Friday, August 08, 2008

The Long, Hot Summer....

No, Paul Newman isn't here! I just like that movie title and it seems to fit how I feel. Maybe if Paul was here I might feel even better!!

During these hot summer months, I am finding it so difficult to maintain my blog. I have nothing to write about because I don't do much when it's hot! When summer comes, I go into hibernation!

The same goes for my art. I've been struggling (again!) with my art journal. I keep joining groups, taking classes online, and looking at tons and tons of art journals done by others....and yet when I'm faced with doing something in my own I just freeze. I love them so much and am constantly drawn to them so I keep thinking I should give them a try....but I just don't get it.

Here is one of the pages I fussed with for several days, and I still don't like it!

The thing I have trouble with is the actual journaling. I keep a written journal but I've never written and made art in the same book! When I start a new page in my art journal I usually don't have any set plan. I just wing it....usually beginning with some picture I like. But then when I have all the pictures and other bits and pieces glued down, I don't have any words to add to the page. As I've said here before, I'm not really good at writing or expressing my thoughts in words.

So with the heat, comes frustration with art and that doesn't make for a very interesting blog post! Hopefully I'll draw something soon and be able to share it with you. I'm working on several zentangles but they're for a book project on flickr so I don't want to show them yet.


  1. Well, I like this one Janet. Who says there has to be words all the time? If you can't come up with any you could always poll your blog followers.

  2. I can't make up my mind, I complain if it is to cold, and here I set under the air-conditioner cause it is to hot to go outside. We go out in the evening until the dreaded bugs find us.
    My Sister lives in El Dorado. They live on a small farm in the country. Sharon is a wonderful friend and sister. She is a natural blonde with baby blue eyes, and I with red hair and brown eyes. We keep the computer hot staying in touch.
    I will let you know when I start the chapter journal...just something to do for fun.

    Are you having a problem posting to my blog? If you are here is my address

  3. I never am at a lack of things to blog about. I have a big long list yet to go!

    Regarding your art journal, do what I do and use quotes or poems instead of really personal journaling. Even a large word cut from a magazine will work.

    I am in a round robin this summer. I "know" three of the people and don't know two. If I am frozen up regarding themes for the people I don't know, here's what I do: I go through my category of clippings called "people". Then I look through my "backgrounds" file for something suitable, then I look in my "words" file. After I find these three items in clippings I go through my "findings" or "doodads" to match (usually by color).

  4. I know what you mean - it was well over a 100 here in Houston today - it's so draining!

  5. I like it too, but then again, I don't know what you actually wanted it to look like. I find sometimes that I have to let things happen like they want to.

  6. I'd send you the fare to Australia,
    If I'd got enough cash in my purse.
    For, here, it's the 'short cold winter'
    And we think that the weather's a curse.
    The season is 'May to September'
    But August is always the worst,
    Although frosts are never a feature,
    And hot water pipes never burst.
    Our problem is we don't consider
    That we have a winter at all,
    So draughts are a permanent feature
    And nobody owns a thick shawl.
    Central heating? Well, that's rare as hens' teeth!
    A rug on the knees has to do.
    Now I've written this chilly description
    I think I'll fly over to you!!!!!

  7. Janet I too seem to feel unwell in the heat. Feet swell, my knee does too...So I hobble around have loads of bathes! I want to accomplish things but can't. Give yourself a break, everyone will be back. Seems like I have manic blogging phases of constant posting...then I shut down....I forget all the things I had planned to blog about! Or I do art, or feel like playing scrabble. Download the scrabble from my links. You will love it!! You can have long or short games! For now embrace what is!! I am not much of a art journal person either. Violette started me on looking back I realize I drew a lot of angry men....I wonder why...I guess I WAS actually journaling!! I can laugh at it the time I didn't get it! Take it at your own pace, this too shall pass. Your post today was lovely! You are authentic and post from the heart...that's all I ask for!

    HuGS Sherrie

  8. Hi Janet, A visual journal does not have to have words. Just things you love. I can't do the writing part either.

  9. I can identify with your journaling dilemma. I have like 3 journals that I have made all kinds of backgrounds in, but hardly any writing ! ha! On the ones that do have writing ..I really like them. What I do is go ahead and paint a background on several pages, then when I feel like journaling I pick the page that strikes my fancy...and go from there.I'm like you tho, I love to look at other's journals and mags and blogs...then wonder why I don't do my own! does this make sense??

  10. I LOVE that page....the colors, the composition, it speaks a lot of different things to me. Romance,
    Say it with flowers, Just pick me!
    Sorry I have been "out of it" as far as blogging. I posted today for the first time in TWO months.
    Thank you for all the lovely things you sent for my birthday, you helped make it special.

  11. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Wonderful post Janet and thank you for sharing with us. I hope that one day you do make a journal, finish it and then share it with us all. :) Thanks for sharing this post with us. :) *HUGS*

  12. You didn't have any trouble expressing yourself today in this post. It reminds me of that movie "Mystic River," when Sean Penn says he can't cry for his daughter, and Tim Robbins says, "You're crying now." Any words or NO words in your art journal are fine. I'm like Julie and Sharon. I have trouble with the words part, so I use quotes or poems that say how I feel.

    I LOVE this journal page. The colors and roses are so delicate and beautiful, but, for some reason, it's the green leaves that I like the best.

    When you are supporting someone else, your words flow from you heart beautifully and eloquently. It's when you talk about yourself that you fall silent. Remember: your friends love your voice.


  13. Keeping a journal just because you think you should is so not the motivation you need, Janet. I always wonder why you try to make yourself into someone you are not. The person you are is just right!

  14. I think your page looks lovely but I do understand you dilemma because I go through the same thing. I have always kept journals with just the written words so art journaling is very new for me and downright scary! I have problems combining art, collage and my words on the page because I'm so used to keeping them separate. I can only suggest that you persevere and don't put any expectations on how a page should look....just make a start and let it flow. Now....if only I could follow my own advice...LOL

    We are in our last month of winter in Oz and, seriously, you would hardly call it a winter. I wear shoestring strap tops during the days! Our mornings and nights do cool down where, wearing woollens and a rug over our laps while watching telly is just the thing to get us all warm and cosy. In Queensland, central heating is unheard of. Our summers sound like your summers.....unbearably hot and humid....and even worse for those of us who don't have an air-conditioner. :(

  15. It's so interesting when you say that you're not good at writing, and yet we constantly come back to your blog for your words and your art. I often use sayings in my art journal - they express what I feel better than I can do with my own words. I enjoy your blog even when you say there is nothing to blog about.

  16. Gorgeous background and I LOVE the cat drawing below.

  17. Hot or not I want to hear some of your quirks, so you are tagged...I know that if you're like me you have a bunch of them!! Check my blog!! And
    trace back it will spark ideas, plus make you feel very normal!! haha!

    Love ya Giggles

  18. Your artwork evokes a long summer afternoon with tea on the lawn and a game of croquet!
    If our weather had a film title it would be 'Seance on a wet afternoon'. At least you have sunshine!
    Regarding your 'block' about journalling etc, I think you need to be kind to yourself. Accept that journalling may not be your thing and instead, go with what you do instinctively and well. We're not all the same, thank goodness. Hugs. x


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