Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!!

I'm in heaven this morning! It's actually cool! I think I can even feel a bit of Fall in the air....although I'm sure by afternoon it will be gone. I had my breakfast on the patio which is something I rarely do when it's hot....with the exception of our Sunday morning ritual of waffles on the patio. HB and I like to sit out there on Sunday mornings when the weather permits.


Because I saw so many of you doing such wonderful pages on the Collage Play with Crowabout I decided to sign up and give it a try. I got the first collage page (for week three) and began to play around with it. I always loved the extreme-ness (yes, it is a word! I just said so!) of Carmen Miranda so that's where I started. Could I find pictures of fruit???? NO!!!! Why is it when I have an idea in my head I can never find the pictures I need to make it happen?

So I just decided to go with all kinds of silly stuff. So far so good. Then I ended up with this blank area where there really should be some words and .... yep! You know me....I froze! Nothing came into my brain. Words! What are those? I sat and sat and thought and thought and kept looking at the page but nothing came. So here is my slightly unfinished page ....

Maybe I'll think of something to add to it later. And I don't like her dress but again, couldn't find anything appropriate. I think this woman is a suburban housewife dreaming of being Carmen Miranda!


Plus lately several people have posted photos and thoughts about sunflowers. I love sunflowers! They're so happy and a little bit goofy looking with there long, floppy neck (stem/stalk) and huge head. So I put together a few things I had and made this page....

The top quote says "We make a living by what we get, we make a friend by what we give" - anonymous. That was actually a postcard sent to us by a realtor. I kept it for the sunflowers and the quote.

Sunflowers remind me of my grandparents ranch in Kansas....the Sunflower state! And when HB and I lived in Colorado Springs we were not too far from Fort Carson. There was a section that the public could use for recreation and one of my friends and I used to walk those roads each morning for a total of five miles. There were giant sunflowers all along that area and they seemed to be saying "good morning" to us as we passed by.


A couple of nights ago I tried something a little different in my moleskine but she didn't turn out....I messed up her mouth and tried to just color it in to make it better but that didn't work! Here she is anyway....

I was kind of going for an exotic look, maybe a little cat-like but she just looks WEIRD!! Oh, well....I try to show you the good, the bad....and the ugly!


  1. they are all good, you did not mess up the mouth......carmen looks great....and the sunflower wow.

  2. Aloha Janet,
    I've just had a nice 25 minutes reading through your blog posts and enjoying all your Art pieces. I did adore your piece on sunflowers as they are close to my heart..

    Peace, Kai xx

  3. Fruitiliscious! I love your Carmen and that sunflower one reminds me of summer. Isn't that when the sun's supposed to shine?
    Beautiful work, Janet. Keep it up. x

  4. How could you not love sunflowers? I mean they just make me smile and they are goofy in a long necked and my hat is too heavy sort of way.

    I remember a teddy bear maker who made a sunflower bear with a jointed face. It sounds weird but it was a charming bear!

  5. I beg your pardon! She does NOT look weird. I love your collage; it reminds me of Hank Azaria in "Birdcage" singing "She works hard for the money," with an outrageous accent, cut off short-shorts, and a Carmen Miranda headpiece (or did I imagine that last part? I can't trust my own mind any more!)

  6. Hi Janet, love your Carmen Miranda collage! I have enjoyed visiting your blog this morning before I go to work :)

  7. Janet she us not ugly -just different and I like her anyway.

  8. Ug. It turned hot and humid again today. I wish I had a nice cool morning. I spent about 15 minutes in the garage and just about roasted! I love your collages! I have to admit to not touching anything artistic all summer. Perhaps when the weather cools, it will motivate me. I think the lips are perfect, large and voluptuous! Mwaaaaaa!

  9. Love that Carmen Miranda housewife Janet! Words can take me forever sometimes too, nothing just fits at times and it can be frustrating. Maybe those are the ones we should just let be. Not sure..or maybe we need to dream about them a bit first.
    I love sunflowers too. I had one growing out back in the late spring, but sadly one of the dogs stepped on it and broke the stem. At least my morning glories survived up on the arbor! They can't reach those! Sorry for this long long post!!

  10. I made a set of table napkins that are bright sunflowers on a blue background. THe Mountain Man likes sunflowers.
    I think the lady is fine.

  11. I am one of Carmen's biggest fans! Just love that! And the sunflowers, too! Beautiful and fun!

    I'm catching up! I'm almost at the point of being able to get back into a daily check-in!

  12. Oh Janet! You are really getting in the flow with your journal pages. I love Carmen Miranda page! Look at the lovely colors! Perfect. Nancy (Crowabout) writes the words just like it's her journal. I find it fascinating to read... but I can rarely make myself write. You don't need the words.

  13. I think you are doing very well. You set the bar too high for yourself! Relax a little; perfection is not the journey - experiencing is! I think a good quote for your suburban wannabe is: Bloom where you're planted. She looks like she's trying real hard to metamorphose when she should be enjoying herself. Hmmm, does that sound like someone else today? I really enjoy your artwork but I know that kudos from the peanut gallery can only go so far. Hope you are feeling better about your work soon - 'cause it's some good stuff.

  14. mmm fab work, no ugly here... love your face, great effect. Sunflower works are fab x That Carmen Miranda is brilliant - and the dress is so right for her, truly evocative of a suburban housewife on!


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