Friday, October 31, 2008


Boo!! Did I scare you? Happy Halloween everyone! I'm wearing a most unusual costume as I write this....many of you will be shocked and surprised at my creativity but what the heck....ok, ok, I'll tell you. I'm wearing my jammies!

Now down to some serious business! A couple of days ago I mentioned that I was in a Black Cat swap, that I received my cat but couldn't get a photo because my camera broke.

HB to the rescue!! He brought the other camera home and I was able to get a photo of my little black cat.

It was difficult to get a good photo since it was dark last night by the time HB got home. Plus the fabric has sparkles that don't show up in the photo. Just take my word for it....the cat is cute, and soft, and cuddly, and sparkley, and I love it. Thanks again, Kai!!

Tonight we aren't doing the candy thing. For the past few years we buy candy and then get one or two trick or treaters so this year I'm just not doing it. HB goes to bed early and I don't want the doorbell to disturb him, and I doubt we'd have more than the usual couple of kids so this year there will be no treats at our house. I hope there are no tricks either!!

I think most of the kids in our neighborhood are older and have parties or other things to do on Halloween. Plus many of the malls and stores do treats for the kids. It just isn't very exciting around here on Halloween!!

Are you giving out treats? If so, what kind of goodies? Maybe I'll stop by and trick or treat at your house!!


  1. I LOVE the little fuzzy black cat!!!! Awwww...looks just like my two!!
    Happy Halloween ..BTW..LOVE wearing your kind of costume!!

  2. Teehee Janet.
    ..I made three all together, and arn't they just impossible to
    Dont forget to post him on the glitter blog!!
    Happy Halloween
    peace, Kai xx

  3. We don't do anything. I'll call my grandkids when I think they'll be done going out. We don't have neighbors close enough (nearest neighbor is a little more than 1/8 mile away).

  4. We haven't had trick or treaters since we moved to the country. Wouldn't it be fun if we could jump on our brooms and celebrate Halloween with all our kindred blog friends (in our jammmies)!

  5. Boo back at you, Janet :)

    The kids here don't really do door to door because our Main Street closes traffic from 4 to 7pm and all the kids trick or treat at the local businesses. One of the theater companies and the circus school do a parade of skeletons. A local photographer sets up a "photo booth" in our little coffee shop. It's very fun.

    Talked to our daughter over on the mainland, and turns out the grandbabies aren't door to door in the neighborhood either. Instead, one of the local colleges is opening up the dorms. The college students have tricked out several floors of the dorm, dressed up, and give out different treats from each room. All treats are checked and approved by the dean! :) I love the whole concept.

    Anyway... happy boo to you!

  6. Hi Janet,
    Have the new computer hooked up and feel the same way about trick or treaters. We've had a sign in our yard for the month telling kids to go to our church and see what they have as they go all out for the little kids. That make us all happy. I'm sure liking this machine so far and I can tell the kitty is sparkly and shining. He is a cutie!

  7. Love the black cat.
    I didn't decorate this year, but did buy candy - and not a single trick or treater came by. Not one! So guess who's eating the candy now? 0_0 Want some candy? Oops - Um, I'm not sure how much is left - look at all those wrappers - I think the cats must have eaten But come on by the blog - there's a treat still to be given away.
    Happy Halloween, Janet!

  8. the little black cat is soo cute!

    and in your jammies~why perfectly normal!

  9. It's already the Day of the Dead, which I find much more worthy a holiday.
    We live up here on this hilltop and most people are too lazy to venture up here. Haven't had a kid up here for years and I wind up eating the goodies-not good!
    I like your idea of the housewife get-up. I could just go as myself, I already have the dishtowel thrownover my shoulder as I write.

  10. Anonymous1:02 PM

    WOOOO!!! You totally scared me Janet! LOLOL Wonderful post thanks for sharing it!!! I was a cat for Halloween!!!! Gotta post those pictures sometime. It was a hoot!! Sorry that I didn't get here until now. I've been out of town. Yeah on Halloween.... Anyway, thanks for sharing!!!

  11. You're right, the kitty is very cute and looks very cuddly too.

    I'm surprised to read that a few of you hardly got any or no trick-or-treaters at your I am in Australia, a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween, and we had around 17 trick-or-treaters this year. lol

    I remember when we lived in a small town in Wyoming, the streets were buzzing with kids on Halloween night. My kids had a blast!

  12. Oh it's a cutie! Patrick bought a bag of crunch bars (his fave) just in case we had any kiddoes. My friend Mary brought her kids and grandkids down and that was all we had. It was perfect and we get to eat all the candy. hehe

  13. Hello, my friend and her fuzzy friend, too! We had remarkably few goblins this year -- and it was so nice, too. That meant more Whoppers, Almond Joys, Mounds and Tootsie Rolls for me! I wish you HAD come to our house! We'd even invite YOU in for chili!

  14. My favorite Halloween costume. Once I really did go out in hair curlers, robe and slippers!!!

  15. That cat is precious.
    We take the kids to a few houses where we know people. This year we went to six houses, doubling last year's number. We've never had trick-or-treaters. Something about the quarter-mile long driveway uphill, not being able to see the house from the road, that sort of thing. :)


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