Thursday, August 14, 2008

How Quirky Are You??

Yesterday I mentioned I had been tagged to do a meme....six quirky things about me. So today I'm here to fulfill that promise. Sherrie is the one who tagged me and here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you. Ok, I just did that!

Mention the rules. Check....I'm doing that right here.

Tell six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.

Ok, here goes. It's been kinda hard to come up with six quirky things about myself. That doesn't mean I'm not quirky because we all know I am! But since I've been blogging for a couple of years it's hard to come up with things I haven't already told you so if these are repeats I apologize.

1. I don't like to join clubs or organizations and yet I will join just about anything online!! Just mention some group and I'm in! Numerous Yahoo groups, BlogHer, Amiglia, Ma.gnolia, Goodreads, Twitter, Shelfari are just a few of the ones I've joined but there are so many others. When I learn about these sites they sound great, I join, and then many times I forget about them! I keep a Rolodex on my desk just for ID's and passwords of things I join's the only way I can keep track of things.

2. I don't do chit-chat very well. Small talk just doesn't do it for me. I love having in-depth conversations but that stuff about the weather (I know! I talk about the heat too much!!), and the latest gossip, is just blah! I used to run around with a group of people when I first moved to CA....there were several engineers, a couple of people who worked at JPL (very secretive stuff), and various other "brainy" types. We had wild conversations and I loved hanging out with them. We never did chit-chat! It was great. I hate that we've lost track of each other.

3. When I'm in the car I'm usually adding up the numbers on license plates! I know....weird! But they're just staring me in the face and I can't seem to help adding them up to see the final number. If it adds up to 21 (my birthday) I feel lucky! I also do a weird thing with colors but it's too hard to explain!!

4. I wish houses were designed with one big room used strictly as storage for everything. I think having closets and cabinets scattered all over the house is crazy when I could just go to one place and find anything I needed. Like having a mini-warehouse in your home. I know....I'm crazy!! But just think of all the time you could save going from closet to cabinet and back and forth looking for one thing. It would all be in one place and easier to find.

5. Many of you know I'm deathly afraid of snakes but did you know that I don't even like anything that has a snakeskin pattern? Even if it's fake!! My daughter once had a pair of snakeskin patterned pants and I refused to wash them....wouldn't touch them no matter what! And no photos of them either....snakes,that is....not pants!

6. I'm not into the "latest and greatest"....for example, I have an Oster blender that I've had since the mid 60's and it still works perfectly. So what if it's avocado green! It works better than some newer ones I've used so why get rid of it? I'm just waitning for avocado green to come back in style and I'll be all set! This applies to my car, too. Recently we bought a 2005 car but I still prefer to drive my little '90 Honda Civic with over 172,000 miles on it. Unfortunately this little quirk doesn't apply to art supplies!!

Now I must admit that none of these are really all that quirky but I'm running out of things to tell you! You can see some of my other quirky answers here, here, and here. I warn you there will be some repeats! You don't really think I'm gonna reveal all my quirky habits here for the world to see, do you?!!

Tag six other bloggers by linking to them. I'm tagging anyone who reads this and wants to play along!

Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged. Ok, consider yourself tagged!

If you participate, let the person who tagged you know you've posted your quirks! I'll do this last one in a few minutes.

And here's a little drawing from my moleskine to finish up the day....

Ok, I'm taking my quirky self and going to the studio now. Have a great day!!


  1. I LIKE the closet idea. Although I don't guess there will ever be a closet big enough for all our junk.
    Someone else tagged me for this meme - it will be up later today.

  2. Janet thanks for playing along!!I think the room closet is a million dollar idea. It could have shelves all around the outside! Shelves that roll in the middle, now if you could only get builders on board!! The snake thing is me too....I don't like the pattern either! I add numbers in 10's but hate numbers....I think it's patterns that attract me!! Good job!

    Hugs Sherrie
    I know what you mean about passing it's hard!

