Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Milestone....

License plate

Map of Route 65

Kawasaki Motocross KX65

2008 Mercedes Benz CL 65 AMG

Map showing in blue the population over the age of 65.

What do all these photos (not mine but taken from the web) have in common?? They all contain the number 65. And why is that important? Because today is my 65th birthday!!!

I had all kinds of plans for things to do on my blog to celebrate. Notice I said "had"....they have all fallen along the wayside! One of my biggest problems has always been that I have good intentions but lousy follow-through! Hopefully I can work on that character flaw during the next 65 years!

Now I'm off to eat cake and open presents. I'll share those with you tomorrow.


  1. Oh Goody, I get to be the first to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, hope it is full of everything that makes you happy. BE BLESSED and have a great day. And trust me after the initial shock, 65 isn't so bad.....

  2. oh lovely you~have a wonderful birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday Dear Janet
    Have a Great day!

    Cheers! With smoothie!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  5. Happy birthday Janet!! Woohoooo! Big ol' birthday hugs to you. Hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Sending you 65 virtually lit candles to make a wish with. xo

  6. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Happy Birthday, Janet!!

  7. When we talked earlier I hadn't seen this you now know how terribly I, too, am with "follow through". It gets the best of many of us but at least we know we all walk around with GOOD intentions!!!
    This is indeed a milestone and should be celebrated for at least, oh I don't know, a month??
    Happy Birthday again, dear Janet!

  8. Happy Birthday! You got in a bunch on entries while I wasn't looking. So glad you had fun. Sounds like a great trip and you look mahhhvelous. Interesting boobage as well...perhaps they glow in the dark and no one has mentioned it before.

  9. In my best singing voice---
    Hippo Birdie 2 ewes
    Hippo Birdie 2 ewes
    Hippo Birdie
    Hippo Birdie
    Hippo Birdie 2 ewesssssss
    Have a great birthday Janet.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  10. Aloha Janet,
    Happy birthday and may you have a blissfully happy day!!!
    Peace, Kai xx

  11. I'm a couple of days late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me too! I hope your day was special and that you were spoiled rotten! (((Birthday Hugs and Cheers)))

  12. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday…
    Hope you have a wonderful day….


  13. Happy Birthday Janet!


  14. I missed this post on the day, but want to wish you a wonderful 65th year!! September is the best time to have a birthday in my opinion!! :) (I'll be 34 on Thursday!)

  15. Happy HAPPY Birthday, Janet! You look great - now I know how you stay looking so young - it must be those icing facials, lol. I'll have to try that...
    Here's to the next 65 -


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