Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Black Cat and a Question....

I mentioned in my last post that my little point and shoot camera has quit working. It's the one I use most of the time. We have the Rebel XTi but HB uses that one because I don't have much luck with all the dials and settings that it requires! I'm the kind of person that wants to just pick up the camera and click a button and that's all! Oh, I know, I don't get the best photos that way but I don't have a lot of patience when it comes to cameras.

You're probably asking why this makes any difference right now....I was recently in a black cat swap and my black cat arrived yesterday afternoon. I meant to have HB take a photo of it when he got home but I forgot. And wouldn't you know, today he took the camera with him to work! He does that sometimes....you remember the photos of the wind farm.

image from the internet

So I have this adorable little black cat that I received from Kai and I have no photo to show you today....that's why I put the image from the internet up there! But as soon as I get one I'll show you 'cause my black cat is much cuter than that picture above!! Thanks, Kai! I love it. Now I just have to put it up high enough to keep it away from Harley and LuLu!!

In the meantime, any great suggestions on a really good point and shoot camera? My old one was a Kodak. Also I have a "technical" question for any of you. I don't know anything about this kind of thing, as you'll see from my question....I have most of my photos stored in the Kodak program that came with the camera. If I buy another brand of camera and install that program will I still be able to open those Kodak photos? And if I buy another Kodak and install the new program will it erase the old one along with any photos that are stored there?

I'm such a dunce when it comes to stuff like this!


  1. Your stuff will be saved, but if you don't buy the same model, it will probably create a new folder. That's okay - it will all work out and you shouldn't lose a thing!

  2. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Do you read the Pioneer Woman Photography Thread? One of her writers recently gave a lesson using her point and shoot...another Canon:


    That camera gets really great reviews too...Read the posts around that post and learn more about it. Hope that helps!

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Blogger is awesome...thanks for cutting my link off...

    hope it comes through in your email ok. If not, email me.

  4. Well, I had my computer worked on & did not lose any of my photos. I wouldn't think you would either. I mainly use Picasa now because it is easier for me. I think what Lynda said was right. My step daughter had to get a new digital which I know came with a new software for it even though she loved her old camera. Hope this helps. Oh & my word verification was "tatedoll". LOL

  5. It shouldn't be a problem switching brands and/or programs. But if you're not sure, why not save your photos on CDs or DVDs?

  6. I'm sorry your camera stopped working. I would be at a loss too if mine did. I have a Sony Cybershot that I ADORE! It is my second generation and I will probably stick with these. It is a point and shoot and is about the size of a credit card! I LOVE it!!! Good luck in your choice!!! (Make sure you look at the pixel, mine is 8.1.) xo

  7. I bet there is a way to do it all. Me, I'm going to get a Mac anyway. So, I have to learn all new stuff, but I figure it will make new brain cell synapse so it will be a good thing. I'm also going to do over my HTML courses when I get used to it and do it the Mac way. So, I'm not up on this question.

    I hope to be visiting again now as I finished my HTML course last evening. Whew!

  8. Your pics will still be there. I'm also in the market for a new camera. I wonder what would be a good one? I have a kodak easy share but I want something a little more powerful.

  9. We have a Nikon CoolPix which has been an excellent camera but is now dying a slow and miserable death. All of the Mountain Man's sisters have Canon sure shots. My mom has the Kodak easy share and she loves it. Some friends have a very cute little Fuji which takes excellent pictures. Once again I'm faced with too many options.
    Sorry I can't be a bit of help. We're in the same boat!

  10. Aloha Janet,
    It's fine, I think I can visualize..
    yes the vision is coming..
    OH, what a cute black cat!!
    lol.. Im glad you like it..
    Peace, Kai xx

  11. I didn't know you were back with us Ms. Janet. I think what Lynda said is true. Plus most digital pictures save as jpegs and you can open them with alot of programs. Paint shop Pro and Photoshop.
    I want a little point and shoot camera to carry in my purse. I borrow hubby's and I like it. I think its a casio, but it makes great pics.
    Glad your back!

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