Thursday, September 18, 2008

More From Portland....

There was a fashion show after the dinner on Saturday night in Portland but since I forgot to take my camera I've had to rely on Pirk to share some of her photos....she took tons of photos! The following ones are hers....

This was absolutely gorgeous in person! A one-sleeved shawl, so lightweight and flowy....I just loved it. Done is very light gray and cream. Very elegant.

This was one of my favorites, done by a woman named Beth (sorry I don't know her last name) know I love the color!

And speaking of "that" color!! This freeform sweater was made by Margaret Hubert and was another of my favorites.

Last here is a gorgeous freeform shawl done by Bonnie Pierce....

Margaret Hubert was kind enough to let me copy this photo from her blog....I'm in the bottom right corner! And that's Pirk in the green tee shirt snapping photos!!

I also got to meet Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude and here's proof!

And speaking of Drew, he lives in Houston!! Crazy Aunt Purl mentioned on her blog that he is without electricity right now as are so many others. I wasn't even aware of what Ike was doing because Pirk and I didn't turn on the TV except one morning to get the local weather.

I think that's just about all I'm going to post about my trip to Portland. The rest of my photos are on my flickr page if you're interested.