Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebrating Being 65!

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards and messages yesterday. It was wonderful. I still have lots of emails to answer and I promise to get to them today.

First of all I want to share a very special gift with you. As you know, Gail and I have been friends since we were about 9 years old. She is my BFF. When she sends a gift you can bet it will be something really great and this birthday was no exception. Just look at what she made for me....

This is a handmade doll that is about 12" tall. She has fabulous spiked white hair, little wire glasses, a sparkly purple outfit and purple earrings, painted toenails and purple sandals! She sits on the edge of my desk with her legs crossed and she has a small book with her. The book is beyond special! It's all handmade, too and includes small photos of me and Gail in 5th grade, a photo of my grandma talking on the phone (which is one of my favorite photos of her!), and even some little paper dolls because Gail and I used to spend hours drawing paper dolls and designing their outfits. Oh, and there's also a miniature of one of my drawings along with a bee!! It is truly a little work of art in itself. I just wasn't able to get a good photo of the book although you can see it beside the doll in the photo.

Gail also sent me a beautiful journal....

She definitely knows how to spoil me!! Thank you, Gail!

And that wonderful Kai sent me the cutest little wind chime....and guess's purple!!

I hung it on a hook on the fireplace so I could get a photo of it but it's going to hang in the window of my studio. I usually have the window open in there year round and the breeze will make the wind chime tinkle. Thank you, Kai!

Maryellen sent me one of her fantastic ATC's....

The background is gold and doesn't show up too good in the photo. On the back it says this is #1107!! That's how many ATC's Maryellen has made! And I'm lucky to have several of them! Thank you, Maryellen!

I got many other gifts but I won't show them all to you. I got books from my daughter....wonder why she did that? :-) And my son called me from Alaska. I also got a phone call from Lisa, and a couple of my friends who don't have blogs. So I had a pretty busy day. Not to mention the great dinner I snapper and scallops....yum! Oh, and HB got me a birthday cake, too. But you know me....I don't like cake so I really didn't eat any.

Oops! Now how did that photo get in here??

PS - I added a new photo on my profile, too.


    Hope you had a great day :) What wonderful gifts you received. Especially like that doll which resembles you!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you had a fabulous time and certainly did get some great gifts. Love the picture!!!!

  3. what a fantastic doll Janet a definite little you.

  4. OH HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JANET!!!! You have the same birthday as my Mother-in-law. It looks like you had a wonderful day! I absolutely love the doll that Gail made for you and all the other wonderful presents!

  5. LOL Janet,
    I love the candid photo, you look like you're 5.. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday..and tell Gail the doll is FAB!!!
    Peace, Kai xx

  6. Happy Birthday! What wonderful gifts and a beautiful photo!

  7. Belated birthday greetings dear friend. What a wonderful treasure trove of gifts too. I do hope you plan to grow old disgracefully. LOL. x

  8. That doll - OMG - what a fabulous gift and the book she made to go with it! That is truly a wonderful friend who knows exactly how to capture you and your heart!!
    Sounds like you had a good day and let me just say that photo of you with the cake just made my morning!! :)
    You're too funny and that is precisely what will keep you forever young my friend!!

  9. I love your birthday doll....
    she is delightful..

    Stop by my blog, I just tagged you if you would like to play along...


  10. what amazing gifts and as for that photo of :)

  11. Oops! Just reaslized I commented on the one below - which still applies here - I'm going to have to remember to try one of those icing facials, lol.

    What fantastic gifts - especially your bff's - SO cute!

    Glad you had such a great birthday! Happy next 65 years~Hugs

  12. So very glad you had a special birthday. Not too young. Not too old, just right!!!!

  13. Dear Janet,

    That doll is so wonderful and so YOU. I can't believe the book contains that stuff - it is too small!

    You are an extremely brave lady to publish that photo of you. I love it. It reminds me of a photo of my daughter eating cake - except she was one, not 65!!!

  14. What a nice birthday you had.

    I love the doll.

    I wish I had been there with you, I could have helped with the cake, LOL.

  15. Happy Happy Birthday! And that dollis amazing, what a special friend.

  16. So glad your birthday was fun...
    Wish I was there to help you with that cake, what a great shot, the expression on your face is priceless. Tell Hubby I thought about the boobs but ran out of stuffing. Love you

  17. What beautiful thoughtful gifts! I LOVE that doll!!! What a lovely friend you have.

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

  18. It sounds like you had a perfect birthday, Janet! Beautiful gifts too and that gorgeous dolly will be a real treasure. I LOVED the cake pic....very cute! And your new profile pic is really nice too ~ :)

  19. what a fabulous gift and a great friend you have. Amazing work. That cake-in-the-face look is familiar to me for some reason. It echos my relationship to food....dive in face first.
    Glad you had a super day!

  20. What a great Birthday! And what a great BFF! Aren't the BFF's in our lives the best? Oh...and I don't believe for one minute that you don't like cake! Ha! What a great photo! Hugs***Renea

  21. WOW...what a great friend you have in Gail...that is the ultimate gift...from the heart and so so thoughtful. Tell her I said BRAVO!
    Loved the last pic Janet...cracked me up!
    Glad you had a wonderful day...:)

  22. I'm glad you had such a fun day.
    It's a good thing you don't like cake, you might have got it all over your
    That doll is fantastic,it is definitely a mini-you!

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  24. I missed your Birthday...Happy Birthday Friend. I love the picture of you in the cute. Love, Mary

  25. Well, heck. I arrive a day late and giftless. Oh well. Nonetheless, I am filled with wonderful wishes for a wonderful year.

    I am totally stoked, by the way, by that doll. Awesome.

  26. That doll is beyond perfect and yeah, I don't eat cake either just like you don't eat it. Happy season dear friend.

  27. Happy B-Ray Sweetie!

  28. A very Happy Birthday to you! We have our birthdays in the same month! Love the cake on the face photo.


  29. hehe! Love the photo of you with the cake! Evidence! aha! So happy you had a wonderful birthday! Cheers to many more! xo

  30. Belated happy birthday wishes to you Janet! I hope you had a great day (it looks like you did).

    I LOVE the doll that your friend Gail made for you! What a very, very special present. And so personal too. I love how she added a special book with memories for the both of you. You have been friends for a long time.

    The photo of you with cake on your face made me laugh. You will be for ever young :)

    Lots of love

    Dot xx

  31. Oh...I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I will be 60 in May! I cannnnnnnot believe it. Where does the time go?

  32. Janet that is such an uber cute picture of you eating your cake like a lil kid. Love it.

    Wow, you posted the card I sent. Thanks. It was my pleasure to send it. Wouldn't miss your B'day for anything.


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