Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's in a Name (2)....

When I first started by blog, I wrote about my name here. I've never particularly liked my name mostly because it's so sharp sounding. Yesterday while browsing Blogland, I saw this on Dawn's blog and decided to see how many people had my name.

LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Apparently there are 577,914 people named Janet in the US making Janet the 89th most popular name (who knew!!) and 79,292 people with last name (actually I use my maiden name) making my last name the 426th most popular name and only 150 people with my combined first and last name....however if I use my married name it changes to 3,067,977 who have the same last name and becomes the 1st most popular name (do you know what it is) and 5,814 people have my first name as well as my married name.

Ok, enough of this foolishness!! Let's get on to some art! Yesterday the temps climbed back over 100ยบ so I was a little sluggish....even with the a/c. I tried to work on my collage for Crowabout but nothing was working so I set it aside and just went with what came up. I finished a couple of pages in my art book....

Sorry the scan is a little crooked and I forgot to trim the edges.

This is the facing page....and I didn't trim these edges either!

I'm happy with how these two turned out. Nothing really spectacular but they have a calm look to them. Something I've been needing recently.


  1. The art is beautiful! And, if I use my maiden name, I am the only "me" in the USA. And 61 of me if I used my married name. Big fun!

  2. I read your other post about the name and I agree wholeheartedly. I never cared for Janet as a name, but Jan was much worse (I was in first or second grade when the Brady Bunch started). But I was named after my father's baby sister who died at 2 months old. My grandmother's middle name is Elaine, so they named the baby Janet Elaine because my granddaddy thought they sounded good together.

    I'm the only one with Janet and my maiden name. There are 16 people with Janet and my married name.
    I love the Chinese character thing. I plan to steal it.

  3. there's only one wonderful you honey!

  4. It might be the summer heat getting to you. Good news is it will be gone soon.

    I love your lady holding the flowers with her feet. My daughter has always used her feet to pick things up off the floor or as a third hand many a time. It reminded me of her.

    Only one person has my first and last name - me! But, there are over 500 with the same first name.

  5. With both names there are only 7 others in the U.S., which makes me feel pretty special.

    I love the first one as it is so soft and lovely. I like the second one, too, just different than the first.

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    18 of me.. :) That was a cool site. I like how your pages yurned out too!

  7. Aloha Janet,
    I like your name..one of my best friends is a Janet and she's a sweetie like you..
    I love the art you did. I was just thinking how wonderful it would be to have flexibility like the last lady..lol.. (I'd hurt myself doing anything like that..)
    Peace, Kai

  8. Oh. Escape. Yes! and Yes again!
    I'm tickled that you went out and bought crayons - you made my day. =] I love the face in Escape and I'm off to check out my name (if I put in my *real* name, as opposed to Tammy, there won't be any. I have cousins with "my" name - Tamaam - but they spell theirs differently (Taman and Tamam). Of course mine is correct and I know this because I went looking for my name in Arabic and theirs didn't show up...ha!). I have a dear blog friend who is a Janet, but she goes by Jana. I really like that!

  9. there are only 28 people who have my first and last name combination. I guess I am unique in another way. I joined the collage group but probably won't get anything sent to me till next week, so I will play then. I love yours.


  10. Lovely pages, Janet!

    There are only 4 people in the US with my first name and last 'maiden' name combined. There are 45 people in the US with my first name and married name combined. There are 19,823 people in the States with my first name. I would love to see what the result would be in Australia as 'Serena' is not a common name here.

  11. O! I LOVE those COOL colors, they do have a calm about them and I LOVE the gal catching flowers with her feet!!! LOL I'm going outside and walk on the cool rainy grass today!

  12. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Wow! That's too neat about your name Janet! I absolutely love your art! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  13. Janet, I love your art pieces! They are both beautiful.

    Interesting name thing. I checked, and the thing I found most interesting was that my last name, Seibert, has 9,000+ people but my maiden name, Ficke, has only about 900. Both German names. Thanks for shairing that!

  14. hehe, there are 16 peeps in the US with my maiden name and only 1 or less with my married name. Fun!

  15. I like the collages, Janet. Especially the 1st one. I'm going to check to see how many Beckys there are now. Thanks.

  16. beautiful art - I love that escape one - probably need to do that myself! beautiful colours in your work.


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