Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crayons and Excellence....

A few days ago Tammy wrote about letting her inner child play by drawing with crayons. That really hit a note with me because I loved crayons as a child. I spent hours coloring and drawing, and thought there was nothing in the world better than a brand new box of Crayola crayons, and if it was the big box of 64 (that was a big box when I was a kid!) then all the better. Now they have boxes of 96 and 120....what heaven!!

photo from the web

I was picky! They had to be Crayola brand. I loved the look of them....all those pointy colors looking up at me, and the smell of them was part of their intrigue, too. When I sharpened crayons, I loved the little curls of color that came off....a pile of different colored curls was just so pleasing.

photo from the web

OK....I know I'm crazy!! But the thing is, I still love crayons. I buy the big box (I have the box of 96) all for myself....I don't blame it on grand kids or anything of the sort....they're for me! Last night I played a little bit with my crayons. I used a scrap of Bristol but I don't like how the crayons worked with it....everything was too slick. But I managed to do this....

I think next time I'll try different paper and will be able to get deeper colors. I didn't create anything as bright and wonderful as Tammy did but I like my sad woman anyway.

If you'd like to see some really incredible crayon drawings, you might want to check out this blog entry I did there's a great picture of my "secret" love!!

And last but not least, while doing some research about crayons I came across this interesting blog entry about making beads using crayon shavings!! Check it out!


On some other news, Jeanie gave me an award for excellence, which I'm not sure I deserve. Personally, I think my blog has been pretty darned boring lately....but I do appreciate the award. Thanks, Jeanie!!

The rules are:

According to Cyberspace rules in the eUniverse of eAwards, acceptance of this Excellent Blog Award requires me to tag/nominate 10 virtual victims as excellent Bloggers.

Since I can give this out to 10 bloggers, why not even more?!! Why not give it out to each and every one of you that read this blog! I know some may think that's the easy way out but actually I LOVE each one of your blogs and would hate to single out just 10 of you for this special award. So if you're reading this....yes, that means you!....then please take this award and pass it on to anyone you like. And don't be shy about accepting this. I really do intend for each of you to have this award. I'll be watching your blogs to see if you accept!!


  1. Hi Janet! Cool crayaon craziness! Hey..if you want to go a step further and really get crazy and fall in love ..Crayola makes the Portfolio series of oil pastels that are my new favorite medium! they blend together and are so easy! Like Crayons only better!

  2. oh crayolas i love them! i have a tin of them i have never used, i just bought them because i loved seeing them in the tin! and i know what you mean by the smell!

  3. I Love crayons too Janet. I love to do tracings of different textures with them. Love the smell of them too. Love your drawing.

  4. As a child my two favorite things to do were color with crayons and roller skate! I should have known then there was a artist in there!!

    As for the awards they are really special...but it's hard to pick one person over the's becoming's kind of like a chain letter! Where does it end.... you feel obligated...don't get me wrong I love that I am acknowledged...but I think comments
    speak volumes!

  5. Yes you do have an excellent blog, NOT BORING EVER!! I think you're special, you are a rocker girl, a good friend, have I covered it all yet? Now someone is going to make a NOT BORING EVER award!!

    And a smart Ass one specially for me!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I still love crayons too. The smell alone can transport me back to kindergarten, seriously! Congrats on your award. Well deserved. xo

  7. You brought back memories Janet! I loved my Crayola crayons too! Had to be Crayola for sure. I especially loved them when the points were sharp.
    Really neat artwork you did...and Johnny D. was incredible too.
    Soon you'll need another blog just to hold all of your awards. :)

  8. Love coloring too!Yes has to be Crayola's... Pam is right I like Portfolio oil pastels too.
    There are 42 people with my name.

  9. Dear Janet,

    Congratulations on your Award for Excellence. Well deserved!

    Everything you said about Crayola crayons is 100% true. I so, so loved that box of 64. I remember a color named Thistle - did I dream this?

    I have wonderful memories of coloring in a coloring book with my aunts and uncles. They had a huge, huge old coloring book from the 1920s-1930s. Lord that I had that book now. It had such wonderful, wonderful images from that era. I will never forget them.

    I guess the only bad thing was that I wanted to stay inside the lines!!

    Thanks for a COLORFUL trip down memory lane.

    Love, Julie

    PS - I bought that box of 64 not long ago. (The bigger sets are a little too grand for me - LOL!)

