Friday, August 15, 2008

A Few Bits and Pieces of Art....

I've been doing a little bit of art. A few days ago I made one of my trashy postcards....all bits and pieces from things I would normally throw away. I like how this one turned out. Even the postcard itself was trash....there were several of them in some kind of business stuff that HB received. I just collaged right over them and didn't have to change the size or anything.

I'm a sucker for animal prints! And that scrolly pattern seemed to go with it....and the big red rose is just so luscious. I like this one!

Here's another little drawing I did a couple of nights ago....I named it "Climb Every Mountain" ....although HB thought it was Christmas trees!!

And here's a zentangle....I haven't been doing these abstract ones as much as before (except for the ones for my project) but last night was very humid and sticky (even the a/c didn't help with that) and seemed just right for zoning out. Or would that be zening out?!!

I also did a couple of pages in my art book....this first one got the edge cut off when I scanned it. It says "delicious flavors"....

And here's the other page I did....

These pages are not facing each other! I try to keep my color palette somewhat the same on facing pages....or at least similar in some way.


I received another award for my blog and I'll post that as soon as I decide who I'm passing it on always takes me a little time to think about these things!

In case I get busy and don't make it back, have a great weekend!!!


Just for the record....that little weather widget is all wrong!! I just checked it and it said 74º but my thermometer on the patio (in the shade) says it is 82º!