  3. oh where i have been ???
    this was a fun meme!!!
    I belong as well to lots of groups, too, it is FUN!!!
    yay for us!
    I also agree with you about the one room in a house, it will make my life much much easier, too!!!
    hugs dear!

  4. I like that idea, Janet - we could certainly use a warehouse in our house! I don't care for snake patterns either. I think our quirks might not be so different - you add the numbers and I try to make words/phrases out of the letters on license plates, and our 1993 jeep Cherokee keeps on truckin' with over 350,000 miles!
    (while our 2005 impala sits awaiting a new transmission with not even a third of the miles - who says newer is better?!)

    Just looked through your posts catching up - my, you've been busy! Love the armor art, especially!

  5. I came back because of another one of my own quirks - I just realized I typed '2005' because I'd just read it and our impala is a 2001! *blush* I can't stand it when I do things like that - just one of many of my quirks...

  6. That was interesting. When I was a girl I taped shut the snakes pages in our family encyclopedia. I didn't even want to risk turning the page to a snake!

  7. I love your answers and to tell the truth idle chit bothers me also.

  8. I'm trying that license plate thing!

  9. So if I told you Janet that many years ago we took our children to the outback and it was very hot so as we climbed up a rocky area to see the water fall I sat down to rest awhile and my two daughters both looked at me at the same time and softly yelled............mum a snake!!! it was sitting up just behind me ready to strike and me with just a pair of bathes on and the back not covered must have been tempting..........I did not get a bite but was told after from a ranger I was the luckiest lady alive as it was a "death adder" and if bitten 20 min and you are gone..........O! nice!

    So if I told you this true story it would give you shivers up the spine!!! right!!!

    Now Janet you have yourself a great day! (smiles)

    Love to you Lee-ann

  10. When I was about 10, we lived in the desert. I picked up an old board and under it was a family of snakes all crawling around each other. I think that's when I first lost my mind! My Dad poured kerosene on it and burned it. Still remember that scary sight.

  11. ok, I nearly ran when reading "how quirky are you?" LOL

    Where do I start?

    That is funny how you are an online joiner, but rarely do it in person. I'm DYE-ing to join a group in town but NO ONE does the art I do here. I have met a couple of girls online who are mixed media artists living just an hour away... ideas are rolling in.

    OO, sorry about my ramblings here!

    Been slowly rejoining the bloggy world (took a bit of time off these past 2 weeks). Was it just me or did this Summer rush past us?

    Have a super day Janet!
    Thanks for the fun read, Monica :):):)

  12. "I wish houses were designed with one big room used strictly as storage for everything."

    Most houses HAVE a big room used strictly for storage - it's called a garage.

    In our case, it's used for so much storage that you can't reach anything. And it's still not enough room....... sigh.

    What? You say a garage is for storing a car? HAHAHAHAHAHA! You're such a teaser!

  13. I'm listing my quirky things here:

    1. Like you, I don't chat too much, unless it's to do with knitting or crocheting. I could be quite chatty then.

    2. When I'm at a party, I tend to stay quiet and in the background.
    3. I'm not afraid to make a compliment on a stranger's handmade, crocheted or knitted garment.
    4. I like cold pizza for breakfast
    5. I always put the right shoe, or sock before the left.
    6. I "spit" three times over my left shoulder, when any black animal (cat, squirrel, dog) crosses the street in front of me, otherwise I'm not superstitious.
    7. I have more, but this has to do.

  14. OH, I forgot one important one:

    I make words from license plate letters.

    That adding up numbers is going to be my next thing with those plates.

  15. I LOVE the storage room idea! Every house should have one. In a lot of American movies I used to watch, the houses seemed to always have an attic for storage and I used to wish my house would have an attic too. OH, I'm the same with joining things online. I have three A4 size papers filled, front and back, with club/site details and passwords. lol

  16. your journal pages look so great and are so inspiring, thanks for sharing


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