Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Many Special People....

I've been enjoying my time away from my blog but I miss everyone! I have been by to visit a few blogs when I've had the time and I've even left a few comments. But mostly I've been swooning over the cool weather we're finally having here. I'm in almost feels like autumn!

Now since I've been away, I've received some blog awards! Maybe I should take a break more often!! Just kidding!

One of the awards went to my art blog....the first one it's received!! Go on over and check it out! Then Renea gave me a gold card award on this blog. Thank you, Renea!!

The other award came from Angela and it's an award for friendship. Thanks, Angela.

I always appreciate the awards that are given to me but I hate to single out people to pass them on to. Everyone who visits my blogs is special to me and they all deserve these awards. So once again I'm going to say....I give these two awards to each and everyone who visits here. Feel free to take them and display them on your blog.


  1. Glad you're enjoying the fall. I'm hoping to be back on track with my blog now and am trying to catch up with everyone now.

  2. Just stopping by to say 'hello', glad that you are enjoying some nice cool weather. We're starting to get all the autumn colours now - it's my favourite time of year.

  3. Well deserved, Janet and thanks for passing it on ~ :)

  4. Anonymous8:11 PM

    You are so welcome Janet! Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us and for always caring.


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