Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopping....Do You Love It?

Are you a shopper? Do you love the hunt....the quest? Do you live for days spent at the mall? Well, then you and I have nothing in common!!!! I do NOT like to shop. When they gave out the shopping genes I thought they said "chopping" and that sounded like something to do with the kitchen and cooking so I passed!

HB is the shopper in this family and he can shop 'til I drop. And over the weekend he did just that!

image from the internet/not my drawing

We recently bought a new tv, and since nothing comes ready to use anymore....what happened to that concept??....we had to find something to set the tv on. Our old entertainment unit (and I'm really stressing the old part) was waaaay too small and was something I had bought back in the 80's when I was single.

To make a very loooong weekend short, HB and I went to almost every furniture store around here and what do you think we found?? Exactly the same thing we found in store #1, and store #2, and store #3 etc etc etc! What has happened to originality of this country? Every time I go to shop for something I find the same things in all the stores....usually at different price ranges....but still, what if I want something different? What if I actually care about what it looks like? Or how well it's made?

I apologize for starting the week with a rant but I HATE to shop! Unless, of course, if it's for books or art stuff....then I can go and go!

So with all that shopping and running all over town, there was no time spent in the studio. And the heat has returned again. Last week was just a tab bit cooler and I was thinking that maybe, just maybe Fall was just around the corner. Well, if Fall is around a corner it isn't anywhere near here!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent shopping so I'm not a very happy camper....we did find a console for the tv. It isn't exactly what we wanted but it will have to do. Now I'm exhausted, and I think I'll play in the studio today.


  1. Oh! I hate shopping too! Daughter, however, is very good at it and we always use her skills to the nth (need something? Call daughter and send her on search - she NEVER fails!).

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! You came by way of one of my very favorite bloggers of all time: Leah of Creative Every Day.

  2. I like shopping if its in junk store or thrift store and its for artsy stuff or books. But I agree with you,,everything looks the same in all stores. I would love to buy my furniture from IKEA but can't quite afford their stuff unless its on clearance. I will try to send Faye your way with some wind to cool you off, she might get there in a few weeks as slow as she is moving!!!!
    Go for the art mode!!!

  3. I used to enjoy shopping, but now, hauling 2 little kids into ANY store is a nightmare. I hate grocery shopping and always have, because I would prefer to eat out every meal (no prep, no planning, no cooking - well i don't usually do that part - no cleanup - I DO usually do that part).

    I hate clothes shopping because nothing fits right and trying on clothes is so time consuming and frustrating.

    I enjoy going to art supply stores as well, but also places like Home Depot and Lowes - they have things one can be creative with!

  4. I have a love-hate relationship with shopping. Fun stuff -- yes! Icky stuff. Ick!

    I have given you an award over at The Marmelade Gypsy. Stop by!

  5. I love to shop...not for necessities, but for me ;-)

  6. I've never understood liking to shop either! I'm with you, if it's art or something fun, I'm all in but shopping in the mall? Ick. Hope you get lots of play time in the studio today. xoxoxoxox

  7. This post made me laugh; reason being my dh flew back to England on Thursday back to Spain on the Friday and what did he do?? bought a new laptop, 2 plasma tv's and a surround sound system... he loves to shop, I love to shop for arty stuff he just loves to shop.... so you are not alone. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your kind comments on my face canvas, You asked about Paulette Insall's class I thought it was great value - I had not painted faces before her class so felt she had taught me a lot and I feel that I can develop more so go for it xxx

  8. Ah my friend another thing we have in common-I only shop for my craft stuff and clothes Stephen does everything else--food included.
    He drags me around to by furniture etc. and I couldn't care less I should be home crafting shouldn't I.

  9. I seem to shop so much online these days, I start to wonder how are outside stores staying in business!? My problem is I do shop too much for supplies and I never seem to think I have enough of them! I start making something and decide I need this or that or run out of this or that!!!
    I am not a mall shopper any more. It all tires me out so fast too. Plus, you're right, they all pretty much have a lot that is the same ol'same ol'. That's why I love internet shopping because there is so much variety...wonder why that never tires me? LOL

  10. Hi Janet, I used to like shopping but now I could care less, un-less it is for art goodies. Yes I'm addicted to the hunt for unique paper, supplies etc....Have a great week. Hugs***Renea

  11. I love shopping if I'm not on a mission to get something, I can never find the right thing then . . . & of course I love getting art supplies! Enjoy your new tv!

  12. We have that in common too, Janet. I hate shopping and won't even go in clothes shops any more as they only seem to sell to slim under 30-yr olds these days. Thank goodness for internet shopping.
    Thanks for your comment on my scrapbooking post. You might like to know that the calligraphy you admired is a free font called Ruritania. You might even have it on your existing software already.

  13. I guess we all pretty much aggree, shopping is only fun when it is for something we really enjoy such as art supplies, books, craft supplies, and I have to add antiques to my list, as far as the way! give me a thrift store any day. I've been away from the computer again, cleaning kitchen cupboards,boring, but it had to be done.

  14. Love farmers markets,thrift stores,junk shops or Architecture salvage yards....when I'm on a treasure hunt. Regular shopping in dept stores not so much. Glad you found your console.

  15. I'm in the same boat.... looking for furniture and not liking what I see. Try to find carpets that are 'different'... It's almost impossible. Or maybe I'm too complicated. The only thing I like to shop for are art supplies, so I understand you completely.

  16. I am a shopping hater too! Except, like you say for books or art supplies. Even then, I want the stuff but don't enjoy the outing so much unless I find a kindred soul to chat with - then it's fun.

    Even the craft stores sell the same stuff till I find myself saying I'll go home and make the background paper myself or I'll make my own stencil or whatever, just to get away from being the same!

  17. Unless it's for books, home decor and art/craft supplies, I hate shopping too. Even when I need clothes, I will go out to buy some but generally come home with more art supplies or books and no clothes. lol

    Enjoy your new telly!

  18. I looooooove shopping, but not for furniture, or electrical so i guess I can relate to both of you.


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