet. I have lots of creative stuff going on so for the moment it's "blogging without obligation" time.


  2. I'll have to think about that one! I love the itty bitty cups and and pitchers in the second photo!

  3. I love your tiny things. Especially the monkey glass.

    I love little pitchers and vases. I made those when I was into pottery making. I even made a few toothpick holders and teeny boxes. People seem to really love the small things. I would make them with the end of day mud I had left over from larger pots. It was fun.

  4. I love both of your entries but I particularly love the little tea pots. I used to collect miniature tea sets. Thanks so much for participating. It is fun huh?

  5. I LOVE your collections, Janet! How cute! I've always loved tiny things but, that said, I'm not sure that I have many tiny things....I'll see what I can dig up and join the challenge.

    It's great to see all your artwork and journal pages. Keep up the wonderful work, Janet!

  6. So cute I read it on blogger and forgot to comment!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. What a delightful challenge. I love to see collections of things and yours are so pretty.

  8. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I love tiny things. I lover YOUR tiny things!! Fun! (Rosa) Blooger still won't let me sign in on some sites!! Grrrr.

  9. fun, fun, fun! you've got me looking around my desk ... too many other things going on right now, but will have to stick this one in the to-do list. :)

  10. Beautiful tiny treasures ! I love the oh so tiny tea pot !
    Cheers on your beautiful collection !

  11. I LOVE miniatures!! Your's are divine. I think your monkey glass is the cutest!

    xo arlene


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