Tuesday, September 02, 2008

After the Weekend....

Well, I survived the loooong weekend!! But I have so much to do today that I don't have much time for my blog but I promise I'll have something tomorrow.

I managed to fulfill my promise to clean my side of the garage. The other side remains the same though!! HB didn't get to do much on his side. He did manage to dismantle the swing set in the backyard and one of our neighbors took it for their grandson so that's good.

And we spent the day yesterday with family so that was great. We don't get to see them too often so it's always nice to catch up. HB took some photos but they're still in the camera and he has it with him....so tomorrow I'll show you some photos.

On that sorry note I think I'll get back to laundry, cleaning, and other extremely fun things (said with a bit of sarcasm!) I'm finished with errands. I did them early. I hope to get to the studio too. I'm way behind on the Crowabout challenge!!


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  2. You aren't the only one trying to get things in shape....it does cut into creativity and fun!!

    Hugs Sherrie

  3. HB probably thought his side of the garage was tidy it was just your side that needed cleaning :0}

  4. Yes, fall is the time when we clean our garage out. It's just too darn hot out there now. It does help with the teenager gone and not having all his junk spewing over everywhere. We actually have some room in there now! But, it is still a mess! Isn't family precious!

  5. I think you're just lounging around watching that HUMONGOUS television! That's where I would be :-)

  6. I would send this tomato to ya, but Arney is pretty proud of it, he must show it off to our friends and the family too.
    We don't have a garage, we have a old fashioned barn that is the catch all of life.
    Yes, we are almost cold here, I will be sure and blow some your way. Our blood is thin so it has felt really cold at night.
    I probably won't want to look a tomato in the eye after this harvest is over. I love them, like you, I can eat them like a apple.
    We have had a couple of nights with BLT's for dinner...yoummmmm!
    I Love you so, Mary

  7. Did I tell you that I am jealous, we haven't plugged into the big screan T.V yet.....we we always look at them. Your, Mary

  8. Hi: I love your Etsy Zentangles I see on the side. I'm slowly trying to get back into this blog world. I'm sure glad to see you are creating such wonderful things as usual.

  9. Thanks for coming by my collage blog! I joined the Crowabout challenge 4 weeks late. I stayed up late one night this weekend and just worked 3 of the collage sheets into my moleskine collages.


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