  10. PS - I was told by all the adults not to sharpen my crayons as that was wasteful. But I hated it when my crayons got stubby. And I did not like a box full of old, broken crayons!!!

  11. I love crayons, too. And your drawing is really wonderful!

  12. There truly is still nothing like Crayola Crayons to bring back childhood memories. I would color for hours on end or draw picture after picture and then color them. I have a box and should get them out once in a while. I remember melting them between wax paper. You can still heat them with an old iron over your drawing (put something between it) and slightly melt the areas you colored.
    I'll check out the links.
    Also, you KNOW me and blog awards. I think they are sweet and wonderful and oh so kind but I can NEVER single people out. I'm bad about that.(It does not lessen the appreciation)!
    Your blog is NEVER boring....not for a moment!

  13. Aloha Janet..
    I know you're not a fan of flying, but just know that as an angel, you have wings that carry you to greater heights then I can ever get to in a plane.. :) thanks for stopping by..
    peace, Kai xx

  14. I was just the same way, and I still love to color. In fact, on my newest collage, I used watercolor crayons (without the water). Thank you for liking my work enough to say each one is your favorite, you nut!


  15. I adore crayons; I just spent the day drawing with my granddaughters last week..
    I love the smell of a box of new crayons and a new pack of paper..


  16. very cool with the crayons, I have some to. Here is a tip that I do, after using them, I get my wax melty thing out (I forget what it is called) and go over them, it makes a very cool texture, and colours.

  17. I have two large boxes of Crayons for when the Grandkids come over. Sometimes I color with them. They love my water color too, Summit and I painted last Sunday for awhile. I go to a blog on my list called Crayons, she makes cartoons of her life with them.
    I really like what you did, it looks soft. I should think about trying it on something to see how it feels.

    Your new TV is beautiful...and big. We have a 32 inch regular TV that just won't brake down. I think your choice of stand is excellent.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  18. I LOVE crayons - the look, feel, smell of them - though, have you noticed the newer ones don't smell (or draw) quite the same, as the older ones? Or maybe it's just my imagination...
    Love your drawing with them. You know what I love drawing on with crayons, is manilla paper - like the kind we used to use in school. You can still find it sometimes in the big Mart stores at back-to-school time.
    Thanks for that link with the crayons and the polymer clay - that looks like fun! You're tempting me to go play, and I should be cleaning - oh what the heck, the mess will still be here, lol...

  19. I loved crayons and still do. I love the way a new box of crayons smells. I used to get in trouble for being lazy and scribbling color sheets. But, when I got to create my own thing with crayons I did great....Outside the Lines! That was Me!

  20. Janet, your blog is NEVER boring! I love to visit and see what you've been up. Congratulations on the well deserved award and I graciously accept one too. I know exactly what you mean about how hard it is to choose between blogging friends. I like your idea of passing it on to all your readers and I may use that also. Thanks ~

    I remember Cray Pas oil pastels and felt-tipped pens were my favourite drawing aids as a child. So much fun! I don't know if Crayola pastels were around in Australia when I was a child because I don't remember them.

  21. Sharing the Crayola crayon love !!! I think I loved the abundance of the 64 pack when I was a kid. I think I felt like I was rich if I could own so many possibilities in just one box. I still feel that way with my art supplies a lot of the time ! How lucky am I to have so many toys !
    Thanks for your visit, Janet, and your comment about my Mt. Washington photos. I hope I get to see the real majesty of the Rockies one day - I can only imagine what thoughts being with those huge mountains would evoke !
    Cheers !

  22. Crayolas are the bomb! If they could bottle and sell the fragrance of a box of crayons I'd buy it. It instantly takes me back to that childhood place of having no fear of making art...just colours and paper and an active imagination. *sigh* Thanks for the reminder Janet!

    I think I'll go sniff my box of 96 now too!

  23. Congrats on the E Award !

    Your crayon talk has me thinking.....and I have a big box of 96 in there untouched as we speak...but, I save it. I don't know why. They just look so pretty all perfect and I like to .. well, SMELL THEM. Dont tell anyone as that probably just sounds WEIRD.

    I saw your Secret Love Interest. GOOD CHOICE.

    And the Crayon Drawing is Great. I wonder what will happen if you incorporate THAT into photoshop....?


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